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    Eastern Sierra, CA. 1.31 – 2.1.2009

    I love life. Its a special gift, to be alive, and able to enjoy the wonders of nature. Im so very thankful.
    This past weekend was one of those times which really makes me aware of my above stated feelings.

    Even though parts of the southern sierra have much less than normal snow, its still possible to go out there and find some places that are not only rideable but holding some good powder for probably well over 3000 ft.

    I have been wanting to climb Goodale mtn for a while now. Its an eastside giant. I have passed it up when there were much better conditions, for riding other places that held more interest to me. Finally this mtn made it to the top of my list and it was time. I approached it with the thought that it would be more about the climbing than the riding, but once I got on the snow I found good powder. goodale has the potential to be nearly a 7000ft continuous run if there is a good snowpack down to the lower elevations. I hope to someday experience that. This time the snow levels were not so low, so climbing through the sage was just fine for me.

    early morn, the peak of goodale with the chute in the center being my primary objective

    looking south to pinnacle gully on peak 11765 (also called east peak of perkins??)

    camp in the sagebrush

    alpenglow – time to scramble through some sage. there was kind of a use trail to the snowloine.

    heading up into the “gut” of goodale there are many options up there.

    it was a beautiful crispy sunny cool day on the mtn. looking for some goods on goodale.

    the center chute, i didnt get many pics after this. it was a long hard climb. i climbed and climbed but didnt even top out on the chute i was in, and knew above that was at least 1000 ft more. being that it was late (4:30) and i had quite a long run awaiting below me i decided to call it a day and enjoy the ride. the snow was light and fluffy. there was no steep or narrow couliour or any special terrain, but over all this run was very long and continuous. i cant wait to go back when the snow levels are lower.

    being so totally wiped out and really stoked on the conditions i decided to return to the place i was riding last weekend. there are so many many options in the sierra one could spend a lifetime or two picking off descents. i kind of felt wierd going back to the same place but i was drawn there and almost couldnt help myself. so after running into town to eat and re-supply i went back to my little camp in the oak grove. waking up there i kind of felt like bill murry in groundhog day.

    this time no storm clouds to hide the route.

    some great older powder just a bit textured by the winds and no crust.

    it was nice to climb this time in clear weather.

    from the top looking south to owens “dry” not so dry lake

    these three chutes are on the south wall of armstrong canyon. bgnight, myself, and tex climbed the one on the left last year (but never completed it). would be nice to setup camp there and ride em all in one weekend. the peak in the background is an un-nammed 12k+ ft peak. i have never climbed it from armstrong canyon but have approached it from goodale creek. the access from goodale is very difficult. i have only ever been that way twice. both times i managed to run into some folks from tahoe, the same group, twice, years apart. its uncanny! im sure i will see them again next time 😀

    the real mt perkins and a nice looking run on the headwall at the back of armstrong. i look at perkins and think – if there was enough snow – i bet it would fill in enough to ride.

    there is a fairly large crown over there (i think this is the backside – SW face of stripped mtn??) and thats the only evidence i saw the whole time of avy activity. there is just not enough snow in most places now.

    in the middle of this shot is the south face of split mtn (YES that is the name of the mtn!) and one of my highlights from last season.

    and now for the main attraction – the view of colosseum with baxter and acrodeetes peak in the background

    colosseum. drool.

    close up of baxter. there are some nice north facing lines on this peak.

    acrodeetes also has a nice north facing line.

    the shadow of peak 11765 sets the shape of a perfect pyramid and looks surreal casting itself over a mile down below in the owens valley. sitting on top i swear i could see my shadow down there somewhere.

    and finally a night shot after i got down on sunday. whatever planet that is, was shining brightly in the crispy night sky.

    obviously another solo weekend so sorry for no riding shots, maybe next time. as i post this the weather is calling for a pattern change, so maybe some new snow would also be nice.

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    You rock fullers! :rock: :headbang:

    Great pics, impressive lines, love the night shot! :clap:

    Rico in AZ
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    The evening planet is Venus. I was camping too, though in the desert.
    Rad solo mission. Jealous.

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    “there is a fairly large crown over there (i think this is the backside – SW face of stripped mtn??) and thats the only evidence i saw the whole time of avy activity. there is just not enough snow in most places now.”

    I wouldn’t fully bank on this statement. Though it might hold some truth to it, the folks up here always remind us “If there’s enough snow to slide on, there’s enough snow to slide.”

    Nonetheless – excellent job getting out there and taking advantage of what nature offers us. And re: Baxter…I think I need a mop to clean up the puddle of drool on my floor. That looks absolutely spectacular. I bet you could just camp there for a week and never have to cross your tracks.

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    @fullers2oh wrote:

    This is cool.

    Way to get after it weekend after weekend. You rule the southern sierra’s!
    Can’t wait to get back to armstrong/goodale after some more snow. Such sick stuff

    I give you 3 solo dancing bananas and one bow :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bow:

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    Nice Fullers :thumpsup:

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