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    Tour #3 , Red Mountain Pass. New snow was around 6″, less in the alpine. They story this year is currently lining up as lots of wind up high, and facets down low. A lot of the below treeline snow is unsupportable, and still pretty thin. The alpine can be scoured, unless you find protected pockets, then there can be good snow.

    Toured to just get back up with the conditions. Kept it mellow with the girlfriend and dog.

    Still managed to find fresh tracks in a heavily used area on Red Mtn Pass.

    More snow hopefully coming end of week / next. I have a few ideas for next weekend, personally I think N-E facing couloirs are a good bet down here. But got to get creative.

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    2 days out this weekend. New snow approx 8″ on all aspects and elevations pretty similarly (at least below treeline). Its snowing right now and 6-12″ expected in the next day, so this week should be good! Winds were somewhat strong with that last storm, and you can notice that when you start to get into affected areas. Overall, less wind than we have seen in other events though, not as scoured up high. No pit results, stayed below treeline, basically one non-cohesive slab sitting on facets at the bottom below treeline. Did a NW aspect and E aspect, both good. Lots of people out, in the same places, putting in stupid steep skintracks. But with deadfall still it certainly is challenging routefinding in the trees. I just ended up cutting new tracks (which sucked, but helps on fitness!), but fun.

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    Just what the doctor ordered for us up here. Anywhere from 14-18 at the resort yesterday. Our BC zone usually does a bit better than mountains. And that’s good, we needed it. Time to put in the trails again….. After another resort day.

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    I hope some of you took advantage of yesterday! front range got the goods! with 14″ at WP Im sure burt and surrounding areas got some nice pow pow! Down south looks REAL good too!

    Hope the split boarders in CO are out getting it!

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    Another foot yesterday. Feels like the good old days in Steamboat.

    Matt Wood
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    And another yesterday…. Just like a good old fashioned Steamboat winter.

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    Geeze, am I the only one who posts pictures here!? How are we supposed to keep CT sane? Anyways, another good weekend here in SW Colorado. I took off Friday from work, and was stoked too, it was super good. 3 days in a row, lots of trail breaking, 8.5K climb total. Not quite vert I’d like, but 3 days is good for the legs, and the trail breaking was tough! Over the 20K mark now, only 130K left… Backed off 1 line too, so 1/3 of the way on that goal.

    Found some dust, which I think was a bit of a weird coincidence as well. But there was a weird wind slab, so we backed off our initial plan, but still found a sweet line.

    Great skintrack at 12K

    Back to our old san Juan tricks

    My dog abby was stoked for more pow. She’s enjoying the couch today aftering sending 5K of climbing up and down this weekend.

    Coverage is shaping up down here

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    looking good SG!!! your going to crush your 10k a day goal in no time! big mountains and much less mini golf for you. LUCKY! glad someone is getting some pictures!!!

    Got out for my first turns of the year last Saturday and it was a good kick in the teeth, not having been very active after the surgery (per docs orders) showed its ugly head pretty quickly. Snowpack was more thin than I expected and it cost me a massively blown, un repairable edge and sidewall that I didn’t even feel happen. (rock board is dead)
    On a good note: I caught some air, slashed some turns and cartwheeled a time or two, everything is in place and still working. thanks doc!

    I have already started to address my weak legs and stupid tight IT band. Hoping to catch some good days this week and next.

    no video since you need a charger cord to charge things and I cant find it… keep shredding and I hope this Christmas storm produces for EVERYONE!!

    happy holidays!

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    I will post up some pics next time I get out. Admittedly I have been doing resort laps the last few weeks to get my riding legs back. Have had some stellar days inbounds and out, but still had some sharks in the BC into early Dec. This is true esp west of the divide where early upslope storms seem to have starved the west side, even just west of the divide. We have the same heinous rotten layer below tree line that you reference SG, and wind scour above. Avoiding avy terrain altogether, as usual. All that said, it’s filling in fast now (this week) and setting up nicely for the rest of the season.



    Glad to hear you are back out there Eric!! Now get those legs going, winter is certainly here. Cruised down to monarch yesterday to find alot and i mean alot of fresh!!! easy 24″-3′ before the snow over night. Actually rode the couch to the top at the ski hill since the snow was very reactive in the form of a storm slab. Mirkwood never opened due to multiple slides. They got a couple to release just from mellow ski cuts. Be careful out there everyone! Its gonna get quite busy in the slide dept. here in CO very soon. Time for me to break out the white wave traction pads and surf the mellow white wave without the binders to keep myself in check!! Be safe everyone and enjoy the holiday pow 🙂

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    Yeah Monarch Pass has been going off under the westerly flow. I think we’re pushing four feet in three days on lee aspects. We have been inhaling a lot of snow. Lots of storm slab though, and lots of snow perched atop two rotten facet layers buried deep.


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    Holy snowtackular weekend! We had a lot of snow in the last week. Wolf Creek reported 77″ new in total, Silverton 56″, and Purgatory 61″. I had the pleasure of riding Wolf Creek Wednesday last week, and it was stellar! No pics from the soul lapping till our legs fell off. I don’t ride chairlifts much, and damn that hurt the next day!

    Also, Saturday we lucked the f out, and got to Silverton. They didn’t have too much open (for good reason, it was super touchy avy conditions) but it was full on epic, and probably only 100 people there. 56″ of new snow to ourselves basically. Tiger main ripped really big, almost to the road, and they ended up having to groom it. Did 8 runs, and basically didn’t cross tracks for 7 runs.

    Did get out and tour 1 (technically 2) days. Kept it really mellow as the avy danger was scary. And toured from the front door, which I’ve never done!

    Trailbreaking was about 20″ of new snow. Brutally fun. Christmas Eve


    Touring from the front door christmas day! Pretty rare for Durango.

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    Keeping it alive! Not sure why. Bummer how dead this forum is.

    Snow continues to pile up for us. General height of snow for below treeline is around 175cm (70″) on Northerly aspects, and around 140cm in the alpine (but variable). We are dealing with a consistent 30cm layer of facets on the bottom of the pack, but the bridge is getting pretty large between, and pit results have been encouraging. We have been able to get into the alpine, and get some lines that haven’t looked this good in years!

    On our ski tour Thursday, we came across a bull moose and cow about a 1/4 mile from the road.

    We went out on 1/2/16 to poke into some alpine terrain. There is still a persistant slab and it was the first time getting into the alpine in a few weeks, so we weren’t ready to fully commit.

    The next day 1/3 took my girlfriend and dog out for a mellow alpine tour. Winds were non existant and it was an awesome tour. Got up to 13,510′!

    Got to see telluride! Crazy how close it is as the crow flies from Silverton

    Mellow turns on SE facing slopes. Still held good consolidated and supportable snow.

    The last tour we did was really fun. 3K of climbing and unbelieveable views, and got up to 13,510 and saw Telluride. I’ll probably do a link up to Telluride at some point. I highly recommend checking it out if you are down here. I had never done it. Its certainly not a gnarly run or anything, but its beautiful, sometimes thats what it’s about. It was fun to step back and do a tour that the lady friend loved. I don’t normally share tracks, but this one is worth it. It would be super fun too in the spring on a corn day this spring.

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    Keeping it alive! Not sure why. Bummer how dead this forum is.

    Thanks for the stoke buddy. I am living vicariously through you from South America.

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    Oh don’t worry SG! shit is about to get rad! Just trying to wrap up some projects and keep working till those big snow days come back… I am priming the pump to crush from February to late June. get ready!!!

    I have a couple days out and about shredding but no video or pics. sorry the cold snap KILLS the iphone in like 2 minutes of outside air. I have seen some big slides already this year so there is a layer in there hiding still. Managed to get out to monarch pass for the first time and wow! there are some really nice options out there. Just a single day trip so not too much exploring but lots of nice snow down south. I saw all kinds of pocket releases even in the trees so I am trying to be cautious for a little longer. this is the slowest start to the season I have ever made but it should prove to help keep me going into the spring. Keep up the crushing SG- keep us updated on your output this year, I am curious to hear how your goals are coming along..

    side note, does anyone here know devinthemountains on instagram I believe? kid is seriously getting after it for Colorado!! I hear he already crossed 150k vert and shooting for a 500k season. whoever he is, he is really getting after it . BIG PROPS!

    SHOW ME SOME PICS!!! #Coloradosplitboarders

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    I don’t know Devin personally, but he lives in Ophir. Yeah, he certainly gets after it. Haven’t toured with him. He seems to push it, but may have a better handle on the snowpack touring more often, and gets into stuff a bit sooner than others. Pretty sweet he’s getting after it though. Gets some really cool lines.

    Touring goals for vert aren’t going as well as I wanted, I’m just guessing I won’t hit the 150K goal (but not giving up hope). I’m currently only at 35K. But it is shorter days so far, so maybe I’m OK (and need to motivate more people!). I may have been a bit optimistic on that goal there, but I had never fully tracked my vert in a year. I guessed my average days were around 4K, but so far this early season not the case. When I’m getting in longer days, shouldn’t be bad. I should easily get over 100K, but I’m probably going to get closer to 130K or so. It seems like I had more 3K days then I expected. But I still plan on the 12K weekend, and 8K day (that will be tough as hell, I have a 7K tour idea though), and 30K week (splitfest!). We shall see. If conditions are as good as they have been, I should be able to get after it more. Either way its still been pretty fun, and conditions are good.

    I’m currently at 4 brand new runs (of 10 wanted), and 14 different runs this year (wanted 40). So I’m thinking i’m on track there. The conditions are shaping up to get into some creative stuff too.

    I’ve also backed off 2 lines (of 3), and submitted 1 of 3 pit profiles to CAIC.

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    It was full on down here last weekend. Last week saw about 8″ of new snow come in with 0 wind. I haven’t seen that, maybe ever here. The alpine was all time. Just a note for anyone coming down. Wind picked up yesterday, so I expect a bit more wind slabs up high. they were non-existent last weekend. Lots of bigger lines going down. I expect some serious faceting this week, and seems another storm coming next week. Keep it coming!

    Got 2 tours in, 8,500′ in climbing. Broke out the verts for the first time this season, hoping to use them a lot more. 2 brand new runs for me, and 4 new runs for the season. Pretty sweet to get couloirs in Colorado in January.

    Ice Lakes and Clear Lake Basin. Back right is Grant.

    Up for run two, E side of Battleship. 4,500′ tour for the day, with a nice 1000ft use of verts.

    Day 2 run 1 (center) – Slightly different snowpack (shallower) to the E of silverton towards Eureka. This path had slid a few weeks ago, but still rode great.

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    any splitters in the Steamboat area?

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    It was full on down here last weekend.

    Good shit man, keep posting!

    Hey spaceantelope, I’m headin out with a buddy and stayin in Silverthorne Jan 30-Feb 2 and might be willing to make a daytrip up that way or you can come down if you wanna link up with us. Will be keeping it pretty mellow. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

    Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

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    Good yesterday. 12″+ of new snow. Got pretty unstable out there. May heal soon enough. More snow in forecast. Giggity!

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