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    A long time friend from San Diego (I think that means whales vagina) met up with another MN friend and I on our splitboard trip through MT, ID, and BC last March. It’s almost time to leave for that area again for me. So, I’m stoked he sent along this video.

    He did a great job for breaking his cherry on the splitty in the Ymir/Nelson area. Can’t wait to have him along again!


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    Nice Dooood You know two people in the Whales Vigina huh?

    trying to rent your Silverton House. you didnt leave any pecker tracks on the pillows did you?

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    TEX…..I don’t know what kind of sick twisted monkey leaves pecker tracks on a pillow.

    Well it looks like I do now….Mr. TEX-Track

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    Got any highlights from ID and MT, need to get out there soon.

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    @UTAH That stretch from MT up into the Selkirks and Kootenays is my favorite.

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