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    I’ve been riding a pair of Dynafit Zeros and they are pretty much shot. I always feel anxious dropping big $$$ when buying ski boots for a unintended or unproven use like splitboarding. What other hard boot models have people been using last season and has anyone had a chance to check out this upcoming season’s models.

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    hey trevor.
    Ive been on the tlt5 for a few years now and liked them alot but ended up doing a mod that replicates what they offer in the one boot.
    Picked up ones for 250 plus, alot cheaper than tlt6 but a bit heavier. i think youd like them

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    Ive been on the La Sportiva Sideral. Great boot ready to ride out of the box. I have not made any mods to mine and I really like the ride. The boot is a little bit narrow, I have a wider foot so it kinda hurts to be in them for a long time right now. Just need to get them punched out.

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    I’ve been on TLT5s for 2 seasons now and love them. Haven’t tried the 6s yet but everyone loves them, haven’t heard any negative feedback. 60 plus days on my 5s killed the liners, just got new Intuitions and stoked to get back out on them!

    I think fit trumps features, so if you like the Dynafit fit already… :thumpsup:

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    I’ll second the Sideral’s that earnyourturn mentioned. I got them last season to replace a pair of first gen Scarpa F1’s and it was a world of difference. No mods as of yet, but they do run a bit narrow so I’m getting them punched out a bit, but was able to tour a few 14ers on them last season with minimal discomfort. I can’t speak to the TLT6 myself, but I’ve heard nothing but great things, same for the TLT5. I got my Sideral’s for $275 online, so they have some good deals on them.

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