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    Bcrider and powderjunkie, lost in the swamp:

    Below Kettle Peak:

    First view of our destination:


    At the base of the chute I swing my ski around, and…….SNAP! I had been meaning to replace those slider tracks. And thanks to my procrastination, I was now looking forward to 2.5 miles of splitbooting to get back to the car:

    It seemed to stay together well enough as a snowboard, so I kept going up…..

    A sliver of sunlight in the middle section:

    And back into the shade:


    powderjunkie topping out:

    Blacksmith Canyon:

    bcrider emerges from the shadows:


    after swimming through armpit-deep pow to reach the top, it was time to ride snowboards:

    back into the sun on the apron:

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    Beautiful shots, as always. That is one impeccable couloir. I badly want to live in the Range of Light once again. Was your slider track cracked or just worn heavily before it snapped? Extra-burly points for making it work!
    Hey I was wondrin if you could post a shot of the mountaineering boot/plate set up you use. What do you use for additional ankle support?

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    Great pics Dan! 8)

    Always fun to get out with you. 🙂

    Pics of his mod are in the Mod Gallery.

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    Way to slay men

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    @Steepy wrote:

    Was your slider track cracked or just worn heavily before it snapped? Extra-burly points for making it work!
    Hey I was wondrin if you could post a shot of the mountaineering boot/plate set up you use. What do you use for additional ankle support?

    The holes on the slider track were pretty worn. I used them almost all of last year and this season too, and knew that they needed to be replaced.
    The snow was kinda firm where I was standing, so I stomped my ski into the snow and that’s what made it eventually break. The hole on the other side was fine, so I put the pin through that one for snowboard-mode. That was enough to keep the binding on for the ride down, at least.

    There’s a little more info on my bindings here:
    They’re ugly, but they work very well.

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    Sickness! That thing has been on my hit list for awhile now.

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    Fantastic pics! Especially those shots capturing the sun and shade contrast. Im stoked to get back there!

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    Right on :bananas: Sweet line and pics :headbang:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    :drool: (I like this new guy)

    That is one great looking couly and some beautiful shots as always. I really liked the skinning series that had a nice play between sunlight and shadow.

    Looking forward to any more pics that might come from this trip.

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    Sexy mountains!!

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    A very good day. Thanks guys.

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    BC.. I just laid my hands on one of those Storm splitties at Klems factory… super sweet deck….

    I assume it rides like butta?

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    excellent line and photos once again, these are sweet:

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    and I wanted to go to Kettle on Saturday with the intention of skiing the Hulk if it looked good…instead I was trumped and wound up going up fricking Horse Canyon (arr!!!) instead.

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    What an aesthetic area to ride in!! Great photos too, keep up the good work boys!! :drool:

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    Great line. Never been there, but I would like to check it out.
    Did you follow the red line to get to it?

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    I think the red line is covered in snow this time of year 😛

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    Here’s my pics from this trip.

    The Incredible Hulk

    Just after 6am, we see some usual suspects looking bright eyed and bushy tailed at a popular trailhead.


    Just before 8am we get our first view of the Sawtooths.

    At the trailhead we find BCD and head off.

    After a uber-slog we finally reach the canyon we came for.

    BCD crossing the creek. We’d later discover this is not the way to go…sometimes figuring out which way to go means going the wrong way first. 🙂

    Back on the right route we get a closer look at some sick lines.

    In the main canyon things start to open up.

    The Hulk comes into view.

    The Kettle Peak coolie.

    Left hand couloir of The Hulk.

    More views of Kettle.

    Looking back down the canyon.

    Time to boot.

    Props and thanks to BCD for setting the bootpack!

    PJ on top.

    Looking into Blacksmith Canyon.

    Cool lines.


    After taking in the views its time to drop, BCD.





    PJ back in the sun on the apron.




    Back to the slog out.

    Good times guys!!!

    Yeah, that red line is it! It even shows to start going up before the creek/swamp area. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks, BCD.

    Jimw, good to see your face. How have you been?

    On my side, my wife, Shelly is pregnant, due in June. Kid was conceived in the back of the truck in Tuolomne. We were climbing there and in the Yosemite Valley for 6 weeks, and what do you know!

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    sat was one of those classic sierra days. perfect conditions in the range of light.

    nice shots nice shots nice shots i feel like a broken record. glad to see you guys getting in a great day and snow up there also looks really good.

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