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    Otis Peak 12,486′
    Flour Power Couloir

    Thanks to a narrowly averted crisis (RMNP not being open :nononno: ) We were able to get after this aesthetic line. I was joined by Keffler, who got a helluva introduction to snowclimbs. Weather turned out to be warmer than expected, which left snow in the line nice and soft during the climb. Good for climbing, but had me a tad apprehensive to get it done ASAP, as we arent in a spring cycle yet. Luckily the snow was not holding water, and was still quite winter like underneath the top layer. All ice in the couloir was well covered by snow so that was a relief. It was nice and inset, and had a exciting finish on steep snow, topping out at 50+ degrees. Didnt waste anytime through that portion. A slide down this couloir would be painful. The route tops out right near the summit.

    Loch Vale Gorge

    Cathedral Wall from The Loch

    Flour Power Couloir

    Keffler begins the climb, Sharkstooth in the back

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    Very nice Gents. Some nice rock around there.

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    Yeah Meng… looks like a proper good day!

    Better keep clicking off those days homeeeeeee!

    See ya in a couple days HFT….Giggidy

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    Keffler to me a week ago: “We don’t have couloirs like those in the Front Range”. HFT proving him wrong. Sweet line guys, Keffler keeps killing it. :headbang:

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    Way to go guys…HFT and ‘TRIPPIN, have fun down in the SW, I hope that you get great conditions on what you are after, and look forward to seeing a report from your efforts. Enjoy Blaine Basin, a very beautiful spot!
    I am off to the Elks next week…

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    Thanks HFT for showing me around the Park. What a great place. It makes you feel so small and humble. What a day of firsts: first day in the Park, first day using crampons and ice axes, first snow climb, first summit in the park and likely witness the first decent of that couloir by a snowboarder (Nice work HTF!)

    Those pictures are just amazing. You sure know how to use that camera.

    This is a great picture, HFT put down nice looking turns on what I thought was a very steep face. Reading up more on this couloir, it was actually a real privilage that we were able to climb it in the first place. HFT pick the perfect day to send this thing. Good work man :thumpsup:

    When it was my turn, I felt like such a newbie. So much going on at once: variable snow, heavier than usual pack, ice axe in hand, very steep face etc. What a great learning experience

    Below is the last picture before I got Flushed! What a ride. HFT knows his stuff. He gave me a heads up that managing the wet sluff would be key for that day. Once I got into the narrow section, the sluff got going and I couldn’t get out of it. Flushed me out to the bottom. Fortunately ever thing turned out OK. Little embarrassed, but I fell like I learned a lot. This thing was really steep in places and it was hard not being a little intimidated by it. Need to work on my jump turns and being more patient turning and getting out of the way.

    Here are a few pictures from my camera. Please forgive my camera and more importantly my picture taking ability:

    Crossing the lake:

    Making our way to the couloir:

    HFT making his way up:

    HFT leading the way:

    Signing in at the top. What a view!:

    Getting ready to drop in. HFT is just a small dot on the fin:

    HFT exiting the bottom, sorry for the bad action shot.

    Heading up for an extra credit lap on a near by slope, HFT takes another look on mission accomplished:

    Extra credit hit:

    Little something for next time:

    Thanks again HFT. What a great time.

    And yep, I was wrong. Lots of couloirs up here to ride. Just needed to expand my vision. BTW, I wish I could say that I was killing it, but HFT’s camera make my run look much better than it was or at least felt.@summersgone wrote:

    Keffler to me a week ago: “We don’t have couloirs like those in the Front Range”. HFT proving him wrong. Sweet line guys, Keffler keeps killing it. :headbang:

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    Keffler’s killing it!!!!*

    Gorgeous looking line fellas!

    But first and foremost, fantastic flurry of photos from Forrest!

    (*by living to post about it)

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    Awesome line :clap: . Love all the stoke from RMNP lately.

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    Nice work HFT and Keffler.

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