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    Apologies in advance for a long post, but I had to indulge my inner geek…

    When I first set up my split I was pretty unhappy with how sloppy the connection was between the binding and board.

    I think that part of the problem is that the bindings overhang the slider plate by about an inch on each side, which creates leverage so that you can really torque & twist the binding’s base plate. Also, I think that Voile put too much rubber between the board and the bindings, which contributes to a sloppy connection. Here are two cheap & easy fixes that stiffen things up quite a bit.

    First, I ditched the slider track gaskets:

    There is already rubber underneath the pucks, and most bindings have some rubber or foam damping under the foot, so I think that the slider track gasket is overkill. And since it is right under the base plate, next to the overhang, you can really mash this gasket, which introduces a ton of slop. If you ever get a chance, grab the highback on your binding and tweak it see how much wiggle there is.

    Unfortunately, without the gaskets, the mounting screws stick out beyond the T-nuts, which you can see here for one of the T-nuts:

    That makes it so the slider track won’t slide over the pucks. I fixed that by doubling up the washers on top of the disk, so the screws would’nt stick down so much.

    The washers cost 25 cents each, so this project cost $2.00 and took 20 minutes.

    I did this with a pair of Ride bindings that have a good, stiff aluminum base plate. The metal-on-metal connection is 100% solid and the only flex is in the board itself and a little bit in the rubber gaskets under the pucks. You get very nice edge control with this setup, in my opinion.

    I also have some Burton Mission bindings and for them, ditching the slider track gasket didn’t help at all because the plastic base plates are so @#! flexible, especially mounted on the slider track. Here’s an easy way to stiffen up plastic bindings:

    I just drilled two new holes through the base plate and screwed the heel of the base plate down to the slider track using a pair of T-nuts. It was really easy because the base plate is plastic and you can use the holes in the slider track to guide the drill. Use a 5/16â€Â

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    Sweet dude, good work.

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    Thanks SF, I was looking at my set-up over the weekend and was wanting to do something just like that. Hows the surf been up there?

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    nice tweak.

    I’ve stopped using a plastic baseplate for a split for that exact reason – too much slop and lifting.

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    i have the same setup (voile and missions) and i noticed the same flexiness. that is a nice mod, and thanks for posting it!

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    Hows the surf been up there?

    We got our ‘Fabulous February’ this year, where the skies cleared, a hot wind blew offshore and the big west swells came rolling in. I got three epic days in but missed out on some of the action because I was in the mountains. You know your lifestyle is dialed-in when you find yourself agonizing over whether to go surfing or snowboarding, but I don’t have to tell you that…

    PS I hope your California Splitfeast happens this spring… I pledge 3 dozen Tomales Bay Oysters for the barbie and a 1/2 case of Pacifico!

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