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    Short Version:
    As of 1-8 the tahoe bc was a mixed bag of snow. We found wind slabby sections up high, pockets of sheltered powder down low, ice, wind jacked snow, corn snow, and porn snow. Stability was good and rated as low on most aspects and moderate on N/NE slopes due to pockets of wind slab. The weather was sunny and it was a great day to be in the mountains.

    Long Version:
    After seeing gimpy on the snow a few times this year but not actually skiing with him we finally hooked up for some fun in the sun. We hoped to find some powder snow in the protected N aspects at the mid elevation and ended up finding a number of other types of snow as well.

    Creek crossing at the beginning of the tour…don’t slip! 😀

    Gimpy making his way up with buddy looking around thinking “WTF guys…lets go already!â€Â

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    Nice. I like that creek crossing. I was wondering when you were gonna get this put up here 😉

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    Glad to see you back in it bcr. It doesn’t look like coverage is too bad out there despite recent complaints from Tahoemians. That area looks like it has a good variety of options for lines.

    You Californians should share some sun with Washington – been raining there for 23 days straight!

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    What’s that blue stuff in the sky?? ❓

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