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    April 7th (sorry, no riding shots in either trip)
    rughty and I rallied for a day shot to do ski dreams and make use of what’s left of our recent, best storm/s of the season. My buddy Paul was down here the previous Friday and reported epic conditions (the same day swanny and TEX were touring little slide canyon).

    Nice to have a skin track put in by a John Morrison crew to follow:

    Looking good. You can see the other group’s work from a few days prior:

    We climbed up east couloir and walked over to ski dreams. In hindsight I would have rather booted up ski dreams but without verts that might have sucked.

    yes it goes…someday:


    Snow was real good:

    Some really fun jibby terrain on the lower part of the run:

    April 14th & 15th
    I decided to do a solo overnighter up the same drainage to check out the Twin Peaks area which has multiple options. There were skier cars at the trailhead and I saw tracks from a recent boarder and skier up there but didn’t see anyone except 3 skiers attempting and overnight trip themselves on the way out.
    Overnight packs. Uuugh:

    Twin Peaks area. I camped about 200 yds back from where this pic was snapped. Everything felt really efficient the first day. I left the trailhead at 8:30 am and was at my camp in no time. Plenty of time to get some good riding in today. I decided on the obvious ramp looking chute in the right of this pic (I know it’s been ridden by powderjunkie and snowsavage on this forum) It’s a cool chute and easy to backdoor via the pass to the climbers right:

    In the saddle. Back side of Matterhorn:

    Looking down:

    Where I climbed with Whorl mtn/Yosemite in the background:

    The chute had a variety of snow. Soft pow intermingled with crust and porn. Basically everything up here had a real transitional texture. Every aspect and line was a little different. You just had to shop around for the best turns:

    I got back to camp and lounged a bit then decided to do a quick run on a north face above my camp. The mid elevation, north faces held the best porn snow. Even late into the day.

    A friend I passed by:

    (photo was taken the next morning)

    The next morning was cloudy and windy. I almost had decided to bag the day thinking nothing would soften when the clouds finally started to break up. A couple hours later it went bluebird and I left camp to go check out a new area.

    My goal. This area is actually at the head of a different drainage so you have to drop about 100 vertical feet to get in and out of here. There’s 3 lines to choose from. 2 top out and 1 forks and ends in cliffs. I chose the middle one:

    This is another line that interested me but it’s really thin this year and the snow below it was wind hammered shit:

    Looking up the chute. The apron had a lot of chalky crust mixed with soft snow. Up in the chute it was probably about 70% soft snow and 30% chalky crust. Because of the inconsistencies it didn’t ride as well as the previous day’s chute but it was still good:

    Looking down:

    View on top looking south:

    Looking north:

    Would be a fun place to be with some pow and to use your booter to hit both and finish with the one on the right. So many options in this area on a big snow year:

    I bombed it back to camp after this, packed my shit, and headed out. On my very last pitch, I was making high speed GS turns with my overnight pack on when my nose dug in some punchy snow and I proceeded to beater. Not fun with 40lbs on your back! You can see where it happened if you look close:

    I hear 120 opened to the gate this day. Go get some! It’s not gonna last very long.

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    Nice stuff here!! :thumpsup:


    Gorgeous area!
    Great shots as well.

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    much appreciation for your Sawtooth TRs…great lines, great shots…thanks!

    I still can’t believe I haven’t even been to the Twin Lakes area winter or summer… :scratch:

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    Great TR. Is that bird a ptarmigan? Its feet crack me up.

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    Sweet TR, way to get it! :drool:

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    Nice TR and great photos!

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    Love seeing trip reports from the Eastern Sierra’s, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing! :guinness:

    wasatch surf
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    super rad, thanks for sharing. love the twin peaks beta and stoke!

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    Man I miss the Eastern Sierra…. looks pretty damn good still! Thanks for sharing!

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    nice lines BG. esp. the one out past twin peaks. That area back there is super cool. I’ve thought of getting there from that other drainage to the east (Cattle Creek ?) and did a recon one day about half way up the drainage. Pretty easy approach up from the lake and some good turns.

    The Horse Peak chute is a good one. BCR got it in powder though. :thatrocks:

    oh, your pics are not showing for me now ??

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    Super nice photos!!

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