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    Woke up to this view of Mt. Evans this morning. It’s mostly burned off by 11:30am but enough to start getting excited for the supposed big el niño season ahead! Mt. Evans, Epaulet/Epaulie from the SE. ~7am on 10/7/2015

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    hope we have a good season.. it seems about time to start thinking about it.. but it will be a while before it gets worth it to head up IMHO

    But when that time comes…….

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    I’m ready! Always looking for weekday, front range riders.

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    can’t do weekdays, myself.. I am confined to weekends.

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    Back to conditions:

    San Juans
    Found good snow from 11.8K to 12.4k on W to WNW aspects. Depths ranged from 30cm to 80cm depending on the loading. We chose gullies that didn’t contain many rocks, and turns were surprisingly good. Below treeline at 11.7K got scary, survival skiing though. Super thin, rocky unless you were on a grassy meadow. Depths lower were 25cm about (although didn’t stop to measure).

    Saw two avalanches that seemed to have ran naturally, during the last storm. They occurred on NE aspects, around 12.4K, and one was caused around rocks, and another on a convexity, likely running on the first bed surface from the year. While not deep enough to bury someone, would really suck to be dragged through those rocks. Stay smart out there everyone.

    While this site is nice and all, it can be a pain in the ass to load pictures. Anyone else out there use instagram, and want to start a hash tag (or already have one) specifically for colorado tourers? My ig is @jasbushey


    Pretty decent early season conditions out in CO! So far i’ve toured in the mosquito, wolf creek pass, dry gulch and schofield pass in the elks. All had conditions that exceeded my expectations!! Glad to see the season coming in with a decent start. After this next dump could be quite good in the right places 🙂

    And i hear ya summersgone on the difficult pics… Be nice if it was easier! A hashtag for co touring would be sweet!

    Here’s to 15/16 getting going!!! Stoked to be back out surfing CO!

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    HAHA great to see some of the regulars out looking around and finding the goods. I wont be able to show some action until middle of December. As I’m only two weeks out of double hernia surgery. I want nothing more than to get this season rolling! It should be even better than last year, less 8-5 working, more mobility, and a sled for access sake…… CAN’T fucking wait!

    I am going to try and do short video edits instead of still images so we will see how that works.

    anxiously counting down my days.. 28 days…

    until then——- SHOW me at least a pic or two, all my friends who are already skiing are glad to brag about how stellar it is getting out there.

    See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!

    in the meantime keep building up that base! storm cycles right now in the front range are perfect! at least a storm a week. KEEP IT COMING ULLR- I have been missing you for the last 5 months.

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    I like #coloradosplitboarders as a tag. Would be cool to share points / pits / stoke through that.

    CT, bummer on the surgery, heal up well! We got another 20″+ or so down here. Avy danger bumped up to high, and for good reason. Currently back down to moderate, but still dealing with a persistent layer, this early too. Been getting a lot of NW winds so SE faces should be pretty wind slabbed down here. I expect the depths to be in the 100cm range. I’m using metric this year, so get used to it :). I’ll be getting out Saturday.

    This is from a few weeks ago for CT. 11/7/15, Velocity. It was a few days after the storm, but still didn’t cross tracks!

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    thanks SG, its a small setback but it will only make me faster and stronger… glad to see you guys are getting the early stoke, last year wasn’t the best for your area but this year looks like it might be the honey hole! where you at with those vert goals? Our vertical goals are very similar, but you are getting a helluva good head start. Hopefully you will crush those numbers and find all kinds of fun shit to ride! keep it up and show the other weekend warriors how much can get accomplished if your focused!

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    Only have 1 day touring so far. Been working too much… Long ways to go.

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    CT, Sorry to hear about your surgery. Take your time healing up. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

    Plus, “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite awhile”

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    thanks Pedro! but your late….. its already dumping buckets, and my friends aren’t bashfull about gloating… 10 laps in floral park yesterday and it is off the hook.. of course it is. this is exactly what I knew would happen. My vision, as you mentioned is marathon not sprint. I know there is tons of time to play it just crushes me that its this good already. According to my log from last year we didn’t ride floral until 4 days before Christmas, so it is well ahead of schedule.
    But my position for the heart of the season is poised to be pretty great once this hernia action heals up.

    on a funny Colorado note how about this i70 traffic!!! first real storm and shut down from c470 and morry all the way to Silverthorne!!! COME ON CDOT stop wasting time on a toll lane and start PLOWING THE HIGHWAYS. it wouldn’t be this slow if they actually plowed and could keep up…… just a thought.
    26days….and jonesing like a crack whore

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    It’s all the new “out-a-towners” in SUV’s high on weed. I have been driving that road in little front wheel drive cars for decades and never had an issue. Just go slow and you will get there, when you get there. Or better yet they should move back to Michigan, Indiana or wherever they came from…

    Seriously buddy, take it slow, you don’t want to re-injure and sit out the whole season.

