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    Toby going up Little Slide Canyon:

    Going up the Irie Chute:


    More skiing:

    Looking back at Kettle Peak:


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    pretty, like that Cali rock

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    nice pics dooooder and great to ski ya again. hows the arm holding up???

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    A few more to add to Dan’s:


    Gimpy & Buddy:

    BCD (and most of the Hulk):

    ‘Twas an irie kind of day. Good luck with the healing Dan.

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    Looks like an epic trip–with huge vert 😀 ❗

    I truely enjoy both of your pictures.


    Good work. That looks like a long day trip. I like those pictures of BCD, it looks creamy and smooth.

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    Beautiful pics dan and joe. 🙂

    I know gimpy and joe have been wanting to make it down there to ski something big…and no better partner in crime than bcd. Color me green with envy you guys! :mrgreen:

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    Amazing pics…all.


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    $$$$ pic.

    🙂 Damn, Buddy seems to get better runs in a year than me. I hate that dog. 😉

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    Way to go boys !! Sweet lines as usual.

    Love that shot of the Totem Pole & the Hulk.


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    looks like you were charging some good terrain while the cond. were good! great shots with great snow blue skies good lines! must have been an epic day. thanks for sharing these pix. aloha!

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    Thanks Joe, those pics look great.

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    Sounds like there was an injury? Hope not, or at least that it wasn’t too serious.

    Amazing terrain, nice line! So I gotta know… does this line have a name, and does it go?? 😯

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    Yea Jim, it goes. Maybe not as clean this year as other years (this is borrowed from Towlie from a previous year):

    Here’s a couple of pics I marked up showing parts of our route (red is descent, blue is ascent):

    The out on Blacksmith was a tricky thin bushwhack. Dan was navigating the flat creek bed area with only one foot strapped in when he collided with a tree. He was in obvious pain (and even a little shock) but still rode out through the steeper, thin snow’d, thick tree’d mess down to Robinson Creek on his own, and never let Toby and I help him pack his stuff out. Dan can speak for himself, but it appeared to be a really deep bruise, and hopefully no worse.

    K Dan
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    Wow. BCD. Truly inspiring. Sorry boss, last night I came down with a bad case of the STOKE. Work ain’t lookin so good today . Monday’s not lookin much better.


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    Thanks for the additional beta Joe. Yet another one to add to the to-do list… That narrow shot looks very North-Peak-ish.

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