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    (don’t know why people put these in the talk forum so starting it here where it should be)


    1st day 8 of us toured up mghee cr to do the wine cooler. Once at Esha canyon Russman and myself decided 8 was too much for one line so we went for a tour up Esha to check things out.
    The snow varied from 6-24 inches and the crust underneath had some give to it to make every turn money.


    We started up the apron and the new snow varied from 10-24″ in depth on top of the old crust. Many hand pits revealed the crust/pow interface to be bomber but there were two different layers of new snow from the last two days and the one on top didn’t seem to be completely bonded to the previous days one. It probably could have been ok but it’s kind of unnerving being on such a huge, steep, open slope with new snow. Plus we’d miss dinner if we topped out!
    We dropped in and every turn down to mghee creek was money! We basically did a nonstop boardercross all the way to the bottom! Sooo much fun!!! I guess 2 people hit it from the top Sunday. It must have been epic!!!

    Day 2 was a cluster of a morning trying to decide what to do so I got up at 6am and by 9:30 was skinning up little morrison with Russman and fustercluck. Rughty, bs, and Justin Bender were up ahead of us and did a line off the backside of Old man’s bowl off the W/NW side of LM.

    Bender dropping in:

    Wider view:


    I caught Chris and NoKnees dropping hippie chutes. Snow looked great!!!:

    Russman decided to drop this blind rollover entrance off the peak proper to access a nice gully, but unable to see if it went for sure and being bulletproof crust underneath a foot of pow he ended up climbing out. I told him I thought it went 😳

    Russman realizing he may be fucked 😆

    Yup! He was!!! 😯

    So he climbed out and we scooted down the ridge to access another adjacent gully I thought would have good snow.
    Woooot! Wooooot!! (I think fustercluck needs to make bigger turns 😆 )


    Thanks to all the sponsers, Josh, TEX, fullers, Swanny, etc…!!! :rock: :headbang:

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    Sweet snow!

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    I have very few photos from Saturday and none that are terribly engaging. I was part of the large Mammoth Crest Crew and I rode fluffy powder with Mike, Olly, Glenn, and Tom Burt in the granite.

    First objective Crystal Crag in the distance:

    And done. Our evidence of our work, and a slide in the background. Heading to less sun affected slopes.

    I guess I was too busy soaking that experience in to take many more photos (thanks to Glenn aka Holbyco for that shot!) so no shots of Red Cone Bowl, but I did snap this one on the drive back to Convict Lake. Morrison, looking good!

    Sunday headed out to Red Mountain with Swanny, Josh (aka Jershka), Spencer (aka spence), and Tommy (aka mtnrider). Here is a little video of the descent. Nothing gnarly, but plenty of fun in the pow.

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    It was a pretty lazy weekend for me. I left the gopro behind and took very few pics. On our way to Pinner.

    Skinning up the Pinner couloir

    After getting 2/3 up the couloir, a point release avy came through. Fortunately everyone was alert and got out of the way in time. No time for pics here. We transitioned and rode down before the snow had time to settle and firm up. The avy didn’t take out all the snow and we still got in some awesome turns. Looking forward to topping out on that line one day. On our way out, we spotted the next days line and prepared our gear for a much earlier start.

    Day 2. Skinning up Old Mans Bowl.

    Some old skier along with Ben and Justin

    At the top of our line, we spotted our tracks from the day before in Pinner

    We looked down to spot our line

    and saw this! :drool: if we only had a rope to rappel into this!

    time to transition and ride! Ben and Justin proudly displaying our tracks

    Thanks for the Jack Ben!

    Now for the hardest skinning of the weekend. Anyone up for a swim?!

    Good times!!! :doobie: :guinness:

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    Nice work Ken. That couloir near old man’s bowl looks delicious indeed.

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    Thank You Convict Lake Resort! These guys hook us up every year with a fat house, fat terrain, and fat food!!!!!

    Please read this whole post…I know it’s long..but it’s important stuff!

    What a fantastic weekend. First of all I want to thank a lot of people. Swanny, Tex, and Fullers20h for all the work they did getting this thing together. The loot was all time. If you’re wondering why a beacon shovel and probe should be your first gear items purchased..just ask Russmans buddy Tyler, who showed up with only those items (and the obvious…clothes stuffs) and used his beacon to win a brand new Voile Mojo RX! As if this weren’t enough…Tyler, realizing he didn’t want to defile his new ride by settling for slider plates…went ahead and won a set of Rughty Custom Binders to go with it!

