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    TopherVW and I got an early start today up the hill and with a late start time for work, we decided to see how good Kendal Knob would be. We were not disappointed. Lots of fresh, fairly light snow to be had. We ran into Rory(Haggis?) at the parking lot and followed him up. Great way to start a Friday morning.

    The snow down in the trees was pretty bad. But once we got up to the road, conditions had improved dramatically. The snow was starting to get a little heavy as we headed down, but with the way this season has been, I’ll take it!

    As we headed down, I collided with one of the dogs and sliced open her paw. So that kind of sucked. She seemed to be okay, but Chris had to take her in for stitches. Other than that, it was a beautiful morning!!

    If you head up there this weekend, don’t take our skin track. We thrashed it pretty well trying to weave our way thru the tight trees down low. Plus we booted out the last few hundred yards due to the injured dog.

    More pics


    Two section poles suck ass….

    Dog to be A-ok After a few stitches.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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