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    February was a trying month. I only toured 4 times, and only racked up 15K. Compared to January at 31K, its a bit low, but that’s what low stoke with no snow gets you. I am also coming off a groin pull (hockey), so thats a bit of a setback.

    I’m close to on pace for the 150K though I think with the spring season coming, but maybe a little under. I’m at 75.6K on 27 days. If I do 24 more days at 3,100′ each day, I got it. Likely, I have 17 days for sure through April 10th of touring, but depends on this injury. Its seems doable. But I did buy a house so the end of April may be challenging to get out after splitfest (but it will happen).

    Other goals are at 27 different runs (of 40), 11 brand new runs (of 10). I haven’t got 12K in 2 day weekend yet (did 12K in 3 days), and not even close to an 8k day. that may be a tough one, but we’ll see. I have a few tour ideas that would do it, but I don’t think my fitness is there at the moment.

    We just got 9″ of new snow, and it looks like its been good, and green light, so this weekend will be fired up, the stoke is back.

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    Interesting to see how you have been doing with your goals. I have been loosely watching my vert per day and will add it all up here soon. Im just basing my numbers on what I can see from google earth. not an actual program or watch or whatever. Next year I will likely set bigger goals and have the means to monitor exactly what I am doing. It has been fun so far and hopefully we have at least 3 more months of solid riding to go! This will be when the bigger days come into play for sure, still working towards the 10k day, that is the ultimate goal…. A huge goal but something big to work towards. time will tell.


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    What are you doing for average vert days CT? 10K day is certainly big. That’s my end goal, but I think it will take a few years and some serious consistent yearly training to get there. I’m not there at the moment. One thing I think is hard with that too is finding motivated people who want to do that as well. But if the conditions are meh, I am of the same opinion that I don’t care to climb that much.

    For me, the most fun comes at saying, I’m going to do an 8K day and never do the same uptrack twice (and preferably breaking a brand new one). That’s when its really a tour. Mixing the aspects with the day timing, and most efficient way up is challenging and creative. Also, being at elevation makes it great, because at that point, you are getting up in high elevation and mixing mountaineering and sweet runs.

    For apps on vert, I’ve found GAIA GPS on Iphone or android is awesome. Puts a route in, stats, and during you can see where you are and what direction. Then saves it all. Other apps that are good are strava (free), but I really enjoy the functionality of Gaia.

    Here’s to a sweet spring!

    CT hope you can make it to splitfest this year as well.

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    Tower Mountain up behind Silverton Mountain, 7 mile, 2K+ snowmobile ride in to where we could skin. N facing coulior at 13K top out. Pow!

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    hope everyone was out getting this magical revival of our winter season! such a nice storm for the front range mountains!!(sorry south guys) It has been amazing out here with great stability and pretty great snow after what felt like may for most of February. the season is still rolling and its getting good.


    you pretty much hit the nail on the head with your statement about there being numerous variables that dictate how big a tour you can do. I TRULY admire you for saying you want to get 10k and cut new skin tracks the whole time but dang, that is going to be pretty fucking radically difficult. For me its still about riding good snow and having fun so I will be more than happy to re use a skin track for multiple laps of a certain area. I do love the good use of slope aspect during different times of day, that only makes sense when your trying to go big and ride good snow. I am on my way to the 10k goal, I think I will accomplish that goal this spring when travel is much easier than in powder. During this last storm cycle that started on monday. I was able to tour what looks like around 21k of vert in 4 days. So that is an average of 5.2 a day. I did a new personal best of around 7k on sunday with fairplay john.
    (that guy is a fucking animal and ALWAYS wants to get out so definitely no lack of partner stoke there) and that was pretty exciting riding some great snow and enjoying a great zone.

    It really does come down to the posse you have that helps motivate and keep going when your gloppin up or cutting new tracks up some gnarly bullshit and it feels like the ridge will never end.

    some people enjoy suffer fests, I think it just makes the riding part better!



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    here are some pics since I am slacking with that. enjoy

    looking into a silly fun halfpipe gully
    3-21-16 530<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    fairplay john shredding some southeast semicorn
    3-21-16 743<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    during the dry spell it was like may!
    3-21-16 581<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    FPJohn classic slash n dash
    3-21-16 597<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    making the most of a big lap with out my bindings. “skiing is easy”
    3-21-16 727<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    recent pow runs! SO GOOD
    3-21-16 1046<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    sunset runs are so fun! must do this more often
    3-21-16 1083<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    shred on my friends!


