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    Had to wait an extra week because of work and I was supposed to work a double today but I told them I wasn’t coming in during the day yesterday cause you don’t waste bluebird pow days.
    Tried to get out the day before but it was wet in the valley and my partner had a mechanical with his bike, so it made yesterday a great solo mission.

    After a steady 90 mins on the bike, changed over and in less than an hour I toured up to the base of the Provincial Park.

    Husume was tracked out by 2 guys the afternoon before…
    and there was one more solo guy dropping in as I approached. A couple of what looked like MECer’s skied out as I climbed up the Blackcomb Glacier, hanging right here.

    Wind Lip/Top of the Blackcomb Glacier crevasses.

    The one other couple who skied past me as I climbed had enjoyed some turns on the Horstman Glacier so I thought I might join them.

    Strange things hanging from the sky obscuring a perfectly great view

    I knew the lazy WB press gang was coming up to take some shots via heli in the afternoon so I tried to take up a bit more glacier space that the previous couple

    Skinned back up to the East Col to check out how Decker and the Spearhead Range was looking….

    Climbing done for the day…

    2 small creek crossings and it was 10 min back to the bike from here.

    Quality first day, looking forward to some more Oct days.

    So who in the Coast wants to shred some pow?


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    :thatrocks: :thatrocks: :thatrocks:

    Congrats, looks great.


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    Amazing, wish I was there!

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    Nice! I got my first turns in yesterday but it was a long slog through muddy woods to a breakable crust over gravel and grass. I’m still happy to be making turns this early though. 😀

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    Awesome work Jay,well jealous! 8)

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    How dare they build a ski resort where you go split boarding! :clap:

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    Nice work getting out there, especially solo!

    How did the base of your board fare?

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    what a great start to the year, super jealous!

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    :thumbsup: Sick! Thanks for the report, looks decent up there.

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    Very nice. Great lines. Beautiful area. I was just in Vancouver on a work trip last week. Must have cooled down a bit!

    We’re running a bit late here at the Pass, record warmth and raininess and so on. Should be soon though, just needs to cool down. Halloween is usually the start of snow down here in town.

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