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    20+ year PNW Snowboarder, expert level, 195 lbs. Typically ride 40+ days a season, lifts and splitboarding. Riding size 9 (street shoe size 9.5 – 10, 27.5 Mondo size in hardboots). Midwide foot, high arch and high instep. Running stock insoles for now. Run these on my 154 Ride Warpig and 163 Weston Backwoods split w/ Medium Karakorum Prime Connect R bindings.

    Ride backcountry (a lot of Alpental), park (jumps and jibs), and everything in between. These are STIFF out of the box but so comfortable. Last two softboots I owned were Burton Driver X and K2 Thraxis. These feel a bit less stiff than Driver X’s, similar to the K2 Thraxis. Driver X I liked but they packed out really fast and I just could not stop snapping those weak speed laces. Thraxis I liked even more, but again they packed out and broke down in stiffness too fast. These boots feel WAY more comfortable than either the Driver X or Thraxis after a heat mold (with a toe cap).

    They are very stiff, I haven’t used the tongue stiffeners and haven’t been tightening the top Boa very tight. It’ll be nice to throw the tongue stiffeners in when these start breaking down. It’s nice because unlike the Thraxis where the upper/lower BOAS overlap, these are COMPLETELY separate. So you can tighten the bottom and run the top totally loose for skinning. With the liner laces and velcro ankle strap tight and top BOA loose, these are pretty comfy for skinning. Can crank down on the upper boa for side-hilling (that’s why I love BOA…so easy). I feel like I can get more range of motion than with Thraxis or Driver X.

    In terms of riding, these boots are SO NICE. Stiff response, but very progressive flex and dampening in the sole = really smooth ride and control through the chatter. I run the upper BOA tighter when riding all mountain, and run it looser for park so I can tweak/jib better. Boots work REALLY well either way. These are A LOT smoother ride than the Driver X or the Thraxis. The tongue is magic…you can just lean into it and forward flex is super smooth feeling while remaining very supportive. The sole is nice and cushy and transfers a lot less shock to the feet than Driver X or Thraxis do while still being stiff enough for very fast Toe to Heel response (feels stiffer in this aspect than the Thraxis, similar to Driver X’s though) especially with the Karakorum Prime Connect quiver connector set up on my solid board (Ride Warpig).

    These are my favorite boots I’ve ever had so far. I was looking for a board to ride in resorts, as well as splitboard on pow days. Have a splitboard hardboot set up that I use for longer/mountaineering days, so I just don’t need the full mountaineering sole and all that “walk mode” mumbo jumbo marketing BS that would make them more complicated and not ride as well downhill.

    Build construction feels really solid, more solid out of the box than Thraxis and Driver X. The zip gaiter is a great feature, but I do have to leave the top inch or so undone since my instep is so high. Not a big deal, still out of the way of binding straps and I can still get the gaiter velcro tab closed. I imagine this will stretch out and will be easier to zip up as I wear the boots more.

    Overall…can’t recommend these enough. Vans needs to stop sleeping on marketing these, these boots are the bees knees and in my opinion take the cake from the other flagship stiff/all-mountain boots from the other brands (K2, Ride, and Burton).

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    Picked up these boots on sale for a killer deal partly based on your review. Look forward to trying then out this season.

    Thanks for the great info

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