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    Thanks gentlemen, that’s all cleared up. I hadn’t clicked the “image only (no link)” box in Picasa, and so I was using the wrong line when I was trying to embed the image.

    I appreciate all the swift replies and offers for help. It makes a person feel like others care. :bananas:

    Now, let’s get on with our winter… supposedly it’s gonna be dry to start, then above normal again.

    (By the way, I’m impressed with all the knowledge about computers and whatnot there is out there.)

    Cheers! :drinks:

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    catherines/so long-11/2/11

    Not as much new snow as I expected. Some wind effect, but it was good. Exercise, pictures, solitude, and a few turns.

    Season’s first wind slab 😉

    Solo skin track

    This fell out of a snowpit wall


    Not bad

    Not bad at all

    More fun

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    The teasers have been nice and the snow on Oct 7-8th was awesome but I’m just going to come out and say it. Winter officially starts tonight! :bananas:

    wasatch surf
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    there is a shit load of snow in my yard this morning. bummer. I have still have a lot more fly fishing, running, and climbing to do. I was hoping november would stay dry. but if I have start splitboarding I guess I can live with that 😉

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    Sold my rock-mojo and I don’t want to risk destroying the artifact (195)… or a knee, my skull, etc… 😯
    💡 Perhaps I’ll drag the noboard along for a Sunday hike and see what turns up…

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Got up for some quick turns today see what I could find. Rode Alta and stuck to the groomed with a few slashers on the side. Not a lot of snow up there new or old. You would think based on how much is in my front yard there would be more up high but I didn’t find it. Snow was light and not very supportable. Checked out the slick crust found on aspects that still held October snow. It was slick, snow was too light to bond and propogate but sluffs were easy and skinning on something steep with that crust would not be fun. If the snow set’s up tonight I would suspect it would be easy to find a shallow pocket or two. Snow was blowing pretty good loading E Aspects from what I could tell. Tomorrow should be better and theres plenty of groomed stuff out there to have fun and get some excercise. Take Care.

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    couple shots from today…found some good snow

    still a lot of rocks on the exit outta there ….take it slow


    I know where you are!

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    ha!, you got any boards, still would like to try one soon as we get some good coverage!!

    snow was good over by supreme…deeper than I expected…didnt notice any sluffing, snow seemed to be bonding ok, course we were on a mellower slope and didnt dig any pits 😉

    bunch of facets sitting underneath the new snow


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    You guys are getting me stoked for Utah! Keep killing it :thumbsup:

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    Sure was nice to get back on the wiggle machine. N. Superior rode well from the top all the way through the bowl. A decent base from the early October storm was holding things together nicely above 9,500′. Gotta few shark bites but I made it out :bananas:

    Up and away

    Random skier, put in a nice skinner for us. Always a skinner in the Wasatch

    Looking down S. Superior

    Monte Cristo


    The exit was tolerable and the skinning was excellent. Face shots were had.

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    Went up into Albion Basin, up and over Supreme, and down roads/cat tracks back to the car. Lots of skinning, and then skiing the split. Lots of people out and about.

    Cool, calm weather, mostly cloudy. 20-30cm new snow, which seemed to have bonded fairly well to old snow surfaces. Old snow on the N above 9000 is ‘rotten’, but seemed kind of wet.

    A few pictures…

    From the uphill…

    Other people were excited about the snow…

    Did some of this on the way down…

    Do any of you ever ski the split? How does that go for everyone? Just curious, because I struggle with it… :scratch:

    Let it snow!

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    @Alx88 wrote:

    Looks like there was a lot less traffic in BCC…


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    Ya it was nice. I was however outnumbered 3-1 with skiers. For some reason the other pair didn’t venture into the upper bowls, it was exponentially deeper as you got above 9,500′ :scratch:

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    Stuck to N faces that was sure were grassy and held as much of that Oct snow as possible and didn’t venture far from my skinner on the way out. Was tempted to hit some E facing stuff but didn’t want to risk it, snow just didn’t quite set-up even with the sun on it most the day. I got a few collapses in this zone, so in between lines I went into the sun to warm myself and dug a little pit. Found a crust, facet, crust sandwich. Time will tell and it will take some time to get enough weight to truly test that weak layer but it could be something to watch out for in the future.

    Had this zone all to myself, except for a couple skiers who where one and done. So I busted out the gopro and dicked around.
    I’m not sure why I get all these adds, stupid youtube

    Rico in AZ
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    Sweet, it’s on in UT.
    Time to start checking my favorite thread. (Seriously.)

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    Utah: It looks like you got some really good turns in :rock: I am rather jealous since I had a trip planned to Vegas for this past weekend so I was unable to get out and I lost money :banghead:

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    for those wanting the gnar gnar Pipeline looks good to go…skin up and ski out all the way to the parking lot, thanks groomers!!

    ready to drop…snow was stable on the skin up, new snow bonding well to crust with facets underneath, no instabilities noticed


    more line…snow was great, coverage was good, full speed turns and no rocks!!

    was stopped to wait for the winch cat…in case the line snaps and the cable shreds my body in half

    wasatch surf
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    nice Mar, way better turns than I got.

    I went up to guardsmens and rode 10420 since the LCC road was closed for avy control :scratch:
    not a lot of snow in BCC at all. Got about 200 feet of okay snow. but there was only 12″ in protected spots and way less than that on E and S faces. Fun to skin, not so fun to ride. Solitude and Brighton were hard at work grooming their grass and making a lot of ice snow.

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