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    Hi Splitters,

    Just a quick note to provide a few updates.

    1. We’re still working through some coding issues on the main site and expect to have them resolved in the next few days. The forum is fully functional so please let folks know they can access it directly at

    2. The site’s 10 year anniversary is quickly approaching! It’s been a crazy ride and I’m very honored and grateful for what we’ve created.

    3. Changes are coming, both for the main site and the forum. We’ve used a few different publishing platforms over the years and while they’ve all allowed us to grow, none have provided a perfect fit or been easy to use. That will change soon as we convert the site to the popular and robust WordPress platform. It’s not a reinvention of the wheel or anything but it will allow me to deliver a much better experience to our readers.

    Phpbb3 (the software that runs the forum) has also been a bittersweet romance over the years. It’s allowed us to create our community and grow but we’ve had our share of issues along the way. I’ve been thinking about switching to another forum platform (vBulletin) for years but have never felt confident enough to make the switch. Phpbb3 works ok but it’s really pretty archaic when it comes to community software. It’s always been a challenge to integrate the forum with the main site and vise versa. The result has been a non-unified experience for the readers and myself (publisher) alike.

    With the move to the WordPress platform it opens up the opportunity to use Buddypress for our forum needs. This will provide many advantages over Phpbb3 allowing us to will enjoy a level of integration and continuity we’ve never experienced before. Readers will be able to comment on articles as well as participate in the forums, all with one login. The software will also bring a new review system to the site which I think folks will find very useful.

    I’m really excited about this next chapter of the site. Inevitably there may be a few bumps along the way so please bear with me.

    4. During the conversion our users, log-ins, threads, posts, etc will be converted but some things will not.

    These primarily include:
    Private messages
    BBCode Smilies may not convert
    Previous BBCode embed links (vimeo, youtube, etc) may break

    Users should save (copy/paste, screenshot, etc) their PMs and signatures.

    Please feel free to share any thoughts on wordpress/buddypress or voice any concerns or questions.

    Thanks :thatrocks:

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    What is your timeline for completing the switch to the new site?

    Will there be a need for current members to do anything for the switch or will it be more of a “seamless” transition (ie… auto transfer of usernames, passwords,etc…)?

    Will there be hosting capabilities or additional mailbox space?

    I hate change, but am looking forward to checking out the new site! Good luck Chris!

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    New forums always suck, then they get better and you wonder how you put up with the old one lol

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    Thanks for the support guys! 🙂

    Here’s a quick update – I’ve been spending some loooong hours learning the new backend but I’m happy to report the following.

    All of the main site content was successfully imported from joomla to wordpress. This was a huge concern and while I still need to clean up some formatting, overall WP (and the plug-in) slayed it.

    I also successfully imported our phpbb3 forum into WP (buddypress)….again blown away with how easy (relatively ) WP made the process and the fact that it worked as expected (and hoped)!

    ****The import tool is designed to bring in our forum categories, topics, and replies. Users and usernames/passwords are also imported.

    ****The import tool does NOT however import user avatars and private messages.

    When I make the switch official in the coming days I plan to lock the phpbb3 version of the forum and move it to a subdomain. This will keep it live and preserved in its original form if we need to roll back to it.

    There are some differences in how the two forums work but after testing the new version for the last week I’m confident it will be for the better.

    Now that I got all the content into WP I’ve been working on the styling and getting used to the new platform. From the publisher’s standpoint I’m so freaking excited to be able to manage the main site AND the forum from one admin panel. WordPress is sick!! 2.0 dropping soon! :thatrocks:

    2.1 won’t be too far behind and should bring a user photo import option :thumbsup:

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    BC, I’ve been getting a bunch of this type of stuff in my e-mail inbox lately (names and text changed to protect the innocent). Any comment on it, I presume it’s related to this software switch?

