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    C balke
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    Hey Ladies! In case you missed the home page post showcasing this seasons Women’s splitboard lineup..

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    Cbalke: Suprised you did not include the Venture Splitboards. as Lisa Brenner is co-owner of Venture Snowboards. For example the Storm comes in a 148 152 153 156 and a 24 cm width.


    C balke
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    Damn.. Powder_Rider I totally slipped on that. I had never noticed the shorter sizes.
    Thanks for the heads up

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    Really appreciated this round-up of womens splits! This year, I decided on purchasing a whole new setup. I looked very closely at the Prior Slaylok, but as a woman standing at 5’8, I thought the 156 size board was going to be a touch short. All the features were spot-on, but I suspected sizing down from my current 159 would be a bit too drastic and more of a hindrance.

    The team at Prior are outstanding at helping you find the right board for you. I was talking to a few individuals at Prior (in store and via email) that provided me with the right guidance, for selecting the right board, that would suit my size, riding style, and terrain.

    I ended up purchasing the Shotgun 159 XTR Carbon, ultimately deciding on staying with the same length as previous boards, but would still recommend the Slaylok for its excellent features. I’ll be excited to share how the board rides when I take it for a spin. For any women a little taller like me, I’d say the Shotgun may be a fun board to consider, when seeking a larger-than-typical-length board for female riders.

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    ARKANA, Glad you liked the round up of women’s splitboards. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Shotgun. Too bad you couldn’t take the Slaylok for a spin. Emilie at Prior is really excited about that board.

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