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    Day 1 – Division Creek Drainage, Eastern Sierra, CA.

    Before I start with this TR I just have to make a correction on the TR i posted a couple weeks back for lookout point is actually Sawmill point. I dont know how I screwed that one up but just wanted to set the facts straight.

    Now back to Division….this is one amazing place. Its a very winding steep drainage that leads to some remote high country. The approach is a cross country slog but this time I skinned right from the truck which was nice. Started before dawn around 5500ft right at the base of Sawmill Pt. I have been up this way before but never in a storm. There are several options once you get up into this drainage, I chose the to head towards cirque below Coliseum Mtn. It was pretty nasty stormy up there and I didnt get much above 11Kft.

    Early morn in the Owens Valley, skinning up to the end of the road at Scott’s Creek.

    Sunrise on Spook

    Division creek drainage.

    Closer shot of Spook, it still needs more snow, some exposed cliff bands showing down at the bottom.

    Skintrack up the drainage, once I got above this it was pretty much a whiteout, so no more pics from this area. Maybe next time…The ride down here was pretty sweet, light powder the whole way down into the sagebrush.

    Day 2 – Meysan Lakes Drainage, Eastern Sierra, CA.

    This one starts at the Whitney portal. I fully expected to see other folks here but it was empty on this stormy sunday. The night before it was storming pretty good in the owens valley, so waking up not so early to the new snow was no surprise.

    Portal Parking – normally I would attempt driving higher but there was lots of new snow and the thought of getting stuck didnt sound appealing.

    attempting to shortcut the road is a rookie mistake i wont make again….

    Looking into the Meysan creek drainage. Back on route a couple miles and hours later finally getting up there.

    Happy to see this sign…

    Sunday afternoon it was dumping!

    Some pillows lurking around the woods up there…

    skinning back thru the portal campground…. in summer this area is buzzing with people. with snow its a completely different world!

    this last one is for Will – the new bindings are sick! so light! they made a huge difference with skinning up as well as a smooth sweet ride! very happy with spending the cash and probably the single best backcountry gear upgrade since buying a splitboard 2 years ago!


    Farkin-A way to hit it Dave. Was it stormy saturday? It was bluebird on the west side.

    Good TR as usual

    I second those thoughts on Will’s bindings. I spent the last 4 days on them and cant believe the difference.

    Rico in AZ

    really diggin’ yer tr’s. i spent alot of time in the eastern sierra when i was a kid. i love the owens valley. thanks!

    Dutch Marc

    Seems like a good weekend out there! Love the pics of the sun breaking through.


    Nice Dave, seems like its a ways to get the goods up in the Meysan area.

    DM-how r u?

    let’s get the the socal team together…


    Nice job! You are killing it on the East Side this season & I’m loving the reports.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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