    Subject: [] Steve mentioned you in an update

    Steve mentioned you in an update:

    “@samh wrote:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque at nibh condimentum, sagittis enim non, tempor turpis. Quisque porta sapien eu risus egestas molestie ut volutpat neque. Vestibulum gravida lacus at enim commodo, ut vestibulum nisi ultrices. Aenean at nibh ac nisl viverra dignissim. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Maecenas at ligula tortor. Morbi sed arcu consequat, commodo erat sed, congue risus…”

    To view and respond to the message, log in and visit:

    To disable these notifications please log in and go to:


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    what he said…

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    Me three

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    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Me too ^^^. I’ve been having fun re-reading some old threads because of this though 🙂

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    @stoudema wrote:

    Me too ^^^. I’ve been having fun re-reading some old threads because of this though 🙂

    Agreed for the most part. Novelty wore off today and I set up an auto-delete filter in the email. I expect the issue will probably just “right itself” once WordPress catches up on “notifying” me of everything in it’s queue but it’s worth perusing regardless. Whenever BC gets back from his awesome-looking vacation he can add it to his mountain of other things to do ; )


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    Sweet, didn’t know that you can preview the migration that way. I sure hope once things are final the information density would be adjustable. Now I can see 15-17 topics on my 13.3″ screen and with the new forum it’s 4 and a half…

    Also the advertisments sidebar is huge. It would be nice if there is some kind of paid membership, so that I won’t feel bad when I adblock it.

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    Hi folks, thanks for your patience.

    Sorry about the persistent notifications!

    BBpress and buddypress handle notifications differently than phpbb3 providing a bit more customization and control.

    The slight downside to this is that the default notification settings are currently only designed to be selected by the user, not the admin. So the user needs to log-in and select their preferences to turn them off. It’s quick and easy. *You may be prompted to change your password and realize that if you do it now you’ll need to do it again when the forum conversion is complete.

    Some additional points.

    While testing the forum conversion over the last several weeks I’ve had to re-import our phpbb3 forum to bbpress a couple times. This prompts the system to crawl the database and do its thing, such as notifications. Apologies again for any unnecessary annoyance.

    Admins have requested better global control over bbpress notifications so I wouldn’t be surprised if they add it to future builds or updates.

    @morningbg – more on all that soon.

    I’m hoping to finish the forum conversion soon. Thanks again for your patience! :thatrocks:

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    Excellent info thanks for the update. And fine, fine work on the new systems, BC.


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    CHRIS – NO WAY!! 10 YEARS!! :disco: :rock:

    We need to throw a big party this winter in Strawberry or sumthin.

    This site rules and we’ve got the best forum members around. Nothing but great experiences meeting splitters, attending splitfests, learning about all the cool gear…

    You’re a great friend. I hope you’re enjoying the camper. Let’s get out more this next season. 1 or 2 days a season doesn’t cut it. :thatrocks:

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    Thanks PJ, love ya homie! :thatrocks:

    agreed on 10 year party and riding more this season too! :guinness: :doobie: :headbang:

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    I can’t believe it’s been that long :thatrocks: !!! Congrats Chris!!!

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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    I can’t believe it’s been that long :thatrocks: !!! Congrats Chris!!!

    Funny, I was thinking, “It’s only been ten years?” 2004 seems like another lifetime to me.

    Either way, thanks and great job BCR!

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    So like 99% of my time on is here in the forum, so forgive my tardiness here but…
    Holy cow BCR, the new site looks great! When did it launch?
    You’ve been bizay!: Verts dossier, In memoriam for Liz Dee, featured TRs. I can’t believe it. Well done! :thatrocks:
    I have a printout of what it looked like about 5 years ago. This is so legit.
    And the split shop. And everything with the dynamic page. Wow.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Thanks for noticing Eco, KS, and Hans! :thatrocks:

    thanks goes to Colin and Alex too :thumbsup:

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    Yeah great job on the main site. I’ve been reading a bunch of the articles as I jump back into winter mode.

    When will the forum follow suit and switch over to WordPress too?

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