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    I would post a more close up picture, but don’t feel like uploading to facebook. Trust us, its there. Solo track underneath the cornice just right of center. Comes down the gut of the path basically.


    The ridge in the photo is Schuykill ridge. Amazing terrain a few miles up slate river. The lines are not the easiest to drop into without knowing where u are exactly. And people do regularly drop in under those huge cornices! I was there on sunday and rode a few great laps out past the yogis zone in the snakey area ( lookers right most treed area before u get to the mega exposure zones further down the ridge, just behind the tree in your photo). The ridge has great vert, slope angle and multiple shady aspects to keep the snow great. Just be sure of your line and stability as these lines are pretty exposed. And the best part can be skinning up heart-attack ridge 🙂 If you have been up it before you willl know what i’m talking about 😉 CB has the goods!!!

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    Conditions are looking better for us Colorado folk. Don’t get too confident as we are still in a LPHC Cycle (Low Probability High Consequence)

    Haven’t seen SouthParkSplitNek in a while; glad your back and thanks for the info! :drinks:


    No worries! Been hiding out in the deep snow this season 🙂 Felt great to be out in CB this past weekend and got to ride a few great lines. But we are indeed still playing with a dangerous snowpack. I’ve been keeping it very mellow, no boarding and touring in no avy terrain mostly. My tour of Schuykill has been the best lines i have ridden this year! Looks like more snow on the way and back to mellow zones for me! Waiting for spring this year till i get out on any big tearrain. Be safe out there everyone! Spring isn’t too far off & it looks as if we should have plenty of snow left to get after bigger lines :guinness:

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    Hey guys I was interested in getting my Avy 2 with Colorado Mountain School.

    Let me know if you have any good info on them or advise for my Avy 2.


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    Not sure how you guys did up north, but we got hammered from the first storm of this series! They were saying 4-9 yesterday, and we got 14″ on 1.2 SWE! Also, the second wave is supposed to be bigger tonight, calling for over another foot. So I’d say tomorrow will be a pow day! Sure is going to make some tricky avy conditions, but at least its burying the persistent layer deeper, and hopefully crushing it soon.

    Have fun and stay safe all!

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    We didn’t pick up a lot up north. Was tooling around on Berthoud earlier today dialing in the hardboot set up (finally came over to the dark side….it’s not all that dark over here by the way). Mostly looking at about 2-4 inches from last night with 6-8 in wind loaded places. Didn’t get into anything serious, so I didn’t do a full pit or anything; just a little bit of poking with the pole, and it really seems like some of those deeper layers are starting to get put away soon. That being said, I’d agree, it should get a little spicy again with this next storm though, so get your game face on if you’re playing in the BC. So jealous of the San Juan numbers….Can’t wait to get back down there.

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    Solid 9-12″ Thursday night here made for some surfy goodness yesterday. 37 degrees and raining @ 8K this morning. WTF my rain gauge is out of hibernation .09″

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    After this weekend I am going to photo dump this thread so hard I plug that shit!!! COLORADO has been off the hook lately. great snowfall, consistently every week, stability is getting better and we are headed into spring with a great snowpack depth wise. RMNP is seriously the best I’ve seen it in years! Starting our spring set in some higher elevations.

    Nice to see some of the Colorado locals shredding the goods!

    nice meeting you killclimbz :headbang:


    Saturday was a great day in the Berthoud Pass alpine. Surprisingly deep. They got every bit of the 13″ reported. Definitely started getting some solar effect on the south facing slopes.

    Headed up to Current Creek Bench

    Cometogether was happy

    Keffler coming out the bottom of Oatmeal Bowl

    On our way to No Name

    Barrows slashing No Name

    CT with a little air exiting No Name

    No Name and Oatmeal Bowl

    Keffler on Currant Creek Bench

    Currant Creek Bench

    Hidden Knoll was already getting sun crust


    X was still shaded, deep and untouched

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    nice shots MD!! great to have someone with who likes to take pictures..

    still working on time to upload the download! been out riding instead!

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    first picture test!!

    ta DUH!!! :nononno: :mrgreen:

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    can someone please explain picture size control from flickr? I don’t have time to play with it all day :scratch:

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    We did a camp trip into the Gore this weekend. Sledneck access, hunting tent with stove and all. Rode alpenglow lines at sunset and full moon turns down steep wide open runs at 1am. Best moonlight turns of my life! Unfortunatly my Photo buddy moved to AK, so i dont have much to share. Great group of ripping riders and riding with two of my best friends that i have been riding with since we were kids. The conditions are great! solid snow pack with about 6″ new again Saturday morning refresh. Now is the time. Oh yeah, and CTG- just copy the BBC code on flicker and it gives you the option for size?

    Gore SF 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Gore 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr
    Lines out the front door

    Tent stove by travis young 424, on Flickr
    Luxury sledneck camping

    Gore steeps 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Cheers Scotty! by travis young 424, on Flickr
    This guy rips!

    Gore main shoot 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Mulli Gore trip 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Fast and smooth

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    dang travis what is up?? lets get rad! still havnt done any full moon riding, sounds quiet the special occasion.

    thanks travis you the man!

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    Right on Cometogether! come on up. it’s to good right now for me to go anywhere else.. Too broke$$ anyways. I will see you guys at the Silverton splitfest! i have been finding more and more right here in my back yard. a lifetime of dream lines, easy access.. If only the snow was this good in CO more offten

    Those Shots are pretty sweet CTG, especially the second one with lots o steez

    Cant wait to get down south for the SSF!

    Fast and smooth

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    speaking of silverton….. whats the haps Jason?? almost seems this is a flip flop year- good snow in the front ranges not so much down south.. can you fill us in before the fest? id hate to take a week off and run into a dust layer or something lame like that. Its pretty stellar in the fronts right now and looks like its snowing again. :rock:

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    Not sure. Couldn’t get up there this weekend. I took the weekend off after the BC trip and switched gears a bit (on the bike). Snotel, CAIC and Silverton Mountain are your best bets to know. We did get a dust layer it sounds, but last I checked, the snowpack was better then last few years at 70″ last night, and last year was 61″, year before 60″ 2012. 2011 was a good year, and they were at 75″ at that time. A lot can happen in a few weeks, hard to say. But I still think it will be good.

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    true true
    just starting to study the area again since we are getting closer!

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    Got out the past two days in the alpine. Conditions were really good, mostly pow. Day 1 was sled assisted mini golf lines. Day two big couloir. I didn’t have any issues with the storm slab. Certainly a dust layer down there at lower elevation, but if you get high, its good. N to NE aspects, around 11K up were good.

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