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    August monsoon pow; so it begins. Of course, I can’t post the picture. Ha.


    Matt Wood
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    We got some snow last Friday backpacking in the flattops. Bought new boots and broke my foot all in the same day yesterday. Awesome

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    What’s up guys. Sounds like October will provide enough snow for some turns! Getting stoked. Travis Rice film tomorrow.

    Matt Wood
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    Conditions like these have led to a nasty love affair with my solid and pass.

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    Conditions like these have led to a nasty love affair with my solid and pass.

    Agreed, amazing month! Today was all-time super-fun time down here and still dumping!

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    If I had a resort pass I would probably be riding some of that for sure. I am disappointed in Colorado, we are having an all around EPIC (yep i used that word ) season so far. after basically riding the mountain bike until the end of november, it finally started snowing!! a little late but DANG she has come on strong and we are crushing it right now!!! snow is deep everywhere and stability is surprisingly good. I have been filming everyday I go out and working on edits for each of those days.. it is a pain in the ass to edit but its fun to watch!. Hope everyone is out getting this snow.

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    what is up with this forum? did every one stop putting in work and start standing in lines again?

    fuck a chairlift and the bull wheel it spins in on!

    unless of course its free, then I understand.

    is instagram the only effort we will put in?

    Matt Wood
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    CTG I always have more days on my split than my pass;) Riding chairs is abusive on the aging body.

    Sketchiest conditions I’ve ever seen up here. Buried surface hoar 30 cm below the surface. Triggered a good sized slide yesterday, I was able to ride off it but it scared the bejesus out of my partner and myself. He was posted up in a safe spot and saw the whole path (lucky). Bringing a rope to check out the crown this morning, probably could have done it safely yesterday but I was a little shakey. Be safe

    Matt Wood
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    After seeing where I escaped, I’m buying lotery tickets;) Not sure about your backyards but mines a mess.

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    Honestly, I’d post more here if my damn company allowed me to put pictures up easier. Stupid ad blocks and crap, I can’t see pictures and it sucks. So I basically have been stopping posting here, but not on the skin track. Went to Japan for 2 weeks, and now back on here, excited to get back into it, and seems another storm coming. I find it interesting Matt you said its a mess by you, I’d say these are some of the most stable conditions the San Juans have ever seen. And its a deep base! But its amazing seeing another snowpack like japan where literally you don’t have to worry about avalanche and can do 8 man party runs. We certainly can’t do that here. Hoping the year keeps up well!

    I’ve been tagging #coloradosplitboarders lately on IG.

    Matt Wood
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    We had a significant surface hoar event 19th -21st of January, it was buried by25-35cm depending on location. It’s WIDEspread and radically reactive. Enjoy your stability! We are going to be meadowskipping for a while.

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    thought I would give this a shot…

    anyone interested in the Tuning Fork this Sunday (3/19/2017) ??

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