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    Wanted to let anyone know who is thinking about coming to splitfest this winter down in Silverton, we are going to have the Silverton Splitfest on April 10-14th. If you don’t know what our event is like, check out

    More details to come, such as how to register, lodging options, etc. Look for more by the end of September!

    Event organizer Keffler in the 2nd annual Splitfest.


    I have told the family ” DO NOT PLAN ANYTHING FOR ME IN APRIL “

    I am looking forward to this
    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:


    Hey all members, we have officially opened registration for the Silverton Splitfest!

    There is one registration cost of $60 for attendees this year. We will not be providing lodging this year during the event, all attendees will be responsible for their own lodging. This is due to the growing size of the event and the added difficulty of organizing this for attendees.

    Please email us at to let us know you would like to register. This will initially get you “on the list”. We will provide the billing information via email to get registered. We will have two options, Paypal and Personal Check. Registration ends on 3/1/13 this year.

    We will be capping the event at 75 attendees, so make sure to register to ensure a spot! Only after registration fees are paid is your spot guaranteed for the event. Emailing only does not guarentee a spot.

    What does registering for Silverton Splitfest get you?

    Food – 2 nights of catered food from Elevated Fine Dining, located in Silverton. After a big day on the mountain, good food is always nice to come back to, and Elevated does it right. Dinner will be provided on Friday and Saturday night between 6-7pm. There will be beer available as well from SKA Brewery.
    Entertainment and Raffles – All attendees will be registered for the raffle, including a giveaway of a Venture splitboard! Each night, we will have entertainment at the Grand Imperial Hotel, which may include slideshows, avalanche training, and local guide knowledge of the area. More details to come on the full lineup as the event comes closer.
    Free Demos – We will have free demos courtesy of Venture Snowboards, Chimera Snowboards, Voile, and OZ for attendees for the weekend. Also, there will be binding demos from Spark R&D, Voile, and Phantom Splitboard bindings (for the hardbooters). It is the best way to try out as many boards and bindings as you would like. To get a demo lined up, letting us know through email what size and model board you are interested in.
    Venture Shop Tour – All entrants can participate in the Venture shop tour and get an inside look at the factory and how Venture makes such quality boards. Based right in the backyard of Silverton.

    Where does the $ go to? We are not here to make profit from this event. It is an event to get people together and showcase the sport we all love in a great location. Any additional revenue that is gained will be donated to the Friends of CAIC, which handles the donations to help fund avalanche forecasting for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Last year, we raised $1,365 to support CAIC.

    *Lodging – There will be no lodging provided this year at Silverton Splitfest. This was based on the size of the event for organizers to handle individually. We will happily direct you to the best places in town to stay. If you would like to rent a house, Silverton Property Management has everything from 1-4 bedroom houses that can accommodate up to 12 people. Also, the Grand Imperial (event headquarters), the Triangle Motel, Teller House, and Canyon View Motel are better for attendees who do not need a full house. Book your lodging as soon as possible. Car camping can be done right outside of town as well, as long as you are respectful of the area.

    **Note that this is not a guided event and attendees will be responsible for their own safety.


    I’m down to split a house, I get in on Wednesday evening. PM me if you want in on this… :doobie:


    Are we getting t-shirts this year??? 😀


    ++++ on the shirts, that painting is the sickest shit ive seen him do! nice work Jacob!


    We didn’t budget for shirts in the event cost, but I can certainly look into it. That’s a good idea.


    Nice work Jacob! :bow: See you guys at the fest.

    Kyle Miller

    Hoping to make it to the festival this season.


    For people not keeping up with the facebook site, we have got a few donations for this year! Big thanks to our sponsors.

    Venture will be donating a splitboard again this year, and we might have a little something up our sleeves on it…

    Never Summer donated a Prospect Split 161x along with hats, shirts and stickers. This is over a $1000 worth of gear to be won!

    BCA has donate a Stash 30 and Stealth 300

    Flylow has donated trucker hats, gloves, and a Smuggler vest for the ladies!


    Quick season conditions update.

    Our season started off pretty early this year, with turns happening for a lot of people in October

    November, we continue to recieve snow, and allowed us to do some fun lines

    The snow continued and we were able to pick off some bigger lines in December, that are normally lines in March / April

    We had a pretty long dry spell through January, but we were able to get out in the beginning of the year for some stable conditions.

    Snow returned around the beginning of February, and has sparked quite a bit of avalanche danger. But, this is the case for most of the united states and interior BC at this time. There is a deep persistant slab that is out there for us, and has created tricky conditions. But, its still fun if you choose the right terrain.

    Right now, we are about average snowpack for the year. April is normally a good month of the year. Stability improves and allows us to get into larger terrain normally. So although avalanche conditions are bad now, we have high hopes it will turn around by the festival.


    EDIT: House is filled up. Cy’all there!


    holy crap only a month away. I’m incredibly stoked. so i’m driving down by myself and was gonna throw it out there to anyone in Denver, summit, eagle or the roaring fork valley that may wanna ride share?pm me if you’re interested.


    Hows the snow setting up down there Jason! Just starting to get some of that melt freeze on south and east round here!!!

    role cole for who is planning on attending!

    cant wait!

    cometogether +1(hes a skier) :nononno:


    What is the closest airport? errr large airport. Denver? Salt Lake?


    @TEX wrote:

    What is the closest airport? errr large airport. Denver? Salt Lake?

    It’s Albuquerque, about 4 and a half hours. It’s not really a large, more a midsize airport.

    167 furberg
    163/26 Venture Helix


    Tex, if you can fly into Grand Junction, i could possibly pick you up? It is on my way anyways and probably about 2 hours from Silverton. PM me if interested.

    Anyone truck camping? I imagine i will find somewhere to crash or park my truck and camp

    Fast and smooth

    Crispy Pata

    I’m truck camping again this year and I’ll be driving from Denver for anyone flying in needing a ride. It’s a 7 to 8+ hr. ride depending on the weather, but I also drive slow and stop at gas stations for fuel and smoke-breaks in the TC every 120 miles. No plans on when I’m going or coming back yet, I’m flexible.

    I don’t know where I’m going to park yet either, but there wasn’t many cars and people on the main street of the town last year, it felt like I could park anywhere. A fun option is to find a house that a group has rented out hang out there and park nearby. I’m going to try the Silverton Mt. parking lot also.

    :rock: :thatrocks: 3rd Annual Silverton Splitfest – April 10th – 14th :rock: :doobie: :guinness: :mrgreen: :headbang:


    Hey all, I’ve been out of the country (BC) the past 10 days, sorry for the late replies. To be honest, not sure what the snow is doing first hand in the past couple weeks. Looking at snotel and CAIC, seems like we have had a few little spits of snow the past few weeks, but overall a little dry spell. The snow is holding on around 72 inch depth as of last night. To give perspective, last year it was 56″ at the same time, so its in good shape. Stability seems good at Moderate, and Low below treeline. The forecast looks warm and sunny with a little precip. Cold nights (lows under 20, highs over 40) in the future too. So I assume its turning into a more springlike snowpack and will continue too stabilize the snow. Remember last year we had a huge stabilization period then 2 feet of pow prior, lets all pray for that again!

    I’ll get out this weekend and give a better first hand report.

    And to answer questions on airports, Montrose and Durango are the closest airports, but relatively small. Durango has direct from Denver and Phoenix flights. Not sure the other larger airports.

    We have 45 spots currently occupied, and registration is closing in 2 weeks, so make sure to pay your $60 dues prior to this! This allows us to know how much food to order (and its super good food).

    Getting excited and hope to see you all in a month!

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