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    I think it’s safe to start the thread for this season. Cameron pass seems to have made out pretty damn well out of this last round of storms.


    Thinking about going up to Jones/Berthoud area Sat or Sunday. Not really expecting to ride but just to scope things out and get some fresh air. Anyone else getting out?

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    Pre-halloween and you scored it! Nicely done.

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    LBK – Wish I could take credit for being the one in the vid, unfortunately I was stuck going to class while all this fun was going down.

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    Went and hit an old standby with MountainDog on 10/27/12. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


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    Rad! Looks like these early season storms have given face shots all over the country :headbang:

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    Got out just to check the conditions and ended up making a few (very cautious) turns today!!!!

    Headed up to Jones Pass and wasn’t too optimistic upon arrival at the trailhead.

    Things really started to improve as we climbed and it was actually skinable from the junction of Jones Pass/Butler Gulch

    We took the Butler Gulch route and ended up finding some nice 8-10″+ sections that (if done very carefully) were ridable.

    After the warmup this week I think the rocks will be sticking up through the trail and it will be closed down until the next storm. Up high, another 12-18″ before it really would be rippable.

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    itchin the get on the split! maybe next week’s system will allow us to get out and check things out a bit..

    rky mtn srfr
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    Took my split for a hike yesterday in James Peak Wilderness to check the situation, go through the motions, and enjoy a nice day and fresh air. It’s farlooking right now; looks good from afar, but far from good looking.

    If you go, you’ll have a 3 mile hike/bootpack in most any direction (from the Moffet Tunnel parking lot) before you can even start skinning, unless you don’t care about destroying skins and boards. Once I switched to skins, I still had to be very careful- lots of stepping instead of sliding.

    Below treeline didn’t look ridable on any aspect because it’s still too thin. Near treeline held some thin powdery pockets in the shade, and above treeline all seemed to be pretty wind hammered. South facing aspects looked to be getting royally baked- you could hear a river under the snow in areas.

    My consensus; wait for another 2-3 feet of snow before going up there in search of turns unless you want to go for a hike like I did (6 miles hiking, 2 miles skinning, 0 snowboarding).

    Picks here since I can never figure out how to put images in this forum.!i=2217428167&k=DXFT5JS

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    looks like a nice zone up there when snow is in…haven’t been able to get any riding in above treeline yet..went back there once but storm came in too hard and kept us in the trees back there…looks like some fun terrain from the topo maps

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    lot’s of snow north of CB, these were both taken tues


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    Bethoudis finally getting a little snow. Still super thin and sketchy, but enough to slide on if you are brave and can find some grassy meadows.

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    Thanks for the pep-talk HFT! I think I may actually try to get out this week. :drinks:

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    How was the snowpack? I’m sure you’ve seen this shot from CAIC but just FYI.

    Basically, to quote them, “garbage,” and this was before last night’s snow.

    Planning to head out somewhere Wednesday to poke around. Curious if you found any touchy areas with the new snow.

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    had plenty of shooting cracks on steep road cuts, not much whoomphing in the flats. Got some small slides to go below the aqueduct road, basically to the ground with plenty of facets. I wouldn’t go near anything steep just yet.

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    Went to Bert Tuesday. Heinous. 1′-2′ drifts at the higher elevations looked promising, but gave way to 3″ on dirt and rocks at lower elevations. No base and the new snow just scraped off to the ground. My board took a beating and we had to unclip and walk out. Needs 2-3′ of something heavy and dense to setup. Looks like a British Columbia trip may be closer to reality now…

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    Jones Pass area 12/15/12. Lots of shooting cracks and settlement on the skin track. Slope was either too low angle, or the snowpack wasn’t consistent enough to start a slide. Actually a pretty good day considering the season so far in the front range. Didn’t hit many rocks, though they were lurking close to the surface. Maybe 2-3′ total depth.

    Check the crack to the right of the tree

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    Wolf Creek has reported 42″ in 72 hours!!! :bananas:

    Its a good week to be a San Juanito…. :thumpsup:

    Matt Wood
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    Although not as deep as the Wolf, Steamboat is going off now. Haven’t been in the backcountry yet but the reports I’m getting from patrol make it sound pretty dicey. Going to rack up some days on the pass the next couple days, maybe head out for a tour later in the week when the storms subside. Snotels making it look as the Front Range is getting skunked.

    Keep it safe everyone.

    BTW Side country gates should be open this week :thatrocks:


    Just got back from a wolfies trip last night & it is DEEP!!! Season on down there! About 3-4 ft as of yesterday. Stayed in terrain as mellow as we could keep moving in… wasn’t easy!! Looks like its still snowing and a few more ft on the way 🙂 Bring it Ullr!!! :rock:

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    @PedroDelfuego wrote:

    Wolf Creek has reported 42″ in 72 hours!!!

    Its a good week to be a San Juanito….

    The storm power split the San Juans. I was in Silverton, and north of Molas got about 12 inches, of low density, very bad bonding snow. South of Molas got around 2 feet, but there wasn’t much prior to do much with it. Wolf Creek was certainly the winner. Snow depths still too low to really get after it by Silverton, so rode low tide meadows Sunday. Silverton Mtn was boney in spots Saturday, but if you found the right aspect, it was really good (face shots on Ropedee 4). No core shots, so that says something though.

    We have another storm that is coming, which favors the W San Juans more then Wolf Creek and calling from 10-30 inches depending where. Hoping it pans out. Good thing I’m feeling sick, and 4 day weekend (maybe 5 now.. :mrgreen: )

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