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    Last weekend the 3/4 couloir of the Valley Of The Ten Peaks in Lake Louise (back of the old Canadian $20 bill) – got shredded hard by 7, yeah you head it, seven boys. one tele, one split, and the rest skiiers. small tr on biglines. check back later for a short vid. Season is starting out good. Big lines this early, who woud have guessed. I have 3 days already, including one in september and heading out again this weekend. WOOT WOOT’s_the_Proof-_3_4_Couloir

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    Oh that looks tasty. man I wish I was there.

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    Wow … 😯 … never tought the base would look so good this time of year… (at least it does on the pic) …. AWESOME shot with Morraine Lake on the background … Looks wicked !!! I love to see those AB / BC Interior stoke … Post some of your Tr or pics if you have time one day …

    Thanks for sharing it …


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    That indeed looks tasty.

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    😯 That deserves a more in depth TR. What a sexy line

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    2nd pic is f***ing sick.

    I’ve always wanted to hit that line. I remember seeing it in a mag or something like 10 years ago. Absolutely beautiful line.

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    Beautiful line – even more impressive snow for Oct. Way to get it done

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    amazing, way to get out!

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