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    SCRUB INFO: February 24-26, 2006

    Once again, this is a low key event for all snowsliders, young and old, one plank or two. New this year will be “Girls Only” tour led by a fantastic Nol’s instructor and friend. There will be no fees (you buy/bring your own food), cool camping spot, peeps gettin’ to know one another, and plenty of backcountry glisse VOILE and are kickin’ down some nice goodies and booty for a Scrub Raffle! Montana State U. Backcountry Riding Club will be providing a chili dinner on Friday night. Here is the beta!

    Friday February 24th-Tour on Togwotee, Chili Dinner provide by MSU BC Riding Club, Bonfire
    Saturday February 25th-Tour on Togwotee, Slideshow/Raffle/Party at Togwotee Mountain Lodge in the pm, Bonfire Afterparty
    Sunday February 26th-Tour on Togwotee

    ****All people showing up must have transcievors, probes, shovels. This event is not a guided excursion and everyone who participates does so at their own risk On the other hand, local knowledge will be available and along for the tours.

    Camping Directions:

    For more info:

    Thanks VOILE,, and MSU Backcountry Riding Club! for helping sponsor this gathering

    For people who do not want to camp:
    Lava Mountain Lodge 1-800-919-9570
    Togwotee Mountain Lodge 1-800-543-2847

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    In 8)


    Just received some SWEET goodies from VOILE for a Scrub Raffle on Saturday night, February 25. A big thanks to DJ Barney. Hopefully the boyz from Voile will be able to participate in the fun.

    I will keep you all posted on the events as the time draws near. Let it snow!

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    @Wyomingsplit_ride wrote:

    Killzclimbz-sweet…good to see you on board. A little update…Victor Blanco has taken up snowboarding…I am going to try to get that fool into the backcountry this season…convert the poor dude.

    Hell yeah! Get that retard out there!!! 😆


    for sure

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    I’m in …already have it written in bold on the calender. Been looking at Google Earth of the area & curious which peaks I should be scoping. Never been in the area.

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    i’m in!!! what are the dates? what about all the cali fools. you all coming out?


    dtimms-February 24-26, 2006
    Good to see another Scrub on board. 😀

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    I’m in – pending any work crap

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    Hey I am defiantly in. I will try to gather as many harty soles from UW as I can. If anyone is passing through Laramie from Colorado let me know maybe we can carpool or something.

    dj barney
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    I’m going to do my best to make it there, hopefully I can scrounge up a few other SLC guys. It would be cool to meet more like-minded fanatics!

    WSR- Shoot me a PM with a shipping address, and I’ll make sure you get a box of Voile gear for a raffle! Hopefully that will be ok? 😉


    DJ Barney-Word! It would be an honor to have the Voile/SLC crew representing, and to get to meet the BRO’s who help us slide downhill! Sure hope to see you.

    Check your PM…and thank you Voile for being the first official sponsor! 😀


    Time is ticking down crew…I hope that you all can make it to the event. I am working on hosting a slide show of Togwotee, Tetons, Absarokas, and the Wind Rivers for the Scrub Fest and a little party with a raffle. Still working on the venue on Tog. Pass.

    Please RSVP. Anyone have a propane grill that they want to bring? If not, I can bring mine.


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    all we need is a sheet on the truck and the honda 2000 generator.

    Heck, your truck is white and I have an inverter in mine….we’re set

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    I will be the Cali fool. I hope you guys bring lots of supplies for the safety meetings. Is there a prize for the kook who traveled the farthest? I cant wait for this shit!!!!!


    Guns dont kill people……Chuck Norris kills people

    Dutch Marc
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    Same Patroller420. Long way from home. Looking forward 2 turn. Lets get it started !!

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    Count me in :mrgreen: . Maybe Oldman will come, too.

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    i don’t know……it’s kinda far away.


    Yeh…lifelink pretty far…how did you all make it down for the event last year? On a doughnut tire and all….livin’ the rough life. 😀

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    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

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