    Many thanks to our attendees..especially JDOneill, and Dgreen, for making the trip from AK! They’re still up there getting after it as we speak..but I think those dudes are going home with a deep appreciation for our modest mountain range :-). Also thanks to all our Cascadian attendees, the Kloster Brothers, Russman, and Tyler (hope I didn’t forget anyone). You guys all came a very long way, and I’m thinking bluebird powder was worth it?

    Also thanks to Tom Burt for just being a cool dude and coming down to tour and hang with a bunch of rowdy splitters. He’s usually in AK this time of year, so when I heard he was going to be in CA, I hounded him relentlessly until he said he’d attend 😀

    Thanks also to our sponsors! The prizes were off the hook, and swanny killed it again this year. There were even shirts! Somebody post a pic?

    Special thanks to Dan Mingori, aka BCD, who had us so stoked with his “Endless Ticklist” presentation (did I get it right Dan?) that everyone was packed and on the skin track by early sunday morning! == Put some of his stoke on your wall!

    Business: Someone left a set of keys with a Golds gym (torn) tag on them and a small pewter wakeboard keychain. If they’re yours let me know and I’ll send them too you. Fullers20h also has some tools and other things, if they’re yours hit him up.

    Also, there was at least one person who didn’t pay me. If it’s you..please hit me up for paypal instructions. Getting paid back my investment will increase the odds I’ll do this again next year 😉

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    Now onto my stoke. Like Rughty, I took very few pictures. Mostly because I forgot to put the memory card in my camera, so storage was limited. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of Friday, which was my first day up there..and epic at that! Clear skies and fat powder at the resort with my fam in the morning, and I even got a ride in with Schwalbster..who hiked Hemlock Bowl 6 times!

    Then at about 3pm I hooked up with Fullers2oh, and BS for a quick little almost 3k’ northfacing line on Little morrison. I don’t have pics…and it was so freakin’ cold on the top of the line that not many of us had fingers to take pics you may just need to know…we dropped at 6:45 pm and by 7 had logged almost 3k of powder turns. :drool:

    Saturday (some pics from the crest above) was a group of groups at the crest. I took a group consisting of Powder Panic, GC, AliasPTR, Kelly (spelling?) and one other (sorry I’m forgetting..we all got split up at one point) up to Red Cone. The group split and everybody but me GC and PP caught up with another group lapping pow in the bowl. Me GC and PP rode back down the ridgeline and enjoyed the deep deep pow all the way. 2 of bluebird powder!

    Sunday was sunny, and conditions were marginal(ly epic!). A large group of us (again, apologies if I forget anyone). Went up to the Dana Plateau area to invoke the spirit of the missing JimW. Myself, BCD, Tom Burt, JDOneil, Dgreen, Bryce and Tyler Kloster, Schwalbster, Ollie, Mark D. and film crew.

    The group broke up on the way up V-Bowl and toward Coke chute, and I was following the skin track of the lone skier that was headed up the chute just ahead of us when I hear a whistle from Tom B. A point release had propogated and slid out the bottom half of coke chute and narrowly missed the skier. I decided to make a left turn and hit up a north facing chute to lookers left of coke. I wasn’t going to tempt fate..and neither was the skier, as he quickly stripped his skins and skied back down the apron of Coke Chute.

    Tom B. BCD and Schwalbster(I think?) pow-wowing about the pow below Coke. Pre-slide:

    and Post, with the skier transitioning on the right.

    Tom Burt and Dan/BCD at the top of our chosen line. Dan, ever the tour guide, points out “Lake Tahoe” below:

    Dan and Tom preparing to drop.

    Then this:

    And this(turns below laid down by the Klosters, JDOneill, Schwalbster, Ollie and others):

    Which yielded this (top bowl leading into the chute):

    Followed by this (which, in case you’re wondering about scale..this is approximately 2k’ of powder turns your looking at, and there’s actually a skier to the right of the tree in the lower right corner of the shot):

    3 days of pow. Some wet slide events @ Mendenhall, Crystal Crag, and Coke Chute, kept us on our toes…but all in all Ullr smiled on the Kalifest this year. The Powdersnow was getting everywhere! 😛

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    Nice stoke above you guys. I stopped back by Convict Lake Resort on Monday, and snapped a few pics of the stuff I saw:

    Sentury Crew lines on Hippy Chutes:

    Lines on the NE of Lil’ Morrison I don’t know whose, but they look fantastic:

    and one last shot of some unfinished business:

    Edit Because I see some of you lurking below:

    Missed: Granjero. Ecobrad. Powderjunkie (conditions fitting your screename my friend), Puff Nat, BCR, Storn, JimW, Buffy, and the rest of the crew. Hope to ride with some of you soon!

