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    Wondering if anyone would have any input on the never summer prospector basically if there is any changes that were made to it from last year to this year. I’m considering picking one up locally but its last years model and a nice discount. I don’t mind paying full price of there is any additional features that might be worth it. I know its been winning awards for the last few years including this year’s model so I doubt they changed it just want to speak to some people that might know first hand. Thank you guys. Really eager to pick up one these bad boys.

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    Always fun to answer my own question but I actually got word from Vince at Never Summer today and they are using the same exact design as they did last year. Posted this initially to get a quick answer didn’t work in my favor. It happens, figured id update incase anyone stubbles on this or is wondering the same question.

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    Thanks for loll owing up. Enjoy your new stick! 😀

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    I own last years model and got to ride the new one on a demo last year. I noticed a huge difference. I took it down the same run the same day. just to make sure I did a third and forth run and still noticed the difference between the boards. The new board was squirrely and didn’t hold a good edge in hard pack. The first year prospector was so amazing I felt like it made me a better snowboarder. I would go for a used one based on what I found out last year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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