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    I just bought my flight to the splitfest, stoked to go hobnob and check out the area.

    Any of those options for the raffle is OK w/ me.

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    @PowSlashingWigley wrote:

    Hey Wade!
    Thanks for clearing that up, that makes since, ha!
    Hey just wondering, is Chimera going to be demoing any boards??? Man i really want to try one of those!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait!!

    Confirmed; we’ve got our tickets and will be there.


    Kyle Miller
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    @treepilot wrote:

    Working on the itinerary – came across this advertised in the latest Backcountry Mag –

    Films include:
    Sweetgrass Productions “Solitaire” Best of Festival Award
    Purple Orange presents “Chalk and Ski” Best Short Award
    Powderwhore’s “Breaking Trail” Best of The Backcountry Award

    40 Tribes Kyrgyzstan
    Berber Turns
    Ski Bums Never Die
    Winters of My Life
    Seasons; Winter
    Bike, Ski, Raft Denali Traverse

    Contemplating using this as a Friday night event

    I had originally asked Wade to keep this under the radar but we will be having the North American premiere of our documentary FreeRider up at the festival. Looking forward to attending the event and sharing the skin track with like minded individuals!

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    Room booked for the 6/7th. Revy and KH bookending the splitfest. :rock:

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    Got my room booked for my trio! Super stoked to be back again this year, last year was such an awesome event. Stoked to see Kyles film and the others! Stokage keeps rising.

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    Of the 40 rooms set aside at a special discounted Canuck Splitfest rate, only about 10 remain.

    If you’ve been putting this off, I encourage you to pick up the phone and book your room quickly. The hotel was full last year….

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    Congratulations to MacKenize Wilson of Calgary who is the winner of a free Prior hoodie. Thank you to all 60 people who registered online before December 10th.

    Registration remains open and is free. We encourage everyone to register so that we can have a better idea of how many people will be attending.

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    Hey, if anyone is heading up from Montana-side who wants to carpool or if there’s anyone else who wants to share a room, let me know!

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    @treepilot wrote:

    So the raffle is proving to be a nightmare. The Canuckistan government can’t seem to keep it’s rules and regulations out of the way….

    The raffle has been sorted out. The regulations around donating to the Craig Kelly fund simply proved to be too onerous.

    The Canadian Avalanche Foundation (CAF) will be conducting the raffle. Tickets will be $2 each, with 4,000 total tickets up for sale. Prize pool is just over $9,000 worth of gear. Proceeds from the raffle will go to the CAF’s Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) Fund. The CAC is the body that issues bulletins and generally educates/informs – so definitely a worthy cause.

    The raffle will take place on Saturday night – just like last year and will be preceded by a slideshow or two and the North American premier of FreeRider.

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    Sounds awesome, great work.

    Shaping up to be as good, or even better then last year.

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    Looking for a ride from the Calgary airport. Havent booked my flight yet. Can fly in on Friday but may not arrive till 5pm. 3 hour drive up

    will that work?

    If not can fly in thursday and get a hotel


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    Stoked to announce Canuck Splitfest will be screening the Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival. Time to be confirmed, but tentatively 7PM on Friday, January 6th.

    Admission will be $5 (with all net proceeds going to the Canadian Avalanche Foundation) to see these 9 films…
    click for the list and trailers –

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    Just booked my flight and registered. I am getting ready. How is the snow looking up that way? Decided not to get a new split so I can afford this trip haha I need to win at the raffle.

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    @Snowvols wrote:

    Just booked my flight and registered. I am getting ready. How is the snow looking up that way?

    The Glacier Park Lodge is on the left of the picture.

    Alex Latsch
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    Hi Guys,

    I just moved to Calgary from Switzerland last June and am looking to hit the Splitfest at Rogers pass.

    Anybody heading out from Calgary on Friday January 6th?
    Does someone want to share a room at the lodge?
    I am also looking for so touring partners, I have been splitting for 4 years now first on a homemade split and since last year on a Jones. I have my Canadian AST1 and had been riding since ’95 in the Swiss Alps. I love riding steep lines and powder trough the trees (probably like all of us…)

    If anyone is interested in my offer just PM me and we can work out something.

    Ride On


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    Only a few more days until Christmas – which is also the pre-order deadline for your Canuck Splitfest T-shirts – they’re $25 with $15 going to the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.

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    Just booked my room 🙂

    Heading up from Lethbridge Thursday morning/ afternoon, and coming back Tuesday most likely. if anyone needs a ride along the way,

    I just finished my AST 1 and have a few days under my belt and one multiday tour coming up after xmas, basically a beginner splitter with intermediate/good skills on the lift and i like riding trees : ) . if anyone would like to team up, Beers are on me for experience/knowledge and a fun day. :guinness:

    PM me, or email at if you want a ride/ to ride:P

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    Stoked to make this! Looks like it will be my first time out this season… haven’t had time to get out at all 🙁

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    If anyone wants to hook up I am driving in from Seattle with Jeri. Both of us have our Level 1s but want to meet up with other people to tour with during the festival. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. We will ride anything from super steeps to trees just pending on conditions.

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    Hey there, looking for a ride from Fernie/Cranbrook area or Golden to the split fest on Friday (if coming from Calgary I could bus it to Golden). I’ll certainly help with gas money! Cheers!

    Phone: 778-220-5460

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