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    Photos by mmcpheet and bcrider

    I checked out a local favorite “point-to-point” tour with some friends on Saturday. The snow was good and the sun was shining. It was sweeet!

    The approach

    The Madturtles make there way up the mountain with Stoney Dome and Lover’s Leap in the background.


    The temps have come up a bit making great conditions for sticky snow. Shoulda brought some GlopStopper.

    Crazy snow formation from the wind.

    Sierra Tahoe in the foreground with Kirkwood beyond. If you look close you can see the Cirque, 99 steps, Vista”¦etc.

    We made good time as we neared the summit of our first peak in 2hours.

    The view.

    We scouted our lines and had some food/water.

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    The descent

    Breadbox goes first.

    and sends it.

    then sets down the landing gear.

    Telenater goes next.


    Mrs. Madturtle


    The others regrouped in a safe zone while mmcphhet, mntrider and I moved from our vantage point to the drop zone.

    My turn.

    Looking back up.


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    A few of the others spied a nice chute nearby and start making their way towards it. I decided to stay where I was so I could shoot across at the line.

    There was some broken cornice chunks they had to go through. This also serves as a clue. The broken cornice had no effect on the slope.

    Then there was a small but exposed traverse.

    The chute and Madturtle

    Mrs. Madturtle

    We reached the last pitch before the lake and pointed them.


    Looking back

    Telenater skiing with my viddy cam in his hand, ie “poor man’s helmet cam.

    We all regrouped at the lake and skinned up for the hike up the next mountain.

    Looking back on the peak.

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    mmcpheet led a strong pace through the Hansel and Gretel forest and soon we were on the ridge of our final descent.

    I had a wild idea I might be able to throw a new variation into this tour by adding a quick line down one of the popular couloirs in the area. Gimpy and kellie were hitting them today and I could see their juicy looking remnants. Nice lines!

    It was 3pm which meant hitting them would put us back on the ridge by 4pm at best and back to the car by 5:30pm. We opted to save the idea for another day.

    We still had some fun skiing to do back to the car so we were on it.


    In the trees the snow was still light and dry”¦I got a little on my face.

    We made it to the car just before 5pm (about 9hours from car to car) and went to go get the other shuttle car. After getting the car it was all about pizza and beers.

    Back home we had some skins to dry for another day tomorrow.

    (more pics and vid coming later) 🙂

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    Ya lucky dudes!
    When I see what great snow you have I’ll get wet eyes.
    It hasn’t really snowed over here yet. Yesterday it looked like that:

    barely enough to get down without any major board damage 😥

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    That’s some huge BreadBox air! 😯

    I’m jealous of your snow, it’s supposed to rain all week with freezing levels at 7-8k up here. 🙁

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    yup, Breadbox thru down hard! 😈 A lot of great lines by everybody in the group. Fun to meet up w/ some new faces…Breadbox, Digdug and the Turtles. 8)

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    Very nice. Man, I missed out.

    No TR on the huge day at flagpole? 8)

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    And yes, nice air by Breadbox… Good looking lines by all…

    Sure beats a day at the office…

    Thanks again for sharing…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    bcrider dropping a nice line on Ralston.

    Mrs.MadTurtle making tracks

    Matt drops into Tree Chute (needs a better name…)

    What the tree chute did to my board – Hey I thought all the rocks were covered!

    I backed off this line that bcrider did…the landing & runout above the legbreaker-trees is much gnarlier than it looks – nice job bcrider.

    Thank you filmers for shooting the video & photos!

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    Nice TR and photos. Holy shit breadbox, that is a HUGE air! Nice! First we had the “Should bcrider chill out?” thread… now maybe we need the “Should breadbox chill out and stop making the rest of us look bad” thread. 🙂

    Seriously, looks like a good time was had by all. Hope to get out there with you guys one of these days…

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    ugh…didn’t get to many good pictures this time myself…here’s one to add.
    BB passing thru 😉

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    Thanks for posting your pics Breadbox!

    I really like pics 1 and 3.

    We have to do this again soon! Stay in touch. 🙂

    Ps. Mtnrider”¦nice pic of breadbox!

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    Thanks bcr…I would of had a similar shot of you but you came thru to fast! 😀

    affix snow
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    SIC TR!!!!

    I need to move……

    Any Teaching jobs out there? 😀

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    Affix-You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a teaching job but you’ll definetly pay more for housing. I’m probable biased, being a Californian native and all, but it’s worth the high cost of living. Last weekend when those guys were killing those amazing lines, I was near the beach mountain biking sick redwood forest singletrack. There’s been many a weekend I’ve mtb/surfed on Sat., gone to a concert Sat. night in SF, and boarded on Sun.

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    what grade do you teach? My wife is a teacher and I can ask her to keep here ears open.


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    sweet TR and pics guys. I was only able to grab few god pics but here they are.

    BCR ripping the longest pitch of the day

    mcpheet making his own bit of painting

    great trip, how did sunday go? We found some great pow on the N side of Red Lake Peak and a bit of mank too

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    cool pics MT.

    Sunday was fun (new line) but the snow was getting cooked.
    We probably would have got better snow with you but with the early morning snow flurries, having a closer drive, and being tired from Saturday we pulled the plug.

    How did the car shuttle work out? Thumbed it?

    affix snow
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    @bcrider wrote:


    what grade do you teach? My wife is a teacher and I can ask her to keep here ears open.


    I teach 7-12grades….Social Studies. That would be sweet if she could keep an ear out! Thanx!

    Ecobrad……i heard stuff was expensive, but what we talkin for rent? Just curious….Oh, and mtn biking through redwoods, im salivating! So sweet!

    I might be bangin down your doors guys!!!!

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