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    Last week brought a few days of gorgeous weather with virtually no wind and temps in the mid 40s. That week we made it our mission to ski a few different shots on a mountain called Creator. The first day my girlfirend and I rode this nice little bannana line. That day we got a good look at the peak, and decided to go back up the next day and ride the main bowl. Day three brought some tired legs, so we decided to make it a family fun day. We took our neighbor up there, who doesn’t get a chance to get out very much. All in all, three days of pure bliss…

    The knob in the middle of the picture was the destination for day one.

    The view from the top of the knob we rode that day. The peak in the distance was the plan for the next day.

    Monika riding down through a little bottleneck off the knob.

    Potato and I kicking up some dust.

    The aftermath.

    Day two…working our way up to the peak.

    On this day our boy Michlik (aka easy rider) was in tow.

    Looking down the barrel. It’s about 3k down to the flats.

    Monika in surf mode

    Happy lady.

    Michlik gettin some…..

    I love this shot. One for the magz?


    Three very happy people!

    Day 3, we went up to just below the knob from day one.

    Michlik took over on the camera, so its time for a little air “weeee”.

    The aftermath, ” Creator” has been renamed “Been Had”. Three great days in the AK BC.

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    Outstanding! I love the shots of you and your dog chasing each other down the “Been Had”.

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    Great TR as always…. Really makes me wish I was there… Gotta love a back yard like that…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Great pictures, looks like the dogs are having just as much fun!

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    @noknees wrote:

    Great TR as always….

    Yeah…you guys have been putting up some quality TRs!

    Your pics are great and the stoke factor is huge.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    This says it all.

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    Absolutely great shots. Nice TR! 8)

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    shim shim a-la bim…killer stuff. That rooster tail photo is sweet…reminds me of going to some boat races. 8)

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    Howdy! So where in alaska is this at? 🙂

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    Very nice pics. You guys really have some beautiful mountains up there in Alaska.

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    Hey Prezwoodz, Im sorry I cant share that info with you, Its secret. NO. Im only joking. All the shots were takin in the summit pass area north of Moose Pass, very low key compared to Turnagain.

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    heh for a minunte there i thought you were serious!! 🙂 Ive never been up there looks great!

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    Am I correct in that you guys hiked up Summit ridge via the old ski area?
    then did you go left (North) or right (South) off the ridge? I can’t quite figure it out.

    we were thinking about hitting that area up last week (been there quite a few times this season) but went to Haines instead. I really want to hike up Summit Ridge way back, drop in to the North (have to go back past the rocks) then hike up the peak to the North with the enormous face for an easy 3,000′ of run, probably more once you make it to the car. Plus the couloirs in that area are super enticing.

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    bdub, The pics are from a mtn thats two drainages to the south of the summit ridge, between canyon and quartz creek.

    The trip to the way back of the summit ridge is a fun tour, I’ve never actualy droped off to the north into the butcher creek drainge but have skined back into that area ond rode back out. I have rode on to the south into the tenderfoot drainage from way back of the summit ridge. Thats a nice long run back down to the campground.

    The big face that I think your thinkin of some people call nancys. I’ve talked to a guy who skied it and he said it wes a hell of a ride. It sure would be nice ride that bohemoth some day when she says ok to jump on. I think thats one of the sickest faces in the area.

    Is this the beast?

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    thanks for the desciption of the lines to the south of summit, haven’t been there before.
    i’ve definitely been keeping an eye on the couloirs in “nancy’s” but the much more mellow slope to the east and just out of the right side of the photo will make for a great long ride. i just haven’t hit it yet this year with enough time (light) or the right avy conditions. i really don’t want to be below nancy’s in bad conditions ever. if our tracks ever collide we should take a pull off a pint or two. cheers,

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