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    Introducing the 2012 Spark R&D Approach Skate

    With the ever increasing price of gas and importance of physical fitness in mind, Spark is proud to introduce the Approach Skate for the 2011-12 season. As you know, most of the approaches in Montana involve long paved stretches, often called “roads”. This was the inspiration behind the Approach Skate. No more driving, buying expensive fuel or having to take your deadbeat friend to the trailhead. You’ll even save weight by not carrying car keys! Instead, gear up in the morning, strap into your favorite Spark bindings and slide right onto your Approach Skates.

    * Integrates with standard puck system
    * Rush Extruded Aluminum 13.3″ Frames
    * 338mm Racing Axles
    * Hyper 110mm 84A Wheels
    * HTO PRO Performance Bearings
    * Brake in Box – Extra Axle Included

    ** Disco rollerskate adapters coming soon

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    Hahaha! Awesome!

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    Can I pre-order these? I have been looking for something between an MTN Approach skis and Heelys. Could be a big winner for you guys. :drool:

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    Ha! Except of course should be a Dana Plateau (paved approach) in background of yr photo, not Wahoo Gullies (dirt approach).

    Actually, has anybody ever mounted skateboard trucks/wheels on Voile slider plates, and used their split as a giant reverse-concave skateboard? Had that concept in my head for a while but then gave away all my old Voile slider plates.

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    Rughty could do it! :twocents:

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    Ha! Except of course should be a Dana Plateau (paved approach) background, not Wahoo Gullies (dirt approach).

    We will be making dirt wheels for them too with you Californians in mind.

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    @PedroDelfuego wrote:

    Rughty could do it! :twocents:

    I actually made a pair of crampons once that mounted to slider tracks. They sucked. 😆
    I talked about making these for the Mt Tallac approach. Then we got the gate code and just drove it. :clap:

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    I want a pair I want a pair!!


    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:

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