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    barrows, thanks for the link,

    the best I found for surface area is

    5cm increase in board length = the same increase in contact surface area (excluding nose and tail) as a 1cm width increase. This tool is certainly easier than trying to find the sector angle for various boards to complete the other formulas out there.

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    Nice find. The missing metric. Using that calculator my go-to split is a 4335 (sq cm of surface area). This is an interesting basis of comparison between boards. But it will be confounded by how people variously define running surface in the context of early rise and early taper shovels and tails.


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    I was going to say a standard could be to clamp the middle of the board to a flat table, then press the nose and tail down with one hand and measure the daylight point, but how do you measure where the nose starts on a K2 tweekend or a tail on a Jones Hovercraft? If you press down one more centimeter of early rise, you add 33cm of surface area.

    the numbers from the CAD program would be the ones to have

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    I got some wet spring turns on the 161 Prospector this past Saturday.

    Initial thoughts were that I felt right at home on this deck from turn one. No real adjustment period for me. I had thought the flat spot that was built in to increase traction while touring would some of the responsiveness out of turning in comparison with the regular rocker/camber design. I sure didn’t notice it.

    I can’t really say if the skinning was improved or not. The conditions made for a pretty easy skin up was normally hard to skin terrain. If I can get out this weekend on it, maybe it will be a little more challenging.

    I will say the board planes up on top of the snow quickly and charges through the crud like you would expect a Never Summer to do. I wish there were some powder days coming up to take it out in, but those look like they might not come until next year at this point. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get one more next week before I have to bring her back to the factory.

    Speaking of the factory, wow…

    Much improved from the old one. It is obvious they have recently moved in and are still working on the flow, but it is almost there. They are going to be able to crank out some product with that facility for sure.

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    Never Summer has launched their 13/14 website, so of course I quickly went there to see the 167X Prospector specs, they still seemed fishy to me…
    Then I e-mailed NS to ask them if there is an error on the website. I got this response with the following specs:

    Size Waist Edge Sidecut Tip/Tail
    167X 26.2 134 Vario 890* 31.7/29.7

    Kind of hard to believe that there is 134 cm of edge contact on a 167 board, unless NS measures board length true, rather than material length like most manufacturers. Well, if these numbers are right the sidecut is deeper than first reported, but still less (longer radius) than most NS boards. Not sure I want a board quite that long though (typically 166-167 boards have 126-130 edge contact). The numbers for the other sizes look off as well, I’ll check the NS website in a few days to see if they have updated the specs for the full size run of the Prospector. If the 161X has contact around 126 or more, I might be able to get away with that… Maybe I’ll try and find them in a shop and take my tape measure…

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    7.9m on the 167x?

    Hoping to size up a Premier F1 at the Loveland Demo to get an idea, though not exact

    Loveland Demo Dates November 9-14, 2013
    Copper Mountain Demo Dates November 23-24, 2013
    Keystone Demo Dates November 30 – December 1, 2013
    Winter Park Demo Dates December 7, 2013
    Eldora Demo Dates December 8, 2013
    Canyons Demo Dates December 14-22, 2013
    Brianhead Ski Resort Demo Dates December 14-22, 2013
    Brighton Ski Resort Demo Dates December 14-22, 2013

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    Is the prospector essentially a raptor with taper? If so, I think that thing will crush it!

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    Forrest: the specs I posted are what I received by e-mail from NS, they confirmed that the specs currently on the website are incorrect, so the “average” radius is 890 (if these specs are correct, hahaha).
    Of course, the way NS figures their “average” radius is different from how, for instance, Venture figures their sidecut radius “equivalent”. If you figure it the Venture way (deriving a radius from edge length and sidecut depth as a section of an circle) the specs NS gave me get one a 9.98 m radius. For comparison to other boards, I think this number is better than NS’ published “average”, which apparently just averages the different radii they use.
    It is still hard for me to think the 167X really has 134 cm of edge contact though… that would make for very short tip and tail, I guess it is possible though.
    Jason: I think the Prospector is its own board, if you consider the flex index, and the taper, it appears to quite different front he Raptor. I got out last spring with killclimbz on a day where he had the 161X Prospector for demo, he liked it, as he reported a few posts back. If NS’ flex index is right, it looks like the Prospector will be a little more forgiving than the Raptor, and with the significant taper and setback, should have a much more forgiving tail.