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    Dang, so pissed I couldn’t make it down there! Nice photos – looks like everyone had a sweet time!

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    Okay, so I dropped my load once already in the main talk thread, erroneously following the lead the Baker Splitfest photo thread.. My bad… So, here it is, in a better location…

    Once again, thanks to all.. It was a great weekend… Had a blast and stored up some memories to last me a while…

    Saturday I was with the McGee Creek crew… I don’t have any small photos from this to link, so here’s the whole collection dumped into PhotoBucket…

    McGee Creek & Wine Glass Couloir:

    Bucket load of Day 2 photos to follow soon, but here are a few small shots linked to get started… Mellow day touring with Chris, consisting of fresh tracks in the left two Hippie Chutes, then a boot pack up a random small face on the way out that someone above took a shot of (Thanks!) wondering who made them.. Glad to see the Sentury guys hit the other Hippie Chutes too, as the conditions were definitely worth the stroll up the valley.

    Hippie Chutes Before

    Chris dropping in the first chute

    Looking back at our lines on the way out…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Thanks for all the stoke guys.
    It was cool to meet a lot of you guys and check out the sierras for the first time.
    I am super stoked to start getting into them this spring. yeah for Kali mountains.
    that was some good vibes with the snow, the crew getting up some cool zones. and the only guy there who didn’t have a split going and winning himself a set up. :thatrocks:

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    I had a great time, always nice to see old friends and meet new splitters.

    Thank you JBay, Swanny, Tex, Fullers and all the folks that brought demo gear. You should all feel good about hosting an event that so many people really enjoy.

    We got some killer lines off the Crest on Saturday, I should have at least a few pics I can post later this week.

    :rock: :doobie: :guinness:

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    sick pictures everyone!

    ken, this one is especially gnarly… i’m almost glad we didn’t bring the rope, because i would have felt compelled to lower into it!

    @rughty wrote:

    if we only had a rope to rappel into this!

    monday ended up being a supremely long day and i’m only just getting to the bottom of my pictures. should have them up soon…

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    @bs. wrote:

    sick pictures everyone!

    ken, this one is especially gnarly… i’m almost glad we didn’t bring the rope, because i would have felt compelled to lower into it!

    @rughty wrote:

    if we only had a rope to rappel into this!

    monday ended up being a supremely long day and i’m only just getting to the bottom of my pictures. should have them up soon…

    How wide/steep was it? I was intrigued…considering heading back up there to bag it..but now I’m wondering if the pucker factor is too great?

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    what a weekend! it was a bit of an ordeal trying to get out to mammoth without my van, but thanks to some good luck and generosity, i was able to pack up my volkswagen engine rebuilding project into the living room and take off. uh, sorry about the living room stefanie… and by the way, can i like, take your truck to california for a few days?

    i had to stop on the way up to shoot some scenic photos…

    but i still made it in time to meet up with jbay and fullers by the crack of 2pm friday. let’s go ride that!!

    we were booting by 4:30…

    and on our way down by 7!

    fullers rides some dusk pow.

    after a grueling 4 minute drive, we were back at the cabin, where tex was demonstrating his quad-copter camera mount to tom burt.

    and rughty was just showing up with a bin full of new bindings.

    my accommodations for the evening left me missing my vanagon a little.

    after a refreshing 4 hours of sleep, ken, bender and i joined up with the film crew to seek out pinner couloir.

    uh, i think it’s this way…

    yep, this is definitely the way…

    wait, you mean we’re actually on the wrong side of the creek now?!

    at last we reached our destination, just as the sun broke through the clouds and started to bake it. i couldn’t handle the thought of all that snow sitting up on the headwall, cooking in the sun above the funnel i was climbing, so after a thousand feet or so, i retreated to the bottom for a quick nap in the sun.

