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    Here’s a pic of the 2009/2010 Voile Mojos topsheets from the recent OR show.

    affix snow

    Not really sure what they were going for, but the brown one looks like a turd…


    @affix snow wrote:

    Not really sure what they were going for, but the brown one looks like a turd…

    What are you talking about?
    I think the new top sheets look really 8) :thumpsup:
    I figure one more size in there and they would have the 5 Elements of (Chinese) Nature- Fire, Wind, Wood, Water, they just need a grey/silver board for Metal. That would be truly cool!


    I love my Mojo and think Voile has the best customer service in the industry but I have to admit that they have consistently had the worst graphics. Over the years we’ve seen bad flames, lots of orange and turd brown. :scratch:


    I’m likin’ the new graphics! Wish they would have gotten rid of the brown though. I’ve been rocking the brown 161, there’s gotta be a better color they can use. Yellow, Black, anything could be better!


    Inspired by bowling balls?


    doing the natural surface thing, like Arbor, but in stone? I’m down with that.

    true, brown one does look pretty poopie


    Uh – no not like Arbor because Arbor boards are beautiful and that looks like sponge painting to me. If a kindergardner did it I’d be like ‘nice sponge painting of a turd.’ But for a snowboard? C’mon that sucks. My green mojo is my favorite board by the way and I <3 Voile, but someone there needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Whoever has ultimately been at the top of the command chain that maked all these graphics decisions needs to delegate authority to someone else. I think pretty much all of their board graphics have SUCKED. From those early 1/2 white boards with lame geographic patterns, to the BRIGHT orange boards with lame geometric patterns to last year's crop of solid boards with lame geometric patterns. The exception is this year's 195:

    ^Teton At

    which is pretty damn nice. :thumpsup:

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    @SanFrantastico wrote:

    this year’s 195:

    ^Teton At


    Green one looks mucosal.


    The blue one looks like the background from my high school photo.


    The new graphics are not very exciting. It is like faux interior painting techniques. I’m very disappointed, guess I’ll stick to my DIY for a little longer.


    Maybe it has something to do with oppression of creativity promulgated from the Mormon church and the State of Utah. Not to mention the staunch anti drug/booze laws. Anybody ever known a really good sober artist?


    JAAAAAAAAAAH…. Rrrrrrraaaastafari :doobie:


    ^^^I know it’s off-topic, but that is a badass avatar.


    I work in the large format printing industry and most anyone (including Voile) could offer way more topsheet options for every board with out a significant cost increase.
    Yes, there would likely be an initial investment on their part for specific workflow software, and Yes I would like to see my employer make a sale. But the point is, its pretty simple once you are aware of the options.

    Personally, for a swallowtail I’d be stoked to see something surf inspired like these.

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

    182 Surf de neige

    I agree, my mojo being my fourth of my voile boards. There graphics could be so much nicer. There are so many cool artist out there, that would do a really good thing for the company, and the board itself..

    Though I like my 2002 195 SD Swallowtail, The Blue with orange flames…


    probably wouldn’t cost much to get the software but they’d probably have to carry additional inventory. inventory = $$$. maybe more topsheet options would boost sales and cover the extra inventory cost. maybe not.

    they just need one decent set!

    wasatch surf

    @SRA wrote:

    The blue one looks like the background from my high school photo.

    i really enjoyed this one 😆

    Flying Scotsman

    Who cares as long as it doesn’t break! I prefer just to bury my mojo under the pow so I don’t see all the topsheet scratches from using the crampons recently. Doesn’t matter what the graphics are like if your skinning up and can’t see the boards it’s going to be good on the way down!

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