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    Okay Ladies, you’ve been hearing about this super, mega, Godzilla El Nino that may, or may not hit some part of the world this season. While the weather men and women talk in circles of uncertainty, we are certain this splitboard guide can help you in selecting that perfect splitboard. We’ve compiled 16 women’s splitboard models, from 12 different manufactures, listed their specs, prices, and a short description of each one. We’ve even included a spec-chart at the very end, making it easy for you to compare one board to the next.

    Featuring splitboards from Burton, Furberg, Gnu, Jones, K2, Nitro, Never Summer, OZ, Pallas, Prior, Rome, and Voile.

    Winter is coming chicas!

    – 2016 Burton Anti

    Family Tree – Anti Social Splitboard – 147,152

    Split boarding is the next challenge. Leave the crowds behind with the easiest-to-ride split in women’s splitboarding. Ditch the lifts and seek out the freedom and fitness of exploring the backcountry with our women’s-specific Anti-Social splitboard. Featuring a lightweight design and a progressive, tapered shape, it boasts directional camber for fast, effortless float in deep snow and a smoother uphill glide when gaining vertical in the skintrack. The Split Channel eliminates the splitting headache associated with most splitboard setups, allowing for fast mounting and near limitless adjustments. Features like a sustainable FSC™ certified wood core and bio-based Super Sap® resin enhances performance and positive feelings.

    Features: Rocker which causes the nose to lift while camber under both feet maintains momentum and stability through deepdriving turns and variable conditions. The Directional Shape is designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition. The tapered shape means the nose is wider than the tail, promoting smooth turn entry and exit, stability at speed, and enhanced deep snow flotation. Look for different amounts of taper throughout the line.
    MSRP – $799 (includes channel pucks)
    [toggler title=”Anti Social Specs” ]Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.28.36 PM[/toggler]

    – furbergsnowboards.comFURBERG2016WOMENSUSE

    Women’s Freeride Split – 152, 156,160

    The Women’s Freeride Split is the splitboard version of the Women’s Freeride model. It has the same shape and flex as the Women’s Freeride. The board is developed to tackle any kind of snow and terrain you might find in the backcountry. Long sidecut radius makes the board calm and forgiving, while rocker and reverse sidecut towards the tips make the board float outstanding in powder and stay catch free in any situation. A slight camber on the center section generates stability, pop and responsiveness. This unique design also adds grip and stability in skinning mode. We are convinced that the new Women’s Freeride Split will be the most versatile and game changing freeride board you’ve ever ridden!
    MSRP – $799

    [toggler title=”Freeride Specs” ] [/toggler]

    2016 GNU Beauty

    Beauty Split – 152

    Constantly being tested in the amazing backcountry of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, and all over the world, the Beauty Split is ready for the your next session in the wild. A floaty, mellow entry pow nose, a mild tail settling taper angle and a catch free lifted tail. With Karakoram clips for that unsplit downhill feel and a C3 camber dominant contour for climbing stability, the Beauty has a little rocker between the feet for float and control on hardpack and ice.
    MSRP – $849

    [toggler title=”Beauty Split Specs” ] Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.30.40 PM[/toggler]

    – jonessnowboards.com2016 Jones Solution

    Women’s Solution – 148, 152, 156

    The new Women’s Solution splitboard is a step up in both performance and sustainability. The Solution new features an ECO-plastic Topsheet made from Caster beans that are designed to be lighter, more durable and scratch resistant. The ECO-plastic is also snow repellent which means you’ll have less snow sticking to your skis on the slog uphill. The Solution’s time-tested shape and tech features remain the same with inner and outer Mellow Magne-Traction to add confidence when conditions get firm and a Blunt Nose and Directional Rocker to keep the Solution afloat on even the deepest days. Just like the Men’s Solution the Women’s model is built with the top-of-the line Sintered 9900 Base and the Ultra Core for a fast and responsive ride. Directional Rocker – A hybrid rocker/camber flex pattern defined by more tip rocker then tail rocker and camber between the bindings. The rockered tip floats the board’s nose and improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board but helps keep the tail catch-free initiating turns and landing switch. Mellow Magne-Traction – Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Magne-Traction improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.
    MSRP – $879

    [toggler title=”Women’s Solution Specs” ] [/toggler]

    2016 K2 Northern Lite–

    Northrn Lite – 152

    K2 continues to lead the charge with women’s backcountry snowboarding progression. No longer do women have to size down a men’s splitboard, they now have their own with the Northern Lite splitboard snowboard. This women’s splitboard has specific flex patterns and a narrower waist width. All the ingredients needed to take full advantage of epic, free flowing powder daze. Features: Baseline: All Terrain with Tweekend™, Dampening: Standard, Construction: K2 UltraTech, Shape: Backside Hyper Progressive, Stance: Set back 3/4” (19mm), Core: Bambooyah Split, Additives: Carbon Web™ II, Glass: ICG20 / Biax, Base: 0 Sintered, Base Bevel: 1°
    MSRP – $699