    but not before spotting this line on the east face of little morrison and making a mental note to check it out tomorrow.

    ken rides out of pinner.

    and we still made it back in time for dinner!

    even better, the sentury crew showed up with my new board, and ken set me up with some of his newest bindings to try out on it.

    we set out early the next morning to find an entrance to the line we’d spotted from pinner.

    we found it at the top of the old man’s bowl… looking down at our line and across at pinner.

    we spotted a party of 2 dropping the morrison col.

    and set of into the powder of our newly discovered (and usually not ridable, according to dan mingori) line.

    why take the easy walking trail around the north side of lake when you can traverse half a mile of this instead?

    ahhh… finally a chance to get some rest. i headed out to the crab cooker to relax and make camp for the night.

    watching the sun rise monday morning over the many geothermal features of the area.

    i made good time down to bishop and was soon in sight of my objective–basin mountain.

    however, the road quickly became impassibly muddy, and after a bit of deliberation, i decided that instead of hiking across a bog, i’d rather drive to…..

    scheelite! i couldn’t help but think of brooks’ recent adventures as i started up this 6000 foot chute solo at 10:30.

    after a couple hours, i ditched my skins and chomps and headed up on boot spikes. it hadn’t occurred to me yet that i was taking out on myself my frustration at my indecision and late start by setting a pretty brutal pace.

    the next thousand feet were scrambling over avy debris that i couldn’t help but wonder how i’d navigate on the way down. but then that seemed easy compared to the breakable crust over thigh deep snow i encountered in the upper 2000 feet. by the end, for the first and only time in my snowboarding “career”, i was actually not having fun. i tricked myself into climbing the last thousand feet with a constant mantra of “i’ll turn around at the next rock”. but still my tests continued to indicate stable snow and i couldn’t consider fatigue as a justification for turning back. i’d have given anything for someone to share the trail breaking with, but despite the brutal slog, i made it to the summit by 3.

    a thousand feet of hard earned riding and the rest of the chute came into view. still a couple miles of couloir to go!

    rode a bit more, made it over the awful avy chunder, and stopped to look at mt tom, and reflect how i spotted this line for the first time from that ridge during this trip last year.

    the bottom got kind of rocky…

    but i was so full of stoke and enthusiasm that i couldn’t help but stop to photograph some of the intimidating sport climbs i saw bolted up on the canyon walls.

    good thing riding big lines is so invigorating, because i still had a 10 hour drive home…

    did i mention that was perhaps the longest day of my life?

    Rico in AZ
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    Well done Bs.

    Nice job hitting this,

    I’ve wanted to hit that face since I saw it last year. Not the most gnar line, but it is steep. But most importantly it’s the first thing everyone sees when they look at Little Morrison.

    Hope you tightened the cap on that bottle buddy. 😉

    Nice work on Scheelite. I kinda thought you’d go for that this trip.

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    @silver wrote:

    Our evidence of our work, and a slide in the background. Heading to less sun affected slopes.

    AHHHHHHH I’M SO BUMMED I COULD NOT MAKE IT! You guys are so lucky to have bcd and TB showing the mortals around.

    Great job getting everything together jbay! I guess I’ll have to catch you up on Tioga once that thing opens.

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    Epic weekend everyone!

    It was my first splitfest and it certainly won’t be my last. We had a great crew on Saturday consisting of Ray, Dave, NoKnees, Tyler, and Dutch when we checked out Wineglass Chute which was conveniently filled to the rim with blower pow. Sunday consisted of NoKnees and I getting first tracks at the Hippie Chutes which left both of us with permi-grins for the next 10+ hours. Absolutely epic.

    Thanks Swanny and JBay and anyone else who helped put the weekend together. The stoke has been high ever since.

    -Chris aka mert10s

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    Another shot looking back at Little Morrison on Sunday after most of the shredding was done. I have a pretty good, giant sized photo of this that shows just about all the tracks on the mountain in good detail, including Brooks and gang from the top, and even back to the hippie chutes.. If anyone wants it, let me know… 6048×4000 or something res… 12+mb…

    Here are some small versions of it..

    Full View

    Crop showing a little more detail..

    More photos later…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Looks epic all! Bummed I missed it. Stoked Tom Burt attended too. That must have been the icing on the creme brule’!

    :thatrocks: :rock: :disco: :thumbsup:

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