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    Eastside Fuck Yeah

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    Will try to make sure the Whoa Nellie is open. Gonna rent an RV for base camp. Maybe we can put a sheet on the side, bring a projector and show some flicks.

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    ^^^ If you are targeting May you should be good on Whoa Nellie being open. Think they usually open the same weekend as the opening of fishing season.

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    @DrownedRat wrote:

    Baker Splitfest, March 27th to 28th, 2015.
    Looks like i need to working on the website again 🙂

    The planning has started! This is going to be the best Splitfest evar!

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    @TEX wrote:

    Talks are in the works about an


    Want to do it full dirtbag camp style. No prizes, Bring your own food, booze and car camping

    Most likely late May.

    Think Corn,sunscreen and hotsprings

    Sounds like a typical Eastside weekend with good snow – there’s always a big crew gathering somewhere. Now that I’ve got me a job with a few days off every week, including many weekends, I’m hoping to join in some of the festivities this season.

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    Wasatch Splitfest
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb 26-March 1, 2015

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    Yes on an east side splitparty!

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    What’s this Eastside thing?


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    East side= Eastern Sierra. Lone Pine to Bridgeport

    Eastside splitfest? old get together by fellow splitters modeled after the Scrubfest in wyoming

    Hoping for more snow in the area

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    Splitfest DownUnder 2015

    Country: Australia
    Location: Jindabyne (NSW Main Range)
    Date: 21-23 Aug

    All are welcome!

    Adam West

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    Well, Let me know what happens with that. May take a trip down from Oregon. yawheehoo!


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