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    pulling in friday with dishwasher dave, staying at the lodge.

    should be fun! 8)

    Unruly Baker
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    I live here, I’ll be in the hills either with splitfest or with some skiers 😳 😳 , I am the lone splitter in my BC crew most the time.

    I don’t get it, every weekend around here is splitfest……….what’s so special about this one? 😉

    I have some folks coming out from CO for it too.


    affix snow
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    Ummm…yeah now im not sure.

    Hopefully i can get over there. If not, have a ball!

    Jon Dahl
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    Will be in town Thursday nite, as long as the ole car makes it. Gotta have faith in those old diesels! Staying at the lodge, too. Will post up my phone# after I activate it. New cell phone user here!

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    Looks like Me and Joe will be pulling in some time on thursday. Picking up Jimw. and Dutchmark at the airport that night. Staying at the national 9 inn in midvale (gotta have a jacuzzi).Another buddy of mine Andrew will be coming in friday night. Cant wait. and Im planning on winning a split kit at the raffle so I can ditch the burton hardware

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    Sweet! Getting in late Thurs, leaving early Mon. Staying w/p420 & crew. Ray when you win that split kit I’ll take your Burton hardware…

    Affix you gotta find a way to get over there! You’re too close to not make it!! 🙂

    Jon Dahl
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    Affix is coming over, even if I gotta drag his sorry butt myself!

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    I’ll be heading down south from Idaho tonite…I can’t decide if I should go by UT on the way back to LA or not. I’ll have my damn huge rig w/ a couple toys dragging behind 😉

    Where is everyone staying/meeting up?

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    “Cant decideâ€Â

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    😥 😥 😥
    Puff Nattie and I will not make it out this year.

    We hope it is a success and a good time for everybody.

    DJ, Jivestick, Cowboy, Utah, funseeker, Mark, G, and everybody else out there in OOTAH land – rip it up and represent. Hopefully next year.

    But at least Tahoe will be going off this weekend.

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    mtnrider – come to tahoe. 😈

    jive stick
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    FYI, a Friday splitter tour will be departing from the mouth of BCC on the 7:54 am express bus to Alta 😯 at the top of LCC. Three dollars is required each way on the bus.
    6k would be a reasonable assumption on vertical for the day, dependent on weather and snow conditions.
    Beacon, shovel and probe required.
    The tour wil be a go, splitters or not.
    Current weather forecast ❓ indicates,

    Southwesterly flow will persist across the area through Friday, ahead of a Pacific storm system. Weak disburbances within this flow will bring an increasing threat of snow tonight through Friday. This storm system will slowly spread into the Great Basin Saturday through Sunday.

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    Good, good, and more good Fellas! Its gonna be great this weekend.

    The Commander is looking forward to a full-on Wasatch Split Assault this weekend. Dawn patrol friday morning, PM me if interested, i’ll get you my number.

    I’ll be representing at the Powder Keg Saturday – AT gear, I don’t need no stinkin AT gear 😀 Afternoon tour after the race…

    Looking forward to a little night boarding at Brighton on saturday night.

    Drive Safely!

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    Me and J-man will see you all tomorrow!!

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    Ill be rolling in for saturday night, probably just gonna camp somewhere. Looking for a sunday tour. Figure something out sat. night. See ya soon.

    jive stick
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    A pic from day one.

    A coupla pics from day two.


    A pic from day three.

    Great fun.

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    Great pics and great times Jive Stick. Thanks for the amazing lines and copious face shots.

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    Sweet pics Jive!

    ps. great to ski ya! 8)

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    DAMN. Nice pics JS. Looks like some good pow there.

    BCR – on a Prior, eh.

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