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    Reverse hibernation…
    That is what it feels like here.
    Our first storm…isn’t it sweet?!

    From Lionel Hutz:
    Going to make this short, clear and to the damn point. Last week in my write up I alluded to the potential for large coastal development. The European model hit this solution and stuck with for a few days, but finally pushed the storm out to sea. Hope was lost. It shouldn’t have been. As last night, Mr. Coastal Came back. Since our little buddy here as the potential to produce as much as a foot of snow, he’s earning the Major Winter Storm prefix.

    Lets get to it. Both the GFS and the NAM have clearly defined solutions in agreement. BOth show a shortwave interacting with a frontal boundary and spinning up a surface low somewhere in the DelMarVa/NC/VA region. The low then tracks along the coast bringing large precip amounts. to the N/E. As Saturday turns into sunday it could get pretty snowy as 850 temps would support frozen precip almost all the way to I95. Water totals are BIG. As the storm tracks n/e it would spread significant moisture through the Poconos, southern tier of NY, Mass and NH. Snow totals across the higher elevations could be in the 8-14 range fairly easily with possibly a touch more in NH and Maine.

    So wait – you might be asking why and I talking about this. There isn’t any skiing down there. (With the exception of some fun little trails in the Poconos). Well here is why. Because Able tracked further to the NW. Baker’s now being modeled to track further to the NW than it was a week ago. As such the smart half of my brain ( I think I have smart half and dumb half) is telling me: baker will move N/W with time as well, or at least that I should seriously consider the possibility that Baker will move NW with time. Were this to happen I’d again put Southern VT in the kill zone.

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    Wowzers! 2″/hr here. Been snowing since 2:00pm and still coming in. Looking good for a little early morning sumthin’ sumthin’ tomorrow.
    Now if it would only stay until April…….

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     So- First day of the 2011-12 season (today):

    driving home from a weekend of hard work in New Hampshire no board in the car, major dump!!

    Up in the Franconia Notch, Canaan is covered, gotta stop to check it out, so pissed no board in my car!!

    After abandoning failed attempts to take the trucks of the skate deck in the trunk, i decide to hike empty handed to at least get up and out and in the snow…

    About half way up I stumble upon 3 bros and a chick passing a joint and hitting a kicker. Walk over, and we share the stoke of over a foot of wet soft fresh on the leeward side of the hill.

    “so, ahh… would one of you mind if I borrow your board?”

    Homeboy takes it right off his feet and says: “here, man! Rip it up,”

    I hike up another few hundred feet and put my soft neoprene mud boots into his way too large for me, goofy set up bindings. I don’t dick around and dive right in to the deepest and steepest I can find… More like pow surfing in these floppy croc boots…

    Ended up getting in like 3 runs with a few of their different boards (finally found one regular, and set back for the wet pow). End up hitting their kicker, saling over the knuckle and boning out like mad with no boots.. Fresh tracks the whole way down, well over a foot of untracked..

    Best day of the season- SO far!!!          

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    Always stoked about October turns! Only about a 1/2 foot on Mt. Washington but the wind was hittin high 80s yesterday which made for some big drifts. Fairly light snow so you would sink right down to the base of sorted rocks, dirt, and hobblebush. Sherbie rode top to bottom and I can’t complain. As the late Doug Coombs said ” we were skiing on trees and calling it good skiing.”

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    Whew…was almost getting ready to give up on this winter.
    Looking nice out now. My spirits have lifted!

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    Anyone with a berkshire ‘bolt report?

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    Looking good! Just got back for a quick after work slide. The base is firmed up and ready for more. Looks like we will be getting a southerly storm moving in tonight which could dump about 6″ on top of that base. Looks like a good weekend coming for some of us.

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    Got out into the woods today for a little activity.
    Looks like anything from about 1500′ and above still has a good firm base and anything that has fallen on top is just cream.
    This last storm was very spotty with where it dropped snow. Some lake effect and up slope all through the day Saturday dropped some decent amounts in places.
    Better late than never I guess. I’ll take it!

    Mt. Mansfield is above the average now, go figure!

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    Some forecast uncertainty exists in locations near and ahead of where the area of low pressure tracks due to the milder air being pulled northward. This corridor, which includes the Minneapolis/St. Paul (particularly south) and Green Bay metro areas, could see some sleet mix in, which could reduce snow amounts.

    After the Midwest, the storm system will head for the Northeast. Interior portions of the region and New England may be in line for some accumulating snow or a wintry mix.

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    Current Conditions:
    Snow has started in central ‘shires at 1100EST.
    Expecting a good hit. Everything should be “slidable” by tomorrow.

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