    Sweet shots Eric! Thx for sharing our stoke from the season thus far!!So many great days out with you this winter so far… can’t wait to see what springs brings!!!!! Im off the Ca, Mammoth in a few days with a stop by the rubies to check on Terminal Cancer as a pit stop 🙂 But looks to be after one more epic pow day tomm lining up!

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    Winter returned down here! 3 day weekend, 11K climbed. yesterday got too hot to complete run #2. After splitfest, I’m hoping be to back on pace for 150K.

    Mill Creek

    Mill Creek #2

    Python en route to Python to Snowslide Gulch

    Turkey Chute – Skier

    Tracks in Turkey

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    I’d guess everyones been getting it the last couple weeks, or lets hope so. Whoa it is good. If only I didn’t have to work and move. The past two days would have been stellar.

    as you asked about Phantoms forgetting plates, @skatebananas did that, left plates at home the other day. I joked “Hey, you remember your bindings?” (a joke about you) which his confused face told it all. We still toured up velocity basin with 12″ of new snow. He skied Rope De Ramp and Grassy Meadow and slayed it for 2,800′ vert of splitskiing!

    it snowed pretty good. Sounds like the front range got a ton too. Skier, but whatever.

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    It’s been great in our neck of the woods too. Haven’t been riding with cameras other than iPhone, so, haven’t been shooting. My singular, lame photo contribution for the season:


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    HAHAHHAHAHAhAh good to know Im not the only one who spaced that small detail of bindings in the pack.. I can bet money that it wont happen again as every time I doubt myself I will physically stop and look in my pack for the key pieces to let me SNOWBOARD and not ski. I will say it did give me much more confidence in my skiing ability. I rarely fear the ski out anymore, sometimes Ill even change up to ski mode if the terrain looks less than exciting for snowboarding.

    Snow has been going off recently in the front range, around 35″ in two days along the divide had BP skiing super fat and super crowded. Snow has since bonded a bit and some of the bigger lines are coming into shape. Got back on the snow machines after a little lapse due to some repairs and they are so helpful to avoid all the crowds. They are a great tool to access some amazing Colorado mountains.

    pictures to follow- when I have time to relax. Work, drive, ride, sleep,repeat.

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    last minute long shot question:

    anyone know about conditions for Angel of Shavano and interested in doing it this Monday (May 9th) ??

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    With the upslope storms in April, there’s plenty of snow on it, and that snow has already gone through a big warm up this week. I don’t know how road and trail conditions are getting up there. It’s possible I can join you, but I have two friends visiting to tour, and I’m not sure what they’ll feel like doing.


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    Thanks for the quick response.. I knew it was a long shot. Please let me know what you end up diciding and I will plan accordingly,,

    Thanks !!

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    partner found…..

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    So for @cometogether, update on my goals. Didn’t do the vert, but blew away the plans for safely doing new runs / exploration, so pretty happy for being a weekend warrior. I’m officially over it at this point, and the bike, fishing, and backpacking are taking over. I could probably do more, but I’m feeling good about the season.

    I finished the year goals at :
    Total days on snow – 52 (47 touring)
    Total Vert – 138K (of 150K goal)
    Max day – 4.5K, not close to 8K goal wanted. First year though really keeping track, but I hit 7k in BC in 2015 so little disappointing. Next year I’ll set a 6K goal though, seems realistic. And maybe x days over 5K or something.
    3 day Weekend – 12K total. this is close enough to what I wanted. I was hoping 2 days, but 3 works.
    7 day stretch – 26.7K of 30K goal
    Distinct Runs – 50 (of 40 goal) – Stoked mostly to do different things every day. I didn’t repeat much this year.
    New Runs – 25 (of 10 goal) I also rode 2 14ers, and did 12 distinct peaks over 12K
    1 pit profile submitted to CAIC (of 3 goals), but 5 observations submitted. Overall, I didn’t dig many pits, but had a good handle on the snow. I may adjust next year to observations.
    58 runs not crossing tracks
    3 lines backed off (of 3 goal).

    So overall I’m happy. Vert wasn’t there, but I like how much exploration I did on a zone I know pretty well and explored already. I also felt like I made very strong decisions this year, and didn’t have close calls or take a lot of risks, but still got after it and didn’t cross many tracks. Considering this was my 6th winter and I’m still finding new lines out here and linking up more stuff (first), I’m stoked.

    I think next year I will be focusing more on link ups on different mountains. I find I’m the most stoked when I’m cutting trail and setting new lines out there, and doing stuff nobody else is but safely. I don’t necessarily need massive days, as long as it is new.

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    A solid season . nice!!

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