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    I meet Dave Last season at Onion Valley while having a safety meeting.A lone snow shoer making his way up a draw as I watched, he also was having safety meetings. We spent the rest of the day laughing about that and formed a friendship. We havent been able to hook up this season due to Daves commitment to the Bishop Backcountry and My freaking job. Finally in May it loked like all things would come together. I planned to head up friday after work and meet Dave and Dutchmarc at the Mobile on 395 and the 14.
    As I pulled into the Gas sation, a safety meeting was in progress. Dave needed some help so I joined in. Because he has been living in the woods around Bishop, I thought it only natural that he pick our destination. : The Kindergarten Couloir.
    We headed up 395 late friday afternoon and the summer thunderstorms were in full swing

    We spent the night at MaGee Creek, and I got to check out My new fiberglass Hotel (Shell for the Truck). I slept great and awoke to light coming through the east window. I woke the troops and soon we had the truck loaded to drive higher up the trail. We drove up to around 8800 feet and prepaired for the day

    Dave and Dutchmarc were on their way

    Dave, on a mission

    The coverage in the area was holding up to the warm temps

    As we approched the Wahoo Gullies , I though I would take a photo for JimW. He told Me this was the first Couloir he had ever dropped.

    The snow was in good shape as we started the skin. We made good progress making it up to the base of the couloir. Dutch skinns to the ridge

    At 10:45 we had made it to the apron

    The thing I liked about this area were all the old rock formations

    After a short break at the apron we put on crampons got out the axe and started up.
    Dutch bootpacking

    We made good progress and as I climbed I though how sweet the drop was going to be. Their had been some wind loading on one side of the couloir lower down making for a nice powder decent. As we climbed higher it became aparent that the top of the couloir was not like the bottom. It got Harder as we went up and we should have stopped there and dropped. But I was focused or day dreaming and kept climbing up. I topped out and got a couple of good shots of Dave and Dutch getting close to the top.

    They topped out soon

    At the top the wind hit, it was much colder , but the view was great. Here is next years target. THE CHECKERED DEMON

    We downclimed the top 1/3 of the couloir and then strapped in. I wasnt sure about my board because I had did a major binding adjustment at home and I hadnt tried it yet. After two turns I knew I had it right. The 171 MT. Gun had found its place in the sun. I love this board. Took me a few times but I now see what all the talk is About. THANKS AGAIN VOILE and DJ.
    We rode about 2500 feet out and the snow was great. Hiked back down to the truck and went to Bishop for dinner. GREAT TRIP

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    Good stuff man! These TR’s are killin’ me…here I am planning a surf trip and there is all this good snow! Hope Mother Ocean kicks in some fuggin’ good swells next week and delivers because I am jonesin’ to get on some frozen!

    I just hope the snow still holds up here for when I return….still have a line or two I need to tick.

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    WHAAAT? I thought you were done with snow. Hey ist hot here today. Was just thinking about how much you would like it here today,. And we will find some surf some where. But, if you see on that its gonna be flat all week, then pack your other boards and we will surf on the frozen stuff.

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    Not done with snow at all…but if I am driving to the ocean then I want to surf. I hope we have a few flakes when I get back from Cali. cause I wants to get me some new lines. Leaving the snowboards at home…the little lady said she wants a chill vacation at the beach.

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    What part of Cali are you headed to?

    Ps. GREAT TR p420, dave, and marc!!! Love the pics. 8)

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    and so shal it be, surf, lobster , margaritas,safety meetings ect

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    Hell yah….great pics indeed. Looks like a sweet couli

    BC-Headin’ to San D. and SmellA…wish I could get north as well, but gotta get back home and run the ranch. Clients show up the 15th….

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    Nice pics! Sorry I couldn’t meet up with you guys last weekend, looks like you were able to get in some decent turns despite not ideal conditions up top.

    A couple corrections. That pic is not Checkered Demon. I think you had one too many safety meetings. That’s the main Emerson couloir. Remember how I said you would wet your pants when you topped out on Kindergarten and saw that? You forgot to mention that too. Hope you didn’t stain your pants too bad… To the left of Emerson is the Zebra couloir. That is the chute that is on the cover of the Couloir calendar, which you can see in the ad in the top right of this very page. Checkered Demon is just up a little further from Kindergarten, but on the same mountain (Mt. Locke). It’s on the other side of the big rock forming the climbers right wall of Kindergarten.

    And contrary to popular belief, the Wahoo was not the first couloir I ever dropped, but it was the first eastside chute I dropped, and it is definitely a sweet run! Thanks for the memories (sniff, sniff).

    Now that we got that cleared up I think it’s time for a safety meeting. Maybe, oh, say this weekend? 🙂

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