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    Welcome to the 3rd Annual ScrubFest information page.

    Updates will be added throughout the season. ScrubFest is for all backcountry sliders, one plank or two, and there are no fees. Once again, there will be a party at Togwotee Mountain Lodge on Saturday night with a viewing of Schralp Town by Thrillhead Creations., Loki, Shred Ready, Thrillhead Creations, and VOILE will be kicking down some goodies for another great Scrub Raffle and Montana State Backcountry Riding Club will be providing another fantastico chili dinner on Friday night!

    Thanks to our sponsors: VOILE,, Thrillhead Creations, Loki, Shred Ready, Montana State Backcountry Riding Club


    Any sponsorship help (booty, food, etc) would be greatly appreciated. Your logo will be added to our ScrubFest t-shirts!

    avalanche info:
    Camping/Meeting Area Information:

    For those that do not want to camp you can book your own reservations at:

    Tentative Itinerary:
    Feb. Friday 23th-meet at Turpin Meadows between 8-9, sign waivers, go ride powder on Togwotee Pass, Chili Feed by MSU Backcountry Riding Club
    Feb. Saturday 24th-ride Togwotee/Tetons, Scrub Party at Togwotee Mountain Lodge and viewing of Schralp Town, Scrub Raffle
    Feb. Sunday 25th-ride Togwotee/Tetons


    ****All people showing up must have transcievors, probes, shovels. This event is not a guided excursion and everyone who participates does so at their own risk! On the other hand, local knowledge/avalanche advisories will be available and along for the tours. All participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver upon arrival.
    Keep posted for more information and if you have any suggestions for this years event then please PM me at this site.

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    Sweet. Marked the Outlook calendar…now the boss can’t schedule meetings. I’ll have room for one in my truck.

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    I’m in, I would not miss it for anything!!!!! So the pass on Thursday anyone?

    Calling Caversplit!!!!!!

    …..Its good to be back online…….

    LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!


    I’d be down for a day on the pass thursday bh. Count me in!!

    Scary Mc
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    I’ve got room for 2/3 in my rig leaving from the Western Slope.

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    Startin to sound like there’s gonna be quite a few of us scrubs this year. I know of at least 3 of us,so far, comin from the Fort. Cant wait to ride togwotee, rode sleds there two years ago and the terrain looked tasty and untouched.

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    WSR- If all these people are coming how are we supposed to fit into Wade’s camper?

    oh and I think we need to make up some official scrubfest shirts…….maybe something along these lines


    A little Wyoming stoke and editing old threads:

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    Oops – Guess I won’t be able to bring any moonshine to this adventure – Hafta think of something else to share.


    lewmt-moonshine is very much welcome! I seem to remember a few bottles being passed around the bonfire last year. Dead soldiers…dead soldiers ❗ 8)

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    cough! whiskey cough! cough!

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    Can’t cause its gone….1 Tues night, a visiting buddy, 1/2 qt mason jar, 30 mins, the rest is a void of time & space.

    Maybe I can get my buddy to send another jar. It’s the “Hills-O-Virginia” good stuff.


    New update: For those of you coming to the fest, I need a show of hands of who would be interested in scrub t-shirts. I may have a lead for getting them made at a good price. People would have to pay in advance and then I will have the shirts made up.
    Sponsors will have their logo on the back of the shirts.
    T-shirt information and link here:

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    Wyo, I know you can count on at least a couple from our end. I could talk to the Thrillheads to see if they’re interested in doin a design…


    Let it snow!


    Count me in for two shirts!!

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    I’m in for 2!!!!

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    I’d get a shirt for sure. Should get several to pass out to all my BC ski partners for all the crap they dish on me.

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    I gotta say, I’m In. Two shirts. And did I do any drinkin from that backcountry bottle. Ah Yes. Now I remember Sunday. 😕 Or not.

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    Holy Cow Batman. Rideflytele must bethe one….the only….ROB? How thwe hell are u ? Damn I wish I could make it out this year. Maybe I will have to shift my avalnche class field session . Its on the same freaking weekend. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

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