    [toggler title=”Northern Lite Specs” ] northernlitexlsspecs[/toggler] 2016 Never Summer Raven

    Raven Split – 151

    The Raven Split is the best women’s splitboard in the world. Dual Carbon X’s provide power underfoot and make the Raven Split super stable in variable snow conditions. Our split specific NS SuperLight Wood Core conserves much needed energy on the uphill skin and the nimble response of Rocker Camber make any descent a breeze. Features – Carbonium Topsheet, Women’s Carbonium Laminate Technology, Original Rocker Camber Profile, Vario Power Grip Sidecut, Bi-Lite Fiberglass, NS SuperLight Wood Core, RDS 1 Damping System, Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers, Sintered P-tex Inner and Outer Sidewall, Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base, P-Tex Tip and Tail Protection, Full Wrap Metal Edge. MSRP – $849




    [toggler title=”Raven Split Specs” ] [/toggler]

    Nitro Volta

    Volta Splitboard – 151

    More and more ladies are seeking the freedom, adventures, and workouts that splitboarding offers and they deserve a splitboard built specifically for them. That is exactly what we have done with the Volta, featuring our new FlatOut Rocker for easier maneuvering up and down the mountain. A solid edge hold on your hike up and while shredding down is important for safety and performance so we added Power Pods to this beauty of a beast. Leave the chairlift behind and experience the purity of snowboarding with the Volta. MSRP – $679






    [toggler title=”Volta Specs” ] [/toggler]


    1516ozalpenglow womenWomen’s Alpenglow Carbon Fiber – 148, 157

    The AlpenGlow is our flagship splitboard design.  For the women’s version we slimmed it up, modified the sidecut and flex patterns specific for women riders.    It has a micro camber between the bindings for precise control on icy conditions and skinning traction. The early rise micro rockered nose and tail help float in all conditions. This board is best for those who want a splitboard for all conditions; powder, icy, wind blown, wet, slush, crust. You name it, this board can handle it! The board features, SplitLock – Proprietary splitboard connection system, full Tri-axial carbon fiber construction, full length wood core with no finger joints, and feather weight construction. Several top sheet choices available including artwork by Nicole Bishopp and any custom graphic you would like (additional charge for custom graphic.)  All boards are built to order. The current build time is 2 weeks. MSRP – $799 [toggler title=”Women’s Alpenglow” ] Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.47.03 AM  [/toggler]





    Hedonist – 148, 152, 156hedonist 2016

    For the lady that loves to sample it all, the Hedonist is a dynamic, true twin board that uncovers the mountain’s best assets, top to bottom. A hybrid profile-rocker in the tip / tail, camber under foot and flat in the middle- combined with carbon support delivers an energetic deck that amps up backcountry booters, park hits, and all the natural jibs in between. Subtle details like blunted tips and a longer sidecut ensure better flotation and catch-free carving in unruly snow, tapping into the pleasure of all-mountain adventure.  MSRP – $895  [toggler title=”Hedonist Specs” ]2016 Hedonist specs [/toggler]




    ZEITGEIST – 155zeitgeist1

    Celebrating the changing times of women’s snowboarding, the Zeitgeist is forged for ladies who pioneer big lines or venture beyond the boundaries. The directional board features an early rise, spoon-shaped nose and a stiff, tapered tail for an unsinkable weapon on snorkel-deep days. It’s flat profile fades to traditional camber at the rear of the foot, giving riders more stability and control without compromising that elusive surf-like feeling.  MSRP – $895  [toggler title=”ZEITGEIST Specs” ]2016 Zeitgeist specs[/toggler]





    Girl Scout – 149, 153, 157Girlscout 2016

    Unless you’re tapping into emergency food supplies and MacGyver’ing your way out of the backcountry, cookies and crafts won’t do you much good out here. Never the less, the Girl Scout lets riders chart new territory in the outdoors thanks to its off-piste design. With a less aggressive shape than the Zeitgeist, the Girl Scout is reliably stable in variable snow conditions, long after the last storm cycle. A zero camber profile with a kiss of early rise in the nose delivers quick edge-to-edge response and full control over the board’s performance.    MSRP – $895  [toggler title=”Girl Scout Specs” ]2016 Girl Scout Specs[/toggler]







    Slaylok Splitboard – 144, 147, 150, 153, 156 2016 Slaylock Prior use this one

    Introduced in 2014, The Slaylok is the premiere ladies twin in the Prior line. Taking inspiration from the AMF. The Slaylok utilizes a tighter turning radius, narrower waist and softer, more responsive freestyle flex to allow female riders to play both ways. It’s symmetrical shape promises maximum performance riding both regular or switch. Request to press this ride in Twin Rocker, in Micro Camber or in Traditional Camber. XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all Prior splitboards and saves an average of 500 grams (1lb 1oz) off a Prior splitboard pressed with our standard Quadraxial Fiberglass. Graphics: Your choice of 18 Top Sheet Designs and 8 Base Designs. Profile: Twin Rocker Profile provides floatation and predictability in powder and silky smooth transitions from edge-to-edge with excellent edge control. 2-4 mm of traditional camber underfoot provides energy from turn-to-turn. Rider Type: From beginner to intermediate to advanced to expert riders, this board has it all! If you are looking for a fun twin board that allows you to ride anything you want the way you want, you found your match. Best for: Progression, dialing in new tricks, shredding hard and and all mountain riding in both directions. MSRP – $899 [toggler title=”Specs” ] Slaylokxlspecs [/toggler]

