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    Sunday, after a great Ralston->Echo trip (thnx bcrider, mtnrider, digdug, Evan & I headed to Tamarack Bowl to have a look at the huge slide that pulled out Hourglass. It had siginficantly filled in with windblown snow but still was impressively deep & wide (pics later). We rode down the chute to the boarder’s right which had settled significantly – a little firm up top but quite prime in the throat of the chute. We then did a slightly more “textured” run down the East face of Tamarack and then over to 9202 for a “heated powder” run on a SSW aspect – the sun had come out just enough to give this slope the PERFECT texture – resoftened but fast. We were whoopin and screaming. Evan, in his funny English way, was singing LOUDLY as he made his way down.
    Does anyone have names for a) the chutes to boarder’s right of Hourglass and b) the 9202 peak or SE slope on it?
    Pics tomorrow!

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    @breadbox wrote:

    Pics tomorrow!

    you better! 8)

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    8) More good times BB!

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    The 9202′ peak is called Fireplug. The big east face of Tam. is called Proletariat ( the one that ends in the ultimate kicker spot at the bottom). I don’t know the name of the chute to the right of Hourglass. The one on the riders’ right side of the Hourglass Bowl is just called Hourglass Chute I think. The gentle chute to the right of Hourglass Bowl – I can’t think of the name right now. Next time you’re up, let me know and I’ll show you where the *real* chutes are.

    There’s a old guy, age 70-80, I see about once a year or so up on Tam. He’s been skiing up there for years and named some of the peaks and runs around there. I wish I could remember his name

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    First off, props breadbox on the sweet rock drop off Ralston.

    A friend and I hit up riders right side of Proletariat ( I didn’t know it was called that) and the corniced ridgeline yesterday (Monday). Still fresh tracks to be had and still soft in this area at least. Got a late start and just used verts to get out there since I was with a non-splitting friend. Snow was WAY better than Flagpole on Sunday.

    Matt, show me too. There are so many hidden lines around there.

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    Galena Bowls, showing where Hourglass fractured. We rode the chute just to rider’s right, viewers left.

    Evan on the traverse to Fireplug, with Mt. Rose in the background.
    Sorry no action shots, ran out of batteries! Next time…

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    Your Mt.Rose Backcountry lesson of the day 😉 :

    – Near where you took the shot of the Houglass slide and/or near where you took that shot of Evan, about halfway between Tamarack and Fireplug is called Ego Point. The Old Man told me that’s what he named it because they would look back on Hourglass at the end of the day to see how well they had farmed the turns. He’s been doing this for like 40 or 50 years.

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