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Having been afflicted with the toronto area for about 10 years of my life I can feel your pain. Though luckily I was able to escape back to BC a while ago.

that being said…I know of at least one guy that skis AT near blue mtn. So it can be done, you just need to look around.
I used to drive to New Hampshire and Quebec for some splitting. There are lots of defunct ski hills in Quebec that make for great touring. Mt Plante is one of them, near St Agathe. There are others…Loup Garou is another touring destination in that area.
And in NH there is Mt Washington and a few other mtns available.
And if you’re into road trips, there is always the Chic-Chocs.

I currently ride a burton s-split and and a voile 190 swallowtail in AT boots…that should satisfy your boot problem. I use the Dynafit TLT5, which may not work in a standard DIN binding…but i’m sure there are others out there that will.

The only positive about splitting in ontario is the lack of avi issues…though I do remember “The Wall” at Holiday Valley (ellicotville NY) avalanching a few years ago…so you can’t discount that issue completely.