    Brandywine Splitboard – 147, 150, 153, 1562016 Brandywine mystic use this one

    The Brandywine. Prior’s high performance, directional Freeride board for women, draws a smooth, stable, and fast-line through all snow conditions. With a narrow waist and softer flex than the men’s freeride, the Brandywine Split allows Women to drive the board harder and maximize energy transfer for the best performance possible. Utilizing the Hybrid Rocker Profile, the Brandywine Split promises maximum versatility. The rocker portions increase both float and turn initiation while the traditional camber maintains edge grip, stability and rebound performance. With minimal taper, the Brandywine Split provides both power and drive on edge while allowing the playful rider to land or ride switch. This sweet ride is named after a well-known horseshoe shaped waterfall located 10 minutes from the Prior factory. We like the falls, we also like Brandy and Wine! XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all Prior splitboards and saves an average of 500 grams (1lb 1oz) off a Prior splitboard pressed with our standard quadraxial fiberglass. Graphics: Your choice of 18 Top Sheet Designs and 8 Base Designs. Profile: Hybrid Rocker Provides floatation and predictability in powder and silky smooth transitions from edge-to-edge with excellent edge control. 2-4 mm of traditional camber underfoot provides energy from turn-to-turn. Rider Type: Self propelled female backcountry freeriders, guides and explorers who want to shred untracked powder. Best For: All-mountain backcountry riding, speed, trees, powder, crud, trails and airs. MSRP – $899


    [toggler title=”Specs” ]Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.03.04 PM [/toggler]


    Powder Room – 1532016 Rome Powder Room copy

    Deep snow and Free Lift Tickets. Nothing is sexier than untouched natural terrain. Mid summer you start visualizing lines and come mid winter, you are ripping down them and cranking back up for more. Float and pop, surf and slash with or without a lift ticket. HOTRODS-CARBON DOUBLE BARREL: Two rods of carbon milled into the tail for stronger slashes and deeper white rooms.  QUICKRIP SIDECUT: Off-set sidecuts for buttery playfulness at slow speeds and precise agility at high speeds. POWDER S: Rockered nose to float thru the deep with a positive tail to hammer and spray. MSRP – $679 [toggler title=”Specs” ]Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.07.49 PM [/toggler]





    Revelator – 149 & 154

    A demanding backcountry rider need not be a distant, unemotional creature with a propensity for playing air guitar or relishing his “cave” time. The truth is: Many of the toughest snowboarders and backcountry enthusiasts out there are women. And for them, the Voilé Womens Revelator fits the bill. Ski and snowboard manufacturers often create simplistic female versions of their boards by merely softening and “shrinking and pinking” the male counterpart. That is not the case with the Voilé Womens Revelator. Yes, the Women’s Revelator is manufactured in smaller sizes and wears different graphics, but that’s as far as differences from that “other” Revelator really go. (To hell with pink and frilly designs, too.) The board’s relative width, robust flex, long camber area, early-rise nose, and tapered tail all let the Womens Revelator not only keep up with the boys, but shred the sickest of lines, to boot. And rumor has it that our signature Voilé Channel Puck System is quite the heartthrob, too.
    MSRP – $625 (includes channel pucks)

    [toggler title=”Specs” ] revelatorxlsspecs [/toggler]

    Artisan – 148 & 153

    By definition, an artisan uses simple tools to inject artistic expression into ordinary things and elevate them into the realm of beauty. The Voilé Womens Artisan provides the woman snowboarder an excellent tool for crafting beautiful things on the snow. Whether she is climbing hard up a slope, or turning gracefully in powder, she’ll leave her unique mark on any snow she touches and have a blast doing it. Chances are, said woman rider cares more about her splitboard’s performance than its inner workings. That said, how could she not marvel at how quickly and easily the Womens Artisan assembles for downhill riding? (She may wonder if a woman designed that nifty system of Voilé Hooks & Clips.) No doubt, she will obviously enjoy the same characteristics of the (male) Artisan, but appreciate the smooth-flexing, highly-stable nature of her version. Bottom line: For the woman snowboarder who relishes any time on the snow any where, the Voilé Women’s Artisan is a perfect ride.
    MSRP – $625 (includes channel pucks)
    [toggler title=”Specs” ] [/toggler]


    [toggler title=”Complete spec-comparison chart” ]1516 women split specs final[/toggler]

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