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    Day 1: Flying in over Prince William Sound

    Day 2: What our car looked like the whole trip

    Hatcher Pass

    Day 3: Drove to Thompson Pass, camped, woke up with some coffee and headed to the books

    Day 4: Got a sled bump up to the top of Nicks the next morning. Terrible visibility

    Day 5: Glacier travel training

    Day 6: Girls

    Day 7: Rest day in Valdez

    Day 8: Woke up and went to a heli lodge but they weren’t flying so we went to Berlin Wall

    Then we went back to the heli op and had better luck in the afternoon

    Day 9: Promised Land

    Returned to our camp and had a sled convention going on

    Day 10: Poor visibility on Little Odyssey

    There actually was a snow machine event happening on the pass

    Day 11: RFS


    Day 12: Turnagain Pass

    Day 13: The site of an over dramaticized ski movie park segment

    Day 14: Peak 3, starting to look like Colorado

    Packing up and heading home

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    How awesome is Alaska?


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    Sweet! I was in Valdez this weekend getting pow turns above 4500”.

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