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    see its not Michigan that cant drive in the snow its TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, ARIZONA people that have no clue. If you have rubber bands for tires on your SUV PLEASE don’t drive ANYWHERE unless the roads are dry. it might mess up your rims….

    what if anything does CDOT do if you cause a huge accident or are the guy going backwards up floyds hill in a vette, in winter, causing huge idiotic backups??

    I think $500 fine to start and if we catch you again in the snow with bad tires it should be treated like a dui.. you are being careless and risking your own life and the life of others.

    the sheer nightmare that is i70 made me change my whole strategy and mindset on how I go and when I go.

    still 26 days… HAHA this is gonna be hard


    There are some honey holes right now but overall take your time and heal up Eric. It’ll be great in a few months not too mention may, when u can actually ride steep lines! By then city folk will be stoked on the warm weather and stop using the roads. ANd the best way to avoid the 70 sh*t show is to move on up to the hills 🙂

    Looks like our cutoff storm is going to disappoint most of the state this time around.. doh! The exception could be the southern san juans. Headed that way for a long weekend with the lady and sled in the truck! Should be in the vicinity of wolf creek area. We will be in a blue dodge truck with an xp in the back, say hello if you see us out and about! Praying for snow!!!!

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    Hey Y’all, me name’s Scott. Bought one of cometogether’s splitboard in March I think, he had told me about this little forum we’ve got going on here, and since I’ve taken Avy 1 and skinned several times (AVY 1 included, a basin 3 times, once since we’ve been allowed this year, keystone, eldora, and the Meadows and east side of Berthoud, so at least the skinning thing isn’t new to me now). I have all the requisite gear and I’m basically here to implore the people to take me out on a trip or two to get some real experience. I’ve dug a pit, poorly, by myself, and I am a’checkin the CAIC website all the time, but I’m leery of the avy dragon and I’d like someone to show me around, give me their tips and make me less clueless. If you can handle a dude asking a bunch of questions, and you’re looking for a partner, sayyyy Sunday 12/6? I’m a Denvery fella, but I can travel as I do internally combust with the help of an impenetrable 1994 rwd w/ studded tires, toyota pickup… Would be willing to meet whoever mostly wherever, aside from Kansas or the western slope (sorry guysss)

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    @peanutblubber I probably can’t show you around your area, but you should look to come down to Silverton Splitfest this year. I know its a ways from now (April 8-10), but something to consider. Its a great place to meet splitters in an awesome place, and has educational talks. A lot of guys on this forum I’ve met and its great to meet people.

    And yes, an official announcement will come out here in December. John and I have been a bit slammed with stuff outside to discuss details. But the Venture shutdown isn’t going to stop us.

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    Pretty good thanksgiving snow up here in the great white north. Freshies everyday, only they were in my truck on the way to work. Finally caught up in the salt mines, I was planing on checking out one of our zones today. Partner had to bail so I guess it’s a good day to go get my pass and check out the civilized world. Keep the snow coming!

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    Ahh yeah, I’ve heard about this splitfest you speak of. I’ll mark that shit down, thanks. It’s a pleasure, good sir.

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    peanutblubber! sounds like you should do what I did when I first started this split boarding thing and that’s to go to bert and hassle people until they say you can shred with them! LOTS and I mean LOTS of people out touring Berthoud already this year. I’ve been talking with friends and a lot of spots that aren’t usually in this early are ride able and quite good so far… we will for sure get out when I come back.

    15 days….

    In the mean time I’m just tuning up this new to me 08′ ski doo xp 154″ and working on my sprinter van….

    I have made a pretty substantial commitment to get after it this year, on another level, so it should be fun.

    keep the snow coming I will be out there soon enough! see you soon majestic snowy wonderland!

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