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    Board: 2011-2012 Voile Mojo RX
    Size:[/B] 161 cm

    Age/use:[/B] 6.5 years / 20-25 days on snow.

    Summary: This is a directional freeride-oriented splitboard with a shape and flex slightly optimized for soft snow (powder, corn). Hybrid rocker/camber – slow rise nose, slight camber underfoot, and a small amount of tail rocker. Single owner – it has been used as my backup board since it was new and specifically for longer tours needing a lighter weight splitboard. It has maybe 20-25 days of use spread across 2012-2016. Never been crashed, never taken a hard knock. It’s overall used not abused (I only weigh 135 lbs before gear), rides very well and should tune up very nicely for someone looking for a lightweight board with this geometry.

    Topsheet: 7/10 – Surface wear at the corners and under bindings, no penetration to the fiberglass layer, no damage, just minor overall wear of the outer “Carbonium” layer. Carbonium is supposed to be a lightweight, textured material that repels snow when skinning, primarily used by NeverSummer.

    Holes: 4 holes were intentionally drilled and epoxy-sealed for use with K2 Rescue Shovel system which converts the splitboard into a rescue sled using the shovel’s shaft pieces, 1/4″-20 stainless steel bolts and wingnuts. The holes do not affect how the board rides in any way and are completely sealed so as to protect the wood core. Unfortunately the K2 Rescue shovel is no longer sold … but if you can find one, the holes are specifically drilled so that the rescue sled runs with parallel outside edges.

    Base: 6.5/10 – Intact with only some moderate scratches, a few around 1mm deep. No gouges, never had a core shot. Needs a good hot wax, otherwise rides smooth.

    Edges: 7/10 – Edges true, no compressions, no deep knicks, no deep dings. Some oxidation and rough spots, can use a good thorough hand tune but not yet to the point of needing a stone grind.

    Flex: This is a Medium- (just a tad softer than medium) flex … it was custom built by Voile to have a slightly softer flex than stock (mid-stiff), which makes it very lightweight, really fun in powder, or really fun for lighter or smaller riders. I’d say this board works well for aggressive riders up to 150 lbs or mellow riders up to 180 lbs. It’s probably too soft a ride if you weigh more than 180 or plan to use this thing in horribly firm snow conditions.

    Includes: all hardware shown in images – Voile Universal Pucks, heel lifters, Voile touring brackets, and Chinese hooks.

    Does NOT Include (needed to tour and ride): Track-compatible bindings or track plates, puck alignment guide, skins.

    Purchasing: PayPal or Chase QuickPay / Zelle Pay.

    Shipping: Board is located in Eugene, Oregon. I currently do not have a box large enough to ship this … if you are purchasing and need shipping I’ll need a few days to find and convert cardboard for proper shipping.

    More Info: More info about the original specs can be found here


    hi am very interested in the mojo and am down in medford, is it still available? contact me at thanks -b-


    Hey B, still available, will email you offline.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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