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    Old crown stretching across bowl between Baldy and Ralston. There was another old avi far skiers left on north slope of Ralston.


    bcr wishing he had all day to lap this…

    steeleman on the climb towards echo

    angora is dope.

    bcr cautiously enters a little chute with rocks below

    My favorite line of the tour.

    Good times. Thanks bcr and steeleman.

    Rico in AZ
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    Wow! Really great tour guys. Congrats and thanks for the pics!

    el diablo
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    awesome. sweet action shots.

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    Pretty happy with the day , except for almost falling into a giant 15 ft. crevace, that was crowning that hill.3/3/07. Good stuff!
    Just another example that focus is the most important aspect of survivial in the backcountry. Don’t get caught sleepin. It might be permanent.
    Good ride plus exceptional turns. A yearly must do on my list. Or usually thrice. If big momma is willing to cooperate.
    Prey for MORE SNOW!!
    KOMBIZ :mrgreen:

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    Mmmm….tasty. Your guys’s terrain looks so much more fun than ours.

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    I’ll be in Cali friday…finally! Looks sick can’t wait. 😈

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    Can’t fake this kind of stoke!! Great shot & report!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Wow…… that looks really tasty.
    Quite jealous right now!

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    Sweet pics dave! That continuous mode is fun huh? 🙂
    The little Canon Powershots take nice pics too….I think you should borrow that thing more. :mrgreen:

    Sweet day man, great to see my old buddy the steeleman and your not so bad either. Good times, good times. 🙂

    We even got to meet some new peops out there too, Kombiz and his bro (I’m horrible with names). You guys had some sweet lines!

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    Its about fother mucking time! The absence of cali pow tr’s from this board was down right depressing. Go harvest that snow with vengence. 😈 😈 😈

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    Thanks for report. The snow was pretty fun that day. Unfortunately it all has turned to crap. And I heard that it is suppose to get up to 62 degrees today. BULLSHIT!
    We need more SNOW. NOW!

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    Love the terrain! Finally some good conditions..

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    Date: March 3, 2007

    Location: Desolation Wilderness, CA

    Weather: bluebird, high winds on the ridges

    Participants: dishwasher-dave, steeleman, bcrider

    Gameplan: power riding, bag two peaks, get to work by 2pm

    Duration: 6.5 hours or so

    Vertical: not sure

    Distance: 5-6 miles

    Beta: see pics

    Pics: bcrider, dishwasher-dave, steeleman

    Intro: I’ve been staring at two lines in my local haunts for quite some time that I’ve just never made time to tick off my list. The stars aligned with the work, family, conditions, and partners and I was finally able to grab them both, in the same day. 🙂

    The Steeleman…stoked to be out in the bc for the first time this season!

    The first ascent is up a south facing slope which made for firm and grippy snow. We were able take a really direct (steep) route and make great time.

    At the mid mountain the snow softened a little.

    But the winds started picking up the higher we climbed.

    And near the top we were skinning like drunk sailors and getting sandblasted by snow.

    Looking over to Baldy and the fracture line we spied from our tour on 3-1-07.

    The angle from 3-1-07.

    Steeleman loving the view.

    Desolation Wilderness

    With the high winds on the summit and the clock ticking we didn’t waste too much before dropping. We also met some other folks up there too that started at a different spot and where topping out just as we were. Everyone was stoked on the climb, weather, and upcoming descent.

    Steeleman enjoys some of the chalky goodness off the top.

    And then shakes some of the cobwebs out.

    diswasher-dave is next.

    Steeleman gets his feet under him again and goes next.

    bcr has seen enough and takes a sample as well.

    dishwasher-dave cant resist a juicy toeside carve on the rollover too.

    Next up is another mini pitch and jib, steeleman does the honors.

    dave goes next.

    bcr hits the next pitch.

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    followed by dishwasher

    To our right Kombiz and his buddy were dropping the heli-land line and slayed it!

    Looking back up from the lake, note the rocks along the side of the lake…

    they’re great for summer fun. My boy Skyler takes a dip off the same rocks.

    From here it was time to head towards the next peak.

    Steeleman getting closer. Most of our line is visible in the background.

    Nearing the ridge.


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    So we were looking good on time but not good enough to ski the line I really wanted to. My wife and son weren’t feeling that morning and I haven’t had a weekend day off in months…needless to say the wheels started spinning in my head. With little hesitation I made the decision to call in sick and take care of the family…which would also give us time to hit the line I wanted to. I made a left at the ridge when steeleman and dave expected me to go right. They were a bit puzzled and said they figured I ws either high or calling in sick….turns out it was both. 🙂

    The boyz make their way to Indian Rock with Echo proper in the background.

    Hard to not take in the views up there.

    I love Big Blue but I have the hardest time keeping the lake level in my photos.

    Steeleman stoked.

    Dave spies the fun Echo chute.

    I fill my partners in on my plan and give them a disclosure about it being a new lined that I haven’t skied yet. They put their faith in me and I set off to the first stopping point at the dead tree.

    Steeleman goes next and is determined to keep his hiking-to-turns ratio in the positive.

    dishwasher is next.

    All is going well, so its on to the next safety zone. BCR leads the way.

    double d is next.



    BCR enters the next part of the line.

    In second to last section the snow was starting to get pretty cooked from the sun…advantage snowboards. :mrgreen:



    At the bottom the snow got good again, BCR finds a little jib…

    And sucks up the compression…

    to Angora Lake.


    Time to head out. Looking back.

    Here’s a pic from 2 years ago with Dwanis. That day we took a sketchy traverse (red line). Today’s line is in green. Can’t wait for better coverage like in this pic now that I know the line better.

    On the way home my lower elevation playground is finally coming into shape too. 🙂

    Got home at 3:30pm and had to fill in for my wife at my daughter’s cookie sales at 4pm. Good times and much better than working till 11pm like I was supposed to.

    All in all a really great day and probably my best of the season so far. Two new person firsts in one day, great conditions, and great company.

    Thanks guys! Good times! 🙂

    ps. sorry for posting dup pics.

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    Sick, sick, sick. That last line was great. Terrain looks tasty.

    Thanks for the stoke.

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    rad. thanks guys. Dave, great meeting you, and thanks for blazing trail all the way up echo. Let’s do it again sometime.

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    Dave, BCR
    Thanks for the post. If you guys have anymore pics, such as our lines on the echo chutes I’d be stoked.
    JB & myself are planning another tour this weekend. Something spring-like, since its suppose to be around 65 degrees.
    If interested BCR has my #.
    Later :mrgreen:

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