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    I pulled the trigger and purchased a 152cm Jones Hovercraft Splitboard for the Wife from for a great price ($419.37). I hoping its the right fit for her. However, I cannot find the specification for the 152 Hovercraft on the web. If anyone out there can find the specs for a 152 Hovercraft, I would be grateful. Also any ladies out there riding a Jones Hovercraft, I would be interested in hearing from you too.

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    The specs for the Hovercraft are listed on the Jones website. The specs for the split version are close but might be off by a mm or two.

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    shredgnar Thanks for the reply.

    I received 152 Hovercraft split from Dog Funk. This should be a nice pow-deck for the wife

    I going mount Dynafits onto this board with quiver-killers as the voile touring bracket is 1- 2 cm behind the balance point as noted in a review by Chas on Don Funk:

    I LOVE the regular version of this board. It is the funnest board in powder ever. The split version of this is just the same when combinded with a set of Karakoram splitboard bindings. So much fun! There is one area in the splitboard construction where they could do some major improvement. The touring inserts are way to far back. They follow the same pattern as the solution in regards to spacing, but the thing is that board has a very different shape. It has not tail. So with the touring brackets being so far back you tend to sink on your tail a little bit when touring. The only area where it is a huge hassle is when you are touring up steep terrain and having to do sharp switchbacks. It makes it really hard to kick the tips around. I am almost contemplating re-drilling the touring inserts on this thing, but to be honest its not a huge problem. It’s just something that would be nice to see them fix in future models. Again, this thing is so much fun to ride in powder and it makes touring in a the backcountry a blast.

    Wife has a 25 mondo Scarpa F1 AT boot. The front of the boot is just ahead of the balance point, when boot is lined up over the the heel lifters.

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    Follow-up: Word is from Jones that a Women’s specific Hovercraft Split, might be available next 2015 season. So I returned the 152 Hovecraft to DogFunk…

    Note: Josh from Jones/Nidecker US, Inc responded quickly to my emails.

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    just as a side note, I was looking at getting a Solution myself, ended up with the Voile Womens Artisan.
    Absolutely amazing board, super fun to ride, even in hard park / variable conditions and I’ve picked up skinning fairly easily, so I’m sure that means it’s pretty good on the uphill too!

    So would absolutely recommend it if you are still looking for something for your wife 😀

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    a lady friend rode my 156 Hovy 10+ times this past winter… she is probably 115-125lbs and absolutely loved it.

    voile touring bracket is 1- 2 cm behind the balance point as noted in a review by Chas on Don Funk:

    but i’ve bitched about this since i first took it out. fairly easy to over-compensate for, but definitely inefficient.

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    I will say that my Hovercraft 160 skinned like crap in the punchy, PWL snowpack we had last year in CO. The nose would float and the tail would sink. But once I got it on a more stable snowpack, I really liked the way it skinned, even in deep snow. Kick turns were super easy once you got used to it.

    And the ride quality is great IMHO. Absolutely a blast to carve snake pow turns…

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    Word is that the touring bracket to balance point has change:

    Josh at Nidecker:

    We moved the touring inserts up about 2 inches beginning last season and I have not heard of any issues from people while touring.

    Hence, I returned the board and will wait for the women’s hovercraft splitty.

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