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    Well our beloved Sierra is finally treating us right again! I hooked up with dishwasher dave and Bethany for a sample.

    Steep lines starting to fill in.

    Just follow the yellow brick road.

    I see a couple lines for the brave.

    Looking across the bowl to the north and Tallac.

    And Ralston to the west.

    The mountain that speaks.

    I think my Saturday has been planned. 🙂

    Natural release between Baldy and Ralston.

    dishwasher dave takes the first sample in the bowl.

    Bethany is in hot pursuit. Gotta love the rare sunny and snowing.

    Get it girl!

    Back for more.


    dishwasher isn’t convinced yet so he samples some more.

    I think we need one more run just in case it never snows again.

    Looking over to our first run. Found a great filming angle too.



    Thanks for a great day guys! :thatrocks:

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    Good GOD!!! that looks awesome

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    damn son!

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    Excellent pics.

    WTF kind of schedule are you on now?

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    Sweetness.. stoked on this weekend. I think Sunday I will finally try out the new NS. 😀 😀 I’ve only been waiting 3 months. 🙄

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    Gooooooood stuff…nice lines and blower. Must get west one day!

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    Looks delicious!

    Wow…. the fracture line of that natural release is quite wide. 😯

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    More sun then we got on n.shore yesterday. Maybe more snow up here then yesterday. Trees can’t hold any more snow. Nice pics of yours even off my crackberry. Sunshine and snow @ same time is $! I want some desolation stoke of my own.

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    Yes!! Just the stoke I needed to get my lazy ass up early tomorrow for some goods!

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    Giggity Giggity 😆

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    That terrain does look pretty tasty

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    Good times.

    el diablo
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    if you all keep posting like this, i am gonna have to start wearing a bib when i read TR’s to catch my drool from these tasty pics…all that snow…delicious…arghhghahrghgh 😉

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    BCR beautiful pics. did you use a photo camera or are those all “freezes” from the video material?

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    no comment, but: :thatrocks: :thatrocks: :thatrocks:

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    Nice accessible looking terrain with lots of alternative options… and great snow. Those red trees look good as well.

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