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    I was walking the dog this morning after it snowed all day yesterday and into the night. Saw my neighbor and we were both admiring Grizzly Bowl at The Canyons resort. The resort closed 2 days ago. We thought it would look better with a couple of tracks down the middle of it. Unfortunately a snowboarder on snowshoes beat us to it and layed down the first track. Oh well, plenty of room for more. About 10″ of new, light now. Not bad for mid-April. Can’t wait for more! Sorry for all skiier pics, but I was the one with the camera.

    Tried to explain that if the tele skis were traded for a snowboard, the falling may stop.

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    Resort s already closed? Damn thats early

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    A few resorts in the Wasatch still open. Snowbasin, Brighton, and Snowbird. Alta will open up again for next weekend. After next weekend, it will only be Snowbird. Gives me more reason to get the splitboard out!

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    Very nice!!!

    Why the hell do these Wetern resorts close so fucking early? Is it because the “masses” think that skiing is over in april and dont come out? Lame.

    Very jealouse by the by….

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    In Crested Butte… last day was always around the 14th of April… don’t know how it is now, but yes… the ‘masses’ had no more holiday after Easter… so it was done deal.

    BTW/ Last day of the season tradition was for all the locals to ski naked… nice touch on the Easter holiday weekend with all the Texas families visiting… not sure what the latest is…, but I hear they’re still doing the Al Johnson which also brings out some of CB’s greatest!

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    Mammoth will be open to the forth of July, just like most years. That is unless they keep having accidents. And talk about a good time, the resort in the morning, hot spings then mountain biking. All in the same day, same lift ticket

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