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    Wednesday… wake up at 6, take the trash to the curb, drive North, hike the Cross, slash some pow…back to work by 9am. Another good start to the day.

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    Been loving your TR vids this year idarado! :thumbsup:

    Great stuff. The first face shot timed with the music was so $$$$$.

    Great soundtrack and air at the end to the car too. :thatrocks:

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    Oh wait…..and I just realized this was from this morning!!!!

    You lucky facker! 😀

    Bonus points for the quick edit too. :mrgreen:

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    Not a bad way to start the day. :thumpsup:

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    Me Likey. :bananas:

    Question- Vimeo dilivery…..This is in standard def correct? Im thinking about going toa vimeo pro account so I can have more control over bit rate and stuff. Cant seem to get a smooth playback.

    Was your original file in Windows media or H264?

    What did you shoot with?

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    I was testing out a new POV camera called the Contour HD by VHolder . It’s cheap and shoots pretty good. It doesn’t have a screen on it which i like because you don’t waste time and bat. life reviewing clips in the BC. I convert everything to H.264 640×360 before i upload it to Vimeo. I have a pro account but I don’t think you need to drop in standard subscription should work.

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    Yes! :thatrocks:

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    very cool.

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    Where is this area? The bottom is a ski resort? Or the whole thing (just way before it opens?)

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    It’s 30 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho. Galena Summit, popular spot called the cross, all the tracks at the bottom make it look like a resort.
    Nothing epic just convenient.

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    Nice your camera work is pretty steady considering the fact your shredding. Keep it up.

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    It’s really pretty! Hopefully I’ll visit it sometime. The trees are interesting, never been to Idaho.

    rky mtn srfr
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    Sweet, love the Black Sabbath!

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    Yeah Coco…

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    Nice video,
    I was in there the year before last, a couple of times just riding back down the line that I climbed up and a couple of times riding down to the road on the Ketchum side and hiking back up the road. Still a Newbe.

    Your ride down was it to the left or right of the trail up?

    Missed last season but in the area till the end of March.

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