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    The 160 is a 26.4 waist and the 164 is 25.5? That has to be a mistype as well?

    I love the Raptor, that board charges. It is a little stiff though and will buck you if you aren’t on it (similar to a venture). I need a few more good days on it, but its an awesome board. The cobra sounds awesome too, and the prospector super awesome. I’ll be interested to hear how it does.

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    @summersgone wrote:

    The 160 is a 26.4 waist and the 164 is 25.5? That has to be a mistype as well?

    I love the Raptor, that board charges. It is a little stiff though and will buck you if you aren’t on it (similar to a venture). I need a few more good days on it, but its an awesome board. The cobra sounds awesome too, and the prospector super awesome. I’ll be interested to hear how it does.

    Yeah, I saw that too. The published specs are all over the place. Since NS acknowledged to me that the 167X specs were wrong, I bet most of what is on the website (Prospector page) is wrong. I e-mailed them and suggested that they should check it out and make changes, hopefully they will follow through in the next week or so…
    My dealer and I called NS engineering a couple of months back, and we talked to someone about the Prospector, he did not know much about it, but this guy was all jazzed up on the Cobra-I guess for the all-mountain freestyle resort riders that board is supposed to be special…

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    The waist should be close to the 160 maybe just a few millimeters wider.

    I’ve said it before, the Prospector is a rock solid choice. Did a fair amount of touring on it this spring and it performed to my expectations. It was a charger on steep corn lines for sure. This board is a top choice for me.

    I really want to get it out in powder conditions, I think it will really shine there.

    *Actually just checked their site, they have the waist at 26.8 which I am sure is accurate*

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    i got my hands on a 167X prospector now….
    typical NS craftsmanship, flawless, smooth, clean lines, beautifully built, bombproof, im sure.
    nice graphics, bright! base, great design, i can’t wait to get it on snow.
    the deck came with a spec sheet with numbers a bit different than the webpage: waist 26.4cm, edge 130, tip/tail 31.8/29.8, the board measured true to this and weighed in at 8.31 lbs with hooks and clips.
    (other sizes of the model were described: 160 – 25.0, 123, 30.4/28.4, 164 – 25.2, 130, 30.6/28.6, 161X – 26.4, 126, 31.8/29.8 )
    the stick was born to rip shred big lines!
    big ups to the NS crew, nice work!!!

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    Thanks for the numbers. Sad that there could be so much confusion surrounding such a critical aspect of a product.

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    Thanks Mark! That is good to know. Sounds like I may try one of these in 167X as well. BTW, crazy flooding here in Colorado, folks out there, please send us some good vibes.

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    Tomorrow I am picking up a 167X Prospector, psyched…

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    I would love a 161X. Maybe when stuff goes on sale next spring… 😉

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    Picked up my new 167X Prospector yesterday. Also got a full tour of the Never Summer production facility, and saw every phase of the complete board building process. NS has quite a few unique approaches within their boards. I was impressed at the level of detail and the unique layup they use. Too bad it will be a few months before I dare take out the new board and really get a feel for it!
    The 167X is a little bigger than my Storm (166 x 26) and it weighs about 10 ounces less, not super light, but surely a decent weight for a board which feels quite burly in the hand.

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    Got mine yesterday. Had a blast on the 161X this spring can’t wait to ride some powder on the 167X :bananas:

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    Has anyone looked at the NS raven?? I would love to hear some opinions on this women’s board. I have very basic knowledge of specs and what they all mean so its hard for me to interpret the info that’s online. Anyone rode anything like it? Or seen any reviews?

    Thank you for the ideas!

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    I’ve seen the Raven. It looks like a well made deck. Of course I have no first hand on it. I am glad to see Never Summer trying to get into the women’s market with splits. They will go in deeper if the Raven is a good seller this year. So hopefully it does well.

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