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Hey BCR,

I’d echo the price point thing if you really want to ride seriously off-road. A new $500.00 bike will land you a hard tail with entry level components that are on the edge of handling serious off-road riding. It sucks, but you really need to get over the 1K mark to find something that will last.

I’d stick with the big brands for the most bang for you buck if you want to go new – Specialized, Trek (yes they actually make good mtb’s now) and Giant. One little tip is that you want to get to shops soon and look for model year 08 bikes. All these “cost increases” in the news have hit the bike industry pretty hard. You’ll get less for your dollar with a model year 09 bike.

The used E-bay route is a great idea but it can be a bit of a crap shoot. You just don’t know what someone has done on/to the bike.

Bottom line – if you REALLY get hooked that $500 bike will get kicked to the curb. You gotta start somewhere though. If it has two wheels, rolls and you have fun, then you are good to go.

Just promise us all you won’t get a 29’er…