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    Pinnacle Gully, Eastern Sierra, CA. 1.24 – 1.25.2009

    no riding pics as this was another solo wknd. celebrated the return of snow in the sierra with two days on a great peak in my favorite area. this was NOT an overnight just two days of car camping and riding the same line. why go to the same place twice in a row? why not.

    not much low snow in this area for this time of year and the base in the high sierra right now is overall pretty shallow. this spot was filled in enough though. it would have been sweet to ride all the way down to the 6kft level but with these conditions im happy with whats there now. on sat it looked like about 4-6 in of fresh fell from the previous storm and then from sat to sun about 6 to 8 more in. with the high winds really kicking up sunday afternoon.

    sat morn. typical south sierra start. looking up the foot of mt perkins east peak. somewhere in that fog is the entrance to the gully. the mtns were covered in clouds reaching down low into the valley. it was pretty foggy hiking up in the morn with light rain in the valley.

    home sweet home!

    finally the clouds parted enough to reveal the route. done this one once or twice before so i knew where to go but it was nice to lay eyes on it.

    there was rideable snow below the gully but it got good once beyond the entrance.

    pinnacle gully is supposed to be named that because there is a mine of the same name at its base, but i wonder where they got pinnacle from in the 1st place? rocks like this?

    from higher up on sat. light snow and no winds. the ride down on sat was so good i decided to return on sunday for more. stability was not an issue but i did see some older wet snow debris at the base of the gully from some minor slides caused by the snow on the cliffs above.

    next morning hiking up i couldnt take my eyes off her. sawmill point. massive but tiny compared to neighboring mtns. they wouldnt even call it a peak – its just a point. i guess cuz its connected to a ridge but well anyway…that is a really fun place to ride. 3 weeks ago it was snow covered from the christmas storm but thats all gone now 😥

    sunday vis was much better, at least until the clouds and winds up high on the peak in the afternoon.

    after this point no more camera it was super windy and snowing good. just wanted to finish up and ride down!

    and now some shots from the drive out…

    more great lines on the east peak, spook on the right and unk name on the left. needs just a wee bit more snow. would like to make a weekend out of both those lines.

    the whole package. division power plant, the road, the mtns, and best of all those clouds and the snow!

    pinnacle is the one on the right.

    goodale. maybe next weekend?

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    Finally, a fullers2oh solo TR for ’09! :bananas:

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    Nice fullers, way to get some fresh.

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    @BGnight wrote:

    Finally, a fullers2oh solo TR for ’09! :bananas:

    Seriously!!!! :rock:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Is that near Mt Gilbert souheast chutes dave? On the way to mount Cleavland? Thats in the saint thomas range right?

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    Alright! Dave’s season opener in the Southern Sierra. I love the lighting in these pics. The sage picture and this